How to Beat The Fiverr Algorithm

Connecting With Your People Through Heart

Connecting with your tribe is about creating and building relationships — the domain of the heart. Learn three keys to heart-centered connection.

How Neuroscience Can Help Businesses Engage Customers

‘Customer engagement’ is an oft-used term these days and the development of online and social media content marketing has made it more so. It is seen as the key to turning prospects into buyers and buyers into long-term, loyal customers. But how do we create this ‘engagement’. What is going on in people’s brains when they respond to the information provided? And how can we increase that effect?

Three Reasons Not to Sweat Over Your Ability to Give Networking Referrals

If you are familiar with my methods, then you know I always recommend networking groups, and BNI in particular. This powerful international group helped me learn how to network and fill my practice quickly by meeting lots of new people and gaining referrals.

Want a Thriving Business? Focus on Appreciation Marketing!

Thank you notes have become rare and are a great opportunity to stand out. Why take the time to show appreciation and write thank you notes for your business? It makes you stand out. It builds relationships. It creates positive feelings towards you and your business.

How to Be Strategic When Approaching Joint Venture Partners

When it comes to list building, joint ventures can deliver the growth you are seeking. Students often ask me how to reach out to potential partners. A lot depends on who they are and the level of business success they have achieved. I recommend a different strategy for partners who are in a similar place as you versus partners who are more advanced.

Cold Calling “Don’ts”: There’s Nothing to Fear

Cold-calling: whether you dread it, find it dull, or think it simply doesn’t work, this article will provide some inspiration. “To say that cold-calling doesn’t work or that the practice is dead is tantamount to saying that the Law of Averages has been rescinded,’ according to cold-calling expert Peter Bowerman. Follow these steps, along with multiple branches of marketing, and the results will speak for themselves.

Neuromarketing: The New Frontier or Old Anecdote?

Neuromarketing promises to solve our day-to-day problems of finding just the right words to get people to open our emails, to click our links, and buy our products. How best to design our product branding so that it will appeal to its target market, and even how to structure our website to keep our customers engaged.

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