HOTTEST Fiverr Gig for Fall 2022

I'm going to tell you a secret about Fiverr I'm going to tell you all of the Hottest Fiverr search trends that you Can use to make money for yourself on The Fiverr platform are you ready for Them let's go to kick things off Fiverr Just released their fall 2022 business Trends index and to kick things off the Most notable thing that we're noticing Based on this index and this report they Released is that Instagram and Facebook Are still the top priority for Businesses when it comes to social media This is pretty important because a lot Of you are probably thinking that tick Tock's blowing up everyone's using tick Tock tick tocks the new hot social media Channel well despite that growth people And businesses specifically seem to be Focusing more on on Facebook and Instagram so that presents a pretty big Opportunity for you as a freelancer if You want to Target Services towards Companies looking to get stuff done on These social media platforms searches For Facebook video ads are up 100 175 Percent searches for Instagram social Media managers are up 121 and the search Term Instagram influencer is up over 60 What does this mean well this means that These are the things that businesses are Searching for when they go to Fiverr so If you want to cater to this wave of Potential business that could help you

Make a whole ton of money make sure You're setting up gigs that are Targeting these social media platforms You can still do stuff related to Tick Tock but if you really want to hone in On what five are saying people are Looking for Instagram and Facebook is Where it's at the next major theme here For this fall for what's hot on Fiverr Is it seems that businesses are looking For new creative and innovative ways to Connect with their clients and that Makes sense we're in a pandemic we're in A bit of a economic uncertain time right Now So you know businesses still need to Make money and if customers are spending Less money they got to get creative with How they attract customers so they're Turning to Fiverr to look for help from People maybe like you who can help them Find new ways to get business affiliate Marketing specifically is bigger than Ever the search term affiliate promotion Is up 152 152 percent people want to find Affiliate marketers to help them sell Their products people are looking for Ways to help sell more of their product They want to drive more business to Their business through these new Channels affiliate marketing telegram Promotions t-string Pro Teespring

Promotions whatever it may be if you Possess a skill set where you can help People drive business Drive traffic to Their business using these Search terms Or these niches you should create gigs Tailored to these so you can capture Some of that interest and the last major Hot trend for this fall on 5 driver has To do with mobile app development it Seems that a lot of companies are Looking to get apps developed for Themselves the term mobile apps in General is up 64 the search term food Delivery app is up 45 so that could mean That there's some competition happening Maybe there are startups starting up to Rival Um you know apps like skip the dishes or Ubereats if you are a programmer and you Can help people build an app like this There could be some huge projects on the Line for you and the search term dating App is up 13 so maybe people are getting More lonely lately and there's a market For that too anyways Guys these are the Hottest search Trends according to Fiverr for fall 2022. so if this video Does anything for you I hope it puts Them on your radar if you have a skill Set that can be tailored to any of these Things that I mentioned there could be a Great opportunity for you to make money In the next couple months thank you so Much for watching make sure to subscribe

Drive to the channel and until next time Cheers [Music]

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