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Branding Your Business

Branding for your business is the process of creating a visual identity to represent your service, product and company. Branding is vital; it is the face of your business and could be the difference between you and your competitor. Primarily you should understand your audience before you start your branding journey, the market and the audience that you want to engage with will all influence every aspect of the brand for years to come.

Strategies for Better Employer Engagement by Phone

My experience of training advisers within the Welfare to Work and skills sector has lead me to understand that picking up the telephone to enhance and develop relationships with prospective employers is a stumbling block for many. This results in phone fear and lost opportunities. Every time you fail to pick up the phone, you also fail to help find an opportunity that could be ideal for your customers and their employment prospects.

How to Create a Flow of Clients on Tap

In a recent discovery session, a potential client was explaining to me about how she had just landed her first ever paying client. And then she got another one, and now she has other opportunities showing up to promote her business. Now this is an extremely lovely big hearted woman who provides a much needed transformational service and has been working with clients, but without getting paid for it for a very long time.

Promotional Pens: A Great Giveaway for Any Occasion or Event

Promotional pens always make great items to give out for ">marketing campaigns. Using customizable printed pens has risen in popularity, especially because of how affordable and functional they are.

Company Promotions and Benefits Using Microfiber Cloths

Company promotions or ">marketing are never that easy. Usually there is certainly quite a lot of effort involved and this means it can be incredibly costly to you and your business. When promoting your business you can encounter costs of thousands of pounds and millions of pounds for much larger corporations. If you’re thinking about company promotions one cost effective promotional product is custom printed micro fibre cloths.

Sign Permitting – Why Permits Are Required and Where Signs Can Be Placed

Question: Is it OK to put my sign on the highway Right-of-Way or State property? Answer: No. Not in any state or 1st World country that I’m aware of can this be done. It is considered a potential hazard at worst and pollution at best. Now, if you want to put a sign pretty much anywhere you want, move your business to a 3rd World Developing Nation such as the Dominican Republic or Honduras or Indonesia, where anything goes. The interstate highways, state highways, county roads, or city streets of most developed nations (a euphemism for nations that have way too many rules and regulations) reserve the right of way specifically for traffic control signs, signals, and maintenance vehicles – primarily.

Online ">Marketing For Recruiters: How Facebook Adds Another Level To Your Recruitment

Most recruiters are now active on LinkedIn, the largest social networking community for professionals, and the importance of online recruiting activities has been given a huge boost as a result. However, online ">marketing for recruitment companies does not stop at LinkedIn.

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