How Much I Made As An Amazon Influencer In 5 Days

Hello and welcome to today's video so in This video we are taking a look at this Over here the Amazon influencer program Now as you mentioned if you don't know We've been sharing about making money Online and from home going back to 2017. Now without a doubt this is one of the Easiest and simplest ways to make money Online not only is it easy and simple And you can do it all purely using your Phone it can also start to bring you in A passive income so in today's video I'm Going to share with you the process I'll Also walk you through my own results and I'll just also share some you know best Hints and tips for this so let's start Right at the beginning what is the Influencer program so first of all we Have the Amazon affiliate program which Is separate to the influencer program Market now over here this and literally We just come over to affiliate program Amazon influences okay just type that Into Google or your search engine and it Will bring you over here how this works Is Number one is look it allows you to Build a storefront on Amazon okay so you Can customize your own page on Amazon With a personalized URL so I'll show you An example of that now so let me come Over here no Over here so you can see this is my Personalized as you can see up here shop

On Amazon and there's not a lot going on In here to be honest with you so for Scroll down here you can see these are Some different videos and different Lists I have created over here so that Is part one and then you will also Notice as well as it says here step two Is create content and recommend products To your audience which is Videos essentially and we'll come back To that in a moment because this is what Makes this whole method passive okay so Let me come back over here and I'll walk You through this so in terms of applying To the influencer program There are a number of ways that you can Do with this but if we'll come down here To the frequently asked questions pages Look how do I qualify for this program You've got to I mean I hear the word You've got to be an influencer of some Sort and you can see here provided you Have a YouTube account Instagram Facebook or Tick Tock account you can Apply to the affiliate program okay now You can do this completely from scratch Or if you already have like you know a Page or a channel you can apply using That and even if you didn't want to go Down that room you could even take a Short route and buy an account which Sounds ridiculous but you know I know Lots of people who have done this So how would you do that well you'd

Simply you'd come on here and you'd just Type in Well I'll show you the website I'll go To this one here I've got a firm swap Now over on this website Here theme swap You can buy a look you can buy Instagram Accounts and YouTube channels it will Show you the price it will show you that You know the the account and how many Followers they have so that's like a Quicker way to get accepted into the Influencer program or if you're just Starting out when you don't want to Spend any money you can pick one of These methods YouTube Instagram Facebook Or Tick Tock and start creating content That way now let me come down here and I'll show you this so how can I monetize My content so it says here there are Multiple ways that you can earn with This via social media and you can do This by sharing your storefront URL or Through affiliate links now here's a Cool thing about this okay let me come On to Amazon so I'll show you this So we're logged on here and I've just Clicked on any products on here so you Can see this is a wireless keyboard and Mouse and we've got the usual images on Here then further down the page here we Have got videos now traditionally these Would just be you know this in this Example it would be Logitech creating Their videos and showcasing them but if

I click on here You can see here is a normal video that You would see but then on the right hand Side here a bit further down we can see Like related videos this one this one This one this one and another one so What's happening is people have got These products or they're buying them And they're doing a short review as you Can see over here one minute I mean five Minutes is a bit too long two minutes One minute and three minutes okay Now here's a cool thing if someone's Already in a behind murder on Amazon and They're landing on a product like this Or any product you know and these videos A lot of the time people are watching These because they want to see you know They want real honest feedback from People and you know people just like Watching these videos But the cool thing is about this once You've created a video like this of a Product and it goes on Amazon and it can Appear down here that's essentially That's your work done because with this Method over here it's kind of like we're Stealing Trace sounds ridiculous it's Kind of like we're stealing traffic from Amazon because you know you don't have To do the traditional affiliate Marketing stuff you don't need to create A website you don't need to create Um an email list or anything like that

People are just creating these really Short videos and putting them onto Amazon and then if they're going down Here they can earn a commission and it's It's pretty much for anything so let's Just say we would look at I don't know I'm just going to do this on here so Let's say we're just looking for Something it's like camping accessories Like this And I'm going to go into one of these Let's just scroll down and have a look See if we can find one sir I don't even know what that is so 21 000 Let's have a look at this really quickly And I'm going to scroll down here and Look again six videos I'm gonna pause that and on the right Hand side here you can see we've got People reviewing these videos and again Look for two minutes one minute 59 Seconds and a minute and 34 seconds so If we'll recap what this method is so Method one is you need to be an Influencer of some form you can Fast Track This by buying an account if you Already have an account on you know some Of the social media platforms you can Use one of those accounts so Step One is Over here Is if I come back up here we apply to The program once you've been accepted Into the Amazon affiliate Amazon Influencer account it allows you to do

