How To Dropship With Artificial Intelligence (Chat GPT)

I have never seen it be this easy to Make a ton of money Drop Shipping Without spending any real money this is Crazy A lot of people say that Drop Shipping Is dead while I don't quite agree it was Definitely way more profitable for People who got in years ago like me I've Been in this industry for almost seven Years 20 million dollars later I got on Facebook early I've been on Tick Tock Ads for years I was able to catch the Early sides of these Trends now while Things are getting harder because There's more competition people jumping Into space from videos like this the Good news is there's one opportunity Right now that just came out but you got To be quick to jump on it and the good News is it won't cost you a single penny The bad news I can promise you that this Is gonna stop working as well because I Guarantee you a bunch of people are Gonna watch this video and it's gonna be Flooded with people trying to copy again Some more good news most people never Really stick with it long enough to see Results but what I'm about to share with You is very powerful chat GPT is a tool That launched just a few weeks ago and It went from zero to a record-breaking 1 Million plus users in just under five Days of course it promptly crashed their Server and so I'm going to show you how

To use this to really help your ECommerce store if you don't have a ton Of sales yet this will help you do it Quickly staying ahead of other people Product research writing emails all These other things I'm going to show you How to tool at a snap of your fingers And if you stay until the end I'm going To share with you how to use this tool Outside of eCommerce to make an extra Couple thousand dollars a month for free There's no ketchup nothing to sell you On that this is just something you can Use if you have literally zero money to Start an e-commerce store it'll help you Get the budget to start up so stay till The end for that and we're gonna go Through it so let's ask you to give me Company name ideas for a streetwear Clothing brand Rebel threads urban Legend street style code graffiti Collective bold streetwear it is going To be able to continue to print out Unlimited responses are almost unlimited Don't like them let's hit try again and It will give you more different Variations it can do this immediately And scrape data from the internet so if You're struggling to find a name for Your store that's an easy one okay and Picking a name is going to be the first Step after you find a product I usually Like to find the types of products I'm Selling first do product research see

What's trending look on Tick Tock I've Made videos about that another thing we Could do is asking for a tagline so Oftentimes like a movie you'll have a Subtitle you can do the same thing for Your brand Express Yourself stand out You know street style for The Fearless Whatever you want you can continue to Have it make more variations of this so If you're looking to kind of build The Branding which is what you have to do if You want to Dropship successfully and by The way dropshipping is just to Fulfillment model yes there's ways to Drop ship with five eight 12-day Shipping so you can sustain it that's Fine but what I'm talking about is still Building a brand package the store I Just showed you I went from zero to 1.2 Million dollars in sales in like five Months I did that while Drop Shipping Because we still built the brand around It there was custom packaging it had Fast shipping everybody was taken care Of it most dropshippers don't even think About doing this because they only care About scamming their customers and Making 24 not that cool then we're going To ask you to write a product Description for a dog seat belt this is An exact thing you could copy paste and Put onto your Shopify store which is Arguably the most important piece of the Copy that you're gonna have on your

Product page and it's going to make you Unlimited variations you can modify it Build off it whatever you want to do you Can do this for any product just change What this says write a product Description for whatever you want insert Your product here and it's going to be Able to do something extremely Impressive so make it funnier again you Can communicate with this Ai and you can Make it it's pretty funny I mean Introduce the old the med accessory for Your furry co-pilot the dog's seat belt Sturdy strap attached to your pup's Harness like they're abbreviating things Here your pup it is incredible what this AI tool can do and looking at this about 80 of all agencies in the e-commerce Space are about to be out of business Because people can just use this you no Longer are going to need them to go Ahead and help you build a store in Terms of writing product descriptions Sales copy all of that stuff so again Let's go through some more examples Let's say you want to get started Running some ads or making some tick Tocks we can ask it to write an Abandoned cart email for a dog's seat Belt okay so it gives you a subject line Don't leave your furry friend behind and Again you could interact make it funnier Make it more Hood I mean if you want Like a gangster one you can do that you

Can ask this AI to write you a rap about Something specific it's crazy actually Let's see if AI can make a better Drake Song than Drake All right a drake first About how he doesn't like beans and Chili I don't want no kidney beans no Black beans no Pinto I want my chili to Be packed with flavored not just full Filler oh anyway he's dropping bars Quick Interruption if you you have an E-commerce store and you're looking to Track the numbers a lot of people get Lost in the sauce you need to know what Your profits are and what your marketing Expenses are I've been working with B Profit for almost three years now Consistently tracking the analytics Stores like this would not be possible If you're not on top of your financials It's a very inexpensive platform to use But such a helpful resource that all the Experts use if you want to build a real Business you need to use the tools that The big boys use I'll leave a link down Below I can vouch for it it's an Incredible tool I'll use it on all my Own personal stores you can book a demo Call and see a little bit more about What they can help you with so hi there We noticed you recently left a dog's Seat belt in your card on your website We know how important your dog's safety Is to you I mean this is proper Persuasion like you are putting this on

