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4 Reasons To Employ A Content ">Marketing Agency

It is becoming widely accepted that content ">marketing is more effective and lower cost than traditional outbound ">marketing. However a decision needs to be made on an in house approach versus employing a content ">marketing agency. This article considers some of the advantages of an external ">marketing provider.

10 Low Cost Ways to Generate Personal Training Client Leads

You want more revenue. There are several ways solve that problem. You get more clients. Your current clients pay you more. You train current clients more frequently. You create more group training services. You create more off and online products and services. Possibly, you do all of the above. You need to have a plan before you just decide you want more clients. You have to know what you want them to do once you get them. If you don’t know you won’t be able to get them down that path, or funnel as it’s called, in order to result in more revenue. For the sake of this article, then I’m going to assume you already know how you’re going to grow your business and you just need the leads for new clients in order to do that exact thing.

The Easy Way To Start Taking Online Bookings

If you thought that setting up an online booking system on your business website is difficult then think again. It’s now easier than ever to integrate online bookings into your existing website and you don’t need a computer science degree to do it.

Do You Have an Effective ">Marketing and Packaging Strategy?

New inventors almost always totally ignore packaging and ">marketing till they have spent a ton of money getting ready to manufacture their product without ever considering how to package and market it, including what type of distribution to use. Selling the product is very difficult, and it is an area where inventors run into stiff resistance. When you approach a prototype company of ">course they will help you out, you are paying them. The same principle applies to manufacturers and anyone else you pay. But in ">marketing and distribution, you are asking people to invest their own money and resources in your product, and they won’t do it unless they believe the product will sell. I feel you need to iron out your sales and distribution plan before spending money on your product, and have a clear idea how you will sell your product and who you will approach to sell your product. Without effective ">marketing, all the other money you spend will be wasted.

B2B Customer Satisfaction Surveys – What Questions Should I Use?

Here is a list of more than 250 questions and statements that you could use in a B2B customer satisfaction survey. You should use questions that will give you actionable feedback rather than egotistical ones. The response scale for these examples are Totally Satisfied to Totally Dissatisfied and Fully Agree to Fully Disagree. The first question set (1A-1D) should always be used. For the rest – it’s up to you.

The PAS Copywriting Formula

If you’re new at the art of copywriting, the PAS formula is all you need to know to help you get started. All it takes is three steps to turn your copy into money.

Some Top Social Media ">Marketing Tactics

Have you started a new company? Are you having difficulty ">marketing your business? Let us show you how to improve your communication with customers!

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