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Step one which is build sorry It's all right yeah it's gone Step One Is it allows you to build your Storefront which is this over here Whereby you can go on Amazon and you can Find any products and you can add them Down here so if I click on all You can see I've got like a gaming room Ideas list so inside of here what I've Done is any products that I found on Amazon related to a gaming room I just Put a link in here and then if anyone Goes in here and clicks any of these and Buys we will earn an affiliate Commission that is step one Step two which is this over here where It says create content and recommend Products to your audience can like we're Recommending products to Amazon's Audience because if I come over here You can see Oh sorry over here sorry you can see These are the videos that I have Literally uploaded on to Amazon but when You're first going through this process On the back end here on the right hand Side where it says and on-site Commissions it will have a blue lock now What you have to do here is When you first go down this route you Have to upload three videos those videos They have to be reviewed by an Amazon Employee allegedly and then once they've Been reviewed they will you will get the

Lock over here unlocked and then Basically what that means is the videos That you upload will be eligible to land On pages like this whereby you can start Earning passive income which is awesome Now the other thing to mention and this Is really important you only get three Attempts at this so first of all I went Ahead and uploaded three videos I was Really excited I uploaded them onto Amazon and I had to wait I think it was 42 or 43 days For someone to look at and say nope not Acceptable we're not accepting these Videos so that was attempt one just gone I was like damn I don't know what to do So I did a bit more research about this And I watched YouTube videos and I read Some articles And they were all saying the same thing Keep your videos as basic as possible You're not allowed to mention price or Anything like that the other thing what Amazon do is where it says here if you Click on content guidelines or best Practices it will open up into a new tab Like this and it will literally walk you Through this and explain you know what They would like in their videos you know Basically how we should be doing these Videos what you should be doing now Again I tried and tested a few different Methods what I found was on my second Attempt I had my video and I recorded

Videos this way using my phone and I Just kept it really sharp and then what Happened was after 17 days of waiting I Then got approved which means my videos Are eligible to start shared up on Amazon products so it's pretty cool Sir I'll come back over here you can see So far in the last it says 30 days but I Only got approved about six days ago so You can see here we've had 345 views the Average view duration is 44 seconds and The average percentage of view dates so The total video and a percentage is 43 Now let me just want you to double check This for you because I shared this over In the Facebook group when we got Accepted which was here so I've just got Approved for this today this was six Days ago so in six days and since then I've literally I uploaded come up over Here These videos here I uploaded all of These ones yesterday and a couple more And all I've done is at this moment in Time is I've just gone around the house And looked at products that we've got Here which are currently on Amazon us if The product is on Amazon us then I can Record a video and uploading it because At the moment it is only available in America hopefully in time it's going to Get extended out to you know the UK Canada Australia other countries but the Minute it's only products on Amazon us

So I've gone ahead and published these Videos once your video has been Published here you can see look your Video is published it typically takes Two days to appear on related products Detail pages so in a couple more days Hopefully all of these videos I uploaded Yesterday will start appearing up on Amazon and touch wood will start to be An enemy a commission but if I come over Here I'll show you the earnings this one Sir This was here one dollar and thirty Cents on this day zero here 1.58 here one dollar and eight here and Yesterday was 1.24 cents so we have Earned the grand total of Five dollars and 20 cents in six days But as I've mentioned I only uploaded The rest of the videos yesterday and Also the day before so it's pretty cool And why I'm you know excited about this Method is you don't have to be on camera If you don't want to be you can use just Your phone for this method but you know The potential to have your really short Video in front of people who are Actively in a buying mod on Amazon Looking to get a purchase it's just an Awesome method for making money online I Mean how long this will last I don't Know because you know I've watched Different videos on YouTube and people Are earning thousands a month with this

Method so I'm guessing or you know Moving forward what the plan will be is I will continue going around the home Finding products which are on Amazon us I will record videos and I will upload Them on that and all been well start Earning some money in time I will Reinvest these earnings over here and Start buying products And make and review videos that way to Start earning money with it I mean it's Just it's an awesome method and like I Said I don't know how long this method Is going to be around for but that Amazon will extend it out or you know Eventually close it down we don't know But at the moment I'm going to try and Take full advantage of this whole method And I'll be documenting I'll what I'll Do is I'll share some videos on the YouTube channel if you're over in the University over here I've already Started a case study section for this And basically walking you through what In fact I'll show you really quickly so If you are in the University just simply Cut over to the case study section and It's just the usual stuff that we have In here I'm walking you through you know What we're doing best practices how to Find different you know um trending Items and lots more of a scroll down Here it will be down here look you can See Amazon influencer I've already gone

Through this process of you know how it Works getting started my upload process Finding best sellers on Amazon and then The next one is key watch so yeah so Look if you're not in the University I'll drop a link to that down below you Can go ahead and check this out but Overall it's a great method for making Money online you know so far five Dollars and twenty cents for uploading a Few video I mean I've not even uploaded That many if I go back here I'll show You so let me click on the back button We've currently got We've currently got 12 videos live so Yeah 12 videos in a couple of days these Ones up here will be eligible to start Earning money as well so look that's Today's video if you've got any Questions let me know but thanks for Watching have a great day and I'll see You soon Foreign [Music]

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