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Annual ">Marketing Plan

Preparing ">marketing plans and strategies for 2013? Not sure what to include in your ">marketing plan? This article addresses some of the factors to consider in your ">marketing plan for 2013 to help you make informed ">marketing decisions.

What Goes Into Organizing A Successful Ad Campaign?

The ads we see on banners, flyers, TV and online are not products of a 5-minute plan. They’re delivered to us after weeks and sometimes months of organization right from the conceptualization stage to execution. Those more effective than others owe their success to properly using the many tools available to advertisers.

What You Need to Know About Print Design Terminology

If you’ve ever worked with a design agency on a printed document or ">marketing collateral, it may sometimes seem like they’re speaking a foreign language. The print design world contains many words and phrases that are unfamiliar to the average person. But if you don’t understand the basic terminology, you could end with a printed piece that doesn’t look the way you want. Worse, it could lead to the dreaded (and costly) reprint process – an outcome nobody wants.

When Competitors Merge: What 3 Things Should A Product Manager Do?

Sometimes as product managers we wish that our lives could become better if only one of our competitors would just go away. Somewhat amazingly this does happen. However, all too often, the reason that they went away was because they were bought by one of our other competitors. This means that we now have a new much larger competitor to deal with. What’s a product manager to do?

Mobile ">Marketing Services Has Huge Potential

Mobile ">marketing offers a direct and convenient way for businesses to market themselves via consumers’ mobile phones, and although mobile phone owners have been wary of this ">marketing technique in the past, there have been new studies showing that the tables may be turning. Clients and potential future customers are already accessing your website through their smartphones, seeking content that is user friendly, has the information they require and is user friendly. You need to make sure that your current site has the capabilities to let them do that?

Three Sales and ">Marketing Integration Tips You Can Use Right Now

A failure to establish a consistent, reliable avenue of communication between sales and ">marketing can, at best, result in lost sales and burned ">marketing investments. At worst, such a disconnect between departments can allow major internal process problems, such as a failure of sales to implement tactics or a failure of ">marketing to adjust tactics based on customer/client response, that could grow out of hand and tank an entire revenue strategy.

Packaging – An Important Factor in Building Brand

Today’s consumers are quite demanding and satiating their needs has become a tough task. While looking for methods to boost the demand of a product in the market, one should consider hiring an organization dealing in paper packaging and paperboard packaging. A number of stationery manufacturers offer attractive packaging services on reasonable rates.

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