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Why Most “Strategic Partnerships” Fail, Plus a Proven Success Formula

Most strategic partnerships fail. The often publicly stated reason is that there was some “inequity in resources.” That is rubbish. The private reason is that…

How to Market Your Personal Training Business

You’re a fitness professional offering the best services in town, but no one’s buying? The problem could be your ">marketing efforts. ">Marketing can be a costly exercise (both financially and mentally) but there are a few things you can do to boost your brand and make an impression on your potential customers.

The Word Of Mouth Myth And ">Marketing

If you think your business will grow by word of mouth alone, you’re probably setting yourself up for failure. This article explains why.

Fee Ranges for Business and Executive Coaching

Despite chaos in the profession of business and executive coaching, there is a need for straight talk about fees. So here you go.

">Marketing Strategy: Contests and Giveaways

Most people are fond of joining contests and trying out giveaways. Read on to learn how you can use contests and giveaways as ">marketing strategy for your dollar store business.

How to Use Mobile App Contests to Promote Business Development and Cross Selling

Mobile apps can be used to decrease silos in any specialized firm. They can promote cross selling, or any business development goal. So why aren’t we using such technology yet?

Selling Into the Pet Market

People think of the pet store market as primarily Petco and PetSmart and then a large number of small stores, but pet products are actually sold in many other locations including convenience stores, big box retailers like Wal-Mart and Target, and even grocery stores. So the market is wide open, and the interest in pet products is sky high as people are spending more and more money on pet accessories. So now is a great time to proceed with a pet product.

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