How I Made Over $200,000 With One Affiliate Marketing Side Hustle #Shorts

On this video I want to show you an Affiliate marketing strategy that's made Me over two hundred thousand dollars and It's called launch jacking and you can Do the same first thing you need to do Is find the product you can come over to Platforms like Warrior plus now you want To go to their Affiliates tab scroll Down and click onto launch Calendar These are all the different products That are launching find one and click on Twitter that you're happy to promote now What you need to do is come over here And request approval to get your Affiliate link this product can make you Anything from 8.50 to 301 per sale once You're approved for your products you Just need to go into it and then click On to get link and then this is the Affiliate link that you're going to use To promote your product once you click On the link it's going to bring you over To the landing page and what you want to Do is just create a very simple review Video and upload it to YouTube that's Exactly what I did with this video and a Lot of people do this and don't even Show their face now one video that I Made made me over 28 000 in order for You to learn exactly how I do this click Onto the link in the description and Grab my free affiliate marketing guide Which then you'll be able to learn Exactly how I do this enjoy

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