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The customer to actually make the Purchase we want to make sure you have Everything you need to keep your Furry Friends safe on the road and they're Going to work in a safe dog discount Code that saves 10 percent so then you Go set up that code on your website Absolutely incredible make it funnier You can make this absolutely crazy don't Let you know the name of your dog down Or whatever it's you can do whatever you Want here and that's where the AI gets Really crazy copy pasting emails you Also can have it write newsletters if You're going to send weekly newsletters To your customers that's an easy one to Do all of these things it automatically Inputs everything you can change this to 20 if you want that's crazy now don't Worry I didn't leave you hanging and I'll even change the color behind me so We can make sure it's serious you also Have the right ad copy and most times Nowadays we're running Tick Tock ads It's why we have the tick tock course Hundreds and hundreds of business owners Have gone through that and exploded Their leads and sales it's an incredible Resource if you use it it's going to Take work you got to build the skills The cool thing about something like this With chat GPT it's going to remove the Need to build a lot of skills which Ultimately increases the speed for you

To get results because you don't need to Spend you know three weeks really Studying the emails now we go super in Depth with one of my friends that makes 1.6 million dollars a month almost 20 Million a year through email marketing He shows you how to do it how to get More in depth in this I get it the AI Can't match that but it gets pretty darn Close you can at least start with it so Using some of these things but there's One more that we have to talk about okay Facebook ads or if you will just add Copy in general write me a Facebook ad For a Turtle necklace let's just say that's Your product for whatever reason if you Come up with a turtleneck attention all Turtle lovers introducing the perfect Accessory for any Turtle Enthusiast the Turtle necklace this beautifully crafted Necklace featured level you get the idea Okay so you can continue to make Different variations I would definitely Ask it to make it funnier that's a very Simple Baseline thing to do everybody Loves a good laugh everybody loves to Engage make it shorter how about that You want a shorter one to modify or Tick Tock which is going to be much shorter Or wherever you want to use this make it Very simple that's shorter make it Funnier okay so you get the idea where You can really use this tool and as it

Just writes stuff for you on autopilot You don't like it refresh refresh Refresh continue to hit make another Make another make another there's an Unlimited amount that's how you're going To be able to make dozens of different Facebook ad variations in less than four Minutes it's going to be immediate I Have absolutely no affiliation with this Elon Musk is an investor into this Company I think it's going to absolutely Change the way that people do this They're not going to be charging for This product that is my prediction right Now what they're going to do is license Out this software and Technology to Other businesses off that they will make Their money there so this is probably Going to be free for you forever which Is absolutely awesome they also have a Lot of different things that you can do On here they have an image generation You know for example type in penguin Drive in a purple car with a green Sky Off a cliff example like you can just Search that boom it creates it Auto-generated writing scripts I mean it Can write scripts like write a script For a movie about Will Ferrell if that's How you spell it you can throw anything At it it will literally script Out YouTube video tutorials for you Absolutely whatever you want you can Type it the movie begins with Will

Ferrell's character Jack waking up in His messy apartment he's a struggling Actor can't seem to catch a break it's Gonna write you a movie okay and then You can use some of the other tools to Get images for it eventually it'll be Videos I'm very curious to see where AI Goes now as promised I know I opened That Loop in the beginning of the video Which was a psychology thing for you pay Attention I'm going to show you how to Make a couple extra thousand dollars a Month doing something like this so take The emails that we had put together here Um or up here just a little bit emails Like this Brands pay a lot of money for My friend who makes 1.6 million dollars A month through emails he has an agency With somebody biggest Ecommerce Brands Around that pay him crazy amounts of Money crazy he does millions of dollars A week for them in sales especially Black Friday crushed it and they pay him To write this stuff you can sell that as A service so what you're gonna do you're Gonna go to a couple different sites Here for elancer you're going to go to Upwork and you're gonna go to Fiverr Right here these three are three out of Many different freelancing sites and Here's a couple of things that I Recommend you start off with email Newsletter writing email abandoned cart Sequences script writing for videos you

Can proof right or proofread things for Spelling errors because this will Automatically do all of that for you you Can do any other product descriptions You want on website building on sales Funnels copywriting is a huge one that