How Tether (USDT) and Bitfinex is growing the Cryto Economy

Bitfinex is a digital token trading Platform established in 2012 to provide State-of-the-art services to Global Traders and liquidity providers until Now bitfinex has been operating in the Encryption market for a full 10 years Between the export student of Financial Freedom coincides with the development Of the encryption Market the Relentless Pursuits of Financial Freedom is also The secrets of bitfinex continued Prosperity over the years so I've made Two different videos about this Phoenix In the past and I'm going to be linking Those two videos in this video Description below in the first video I Explained why I think that this Phoenix Is one of the best crypto exchange Platforms in the world today and some of Those those reasons are things like the Fact that it has a very low trading fee It has a very large coin selection it Has sophisticated features right which I Mentioned in that video deepest Liquidity and I also explained the fact That this even more important in the Bearish market a very good example I Gave in that video is Celsius 20 Important for you to actually watch that Video you know and understand this a Little better and of course it's been Around since 2012 so he has a very long History and it has consistently provided Our standing service and and it's also

Trusted by Pro investors and whales Alike I also demonstrated how to make Deposits on bitfinex is actually very Easy right all those things actually in That video and like I said I've linked Those videos in this video description So go ahead and watch this video and you Know understand this a little better Another very interesting thing about This Phoenix is the beat Phoenix Alpha This is actually a weekly issue right uh It's an educational tool that helps you Make better trading decisions right so They they do analysis of the market you Know the market since they are driving The market and where the market is going With this you can actually know how to Get when to get into the market I want To actually leave the market so this is Actually aimed at making you a better And helping you make better trading Decisions and like I explained in that Video If you make better decisions of Course you'll be a better Trader it is That simple so this video has recently Implemented a very low kyc threshold Code for usdt Transaction what this Means literally is that as part of each Goal to deliver Financial Freedom to Everybody all between X customers will Be able to withdraw and deposit an Unlimited amount of usdt which is the Data token basically and all you need to Do is to just do the basic plus

Verification on bitfinex and that's all Now some other platforms will require You to bring this and that you know Verify this and verify that bring in Lots and lots of documents as a whole Lot of bureaucracy but this physics has Actually removed this making it easy for You to withdraw and deposit usdt with Just a minimal basic plus verification All you need to do is to upload your Official photo ID your biometric photo Which is a selfie that you take with Your phone basically uh your phone Number and residual address now for Residential address you do not need to Provide your proof of residence which is Like your neighbor bill or stuff like That that other platforms will require Of you you do not need to provide all of That just put in your address and that All you need to do like I've said before The usdt's low kyc threshold for deposit And withdrawal is actually a way of Business to promote Financial Freedom This lowers the threshold for users to Participate in encrypted Finance to a Certain extent with this rise of Inflation and people looking for Alternative sources to preserve their World this new update is an easily Accessible method that would help Preserve wealth and make life easier Even for people that are new in the Crypto space now let's talk about beef

Phoenix security now you might not know This but beef inex stores 99 of every Deposit he receives in a code wallet There's only one percent that's actually In a hot wallet for withdrawals what This means is that 99 of users funds on Business apps are stored in an offline Wallet so there's a lower risk of this Being compromised or stolen and to Access these funds multi-level access is Actually required from different Management members in various locations In my opinion this is top-notch security So in the case of fraud.theft all these Access will be required other important Point I want to note is the fact that Beat Phoenix never sells or lends its Users funds as it takes a security of Its customers very seriously Phoenix is Playing an important role in the mass Adoption of Bitcoin in El Salvador Promoted by bitfinex the adopting Bitcoin lightning Summit a Bitcoin Native banking infrastructure that Supports payments wallets and Banks were Successfully held between November 15th And November 17th of 2022. during the Meeting on the 16th this finish release Is the Coalition of Freedom describing Bitfinex visual for a new era of self Sovereignty to peer-to-peer solution and Decentralized Ledger technology this Index believes that freedom begins with Financial Freedom and the extent to

Freedom of speech and privacy Technologies such as cryptography Distributed systems open source software Implementation are the means to achieve This Freedom this is why beef Phoenix Has helped El Salvador for a long time El Salvador announced the adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender in 2021 also Touching on how they have been of help In El Salvador by donating 36 Bitcoin And 600 000 usdt in age for small Businesses in El Salvador as one of the Methods of supporting Financial Freedom This Village also introduced a tool for Freedom of communication Tita Meet Phoenix and hypercore came together to Create whole punch with kids being the First peer-to-peer application business Has also demonstrated its Fascination For peer-to-peer technology in the Process of promoting Financial Freedom In addition to peer-to-peer Bitcoin Transmission kids a video call and chat Application can ensure users pitch Freedom because the data transmitted Through kit is not routed through the Central server after being encrypted Performing point-to-point propagation of Communication data rock and roll would You guys please welcome Paulo Arduino to The stage aloha Thank you follow Arduino who is the Chief technology officer of bitfinex Said he believed that privacy is a

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Sacred and invaluable basic human right Furthermore speech and Financial Freedom Are important cornerstones for the Realization of personal sovereignty kids Is the first of series of peer-to-peer Applications that will put control back In the hands of individual bitfinex was Also the world sponsor in adopting Bitcoin in El Salvador adopting Bitcoin Conference which took place in El Salvador to promote Bitcoin the Lightning Network and its role in Promoting Financial Freedom the Conference brought together the Bitcoin Ecosystem for collaboration networking And learning bolo Arduino CTO of Bitfinex delivered a keynote speech on Financial Freedom outlining his vision For Bitcoin and highlighting how Technologies such as the lightning Network business Securities be fine XP And peer-to-peer Communications are Increasing financial and personal Freedom from supporting educational Programs and introducing new fintech Innovations that further the use of Bitcoin in everyday lives tattoos Designed to promote privacy and Free Speech such as kids a P2P video Conferencing and chat app with Phoenix Is looking to create a Freer a more Decentralized world and the El Salvador Adopting Bitcoin conference the business Manifesto was actually presented to the

Public this beat Phoenix Freedom Manifesto makes three pledges number one We are committed to building open Peer-to-peer communication solutions to Enable anyone anywhere to interact and Transact freely online Two we will work relentlessly to support The lightning Network and similar Technologies that contribute to making Bitcoin the most accessible and most Efficient transaction solution we will Support and invest in the Bitcoin Community including developers and white Hat hackers to ensure the strength Resilience and immutability of the Bitcoin Network I'm also going to be Leaving the link to the full Um bitfinex Manifesto in addition of This video below beat Phoenix and Tita Are also showing their support for Bitcoin adoption in Africa which is why The Africa Bitcoin Conference was held Between the 5th and the 7th of December 2022. Polo aggiano delivered a keynote Speech on Financial Freedom outlining How Twitter serves as a tool for Financial freedom in Africa and it can Also serve as a bank for the unbanked in The African economy usdt on the other Hand provides a way for users to escape Some inflating currencies assess Financial Services preserve wealth Initiate borderless transactions and Efficiently transfer value between X and

Theta has been determined to push spaces In the community one of these efforts Was their sponsorship of the bfx news African Community Meetup that was held In Ghana the local African Community Representative present also enlightened The audience about the bitfinex platform And more information about the community And of course Marco dalago who is the Head of expansion at bitfinex and Tita Was also present in Ghana I've said this Before but let me repeat this this Phoenix is actually one of the best Crypto ancient Platforms in the world Today actually pushing hard you know for Financial inclusion both here in Africa And everywhere else in the world just Look at the amazing job they've done in El Salvador right so I want to encourage You right now right to um watch those Two previous videos I'm going to be Linking them in this video description Is very important right then two also Click on the first link in review Description yourself an account on beat Phoenix I actually try it out if you've Tried it out before you know you had Experience to beat Phoenix let me know In the comment section and if you want Between X to hold an event in your Community just will write in the comment Section because the team has been Finished actually watching those Comments right now or if you have any

Special requests or messages to them in The comment section is the best way for You to actually put it as they are going To be answering all your questions right There I've also added links to beat Phoenix Financial Freedom Manifesto in The video description so click on it go Right there and of course you can learn More about it yeah also regular weekly Community events giveaways offline Events and ongoing educational content Hosted by the big Phoenix Africa's new Community and you can join these Communities I've also included all these Links in this video's description so Guys set up an account on bitfinex right Now and if you want to win amazing Prizes right so be finite is always Doing giveaways and trivias and all Those sort of thing and you can Participate just by joining those Communities on Twitter and on telegram It is very important that you do that Guys this video showing up right here Right now is actually my first video you On beat Phoenix and this one right here Is my second video on bitfinex so click On those videos and actually watch them And you are going to be glad that you Did until I see my next video guys keep Winning and don't forget to check out Does love you guys bye from here guys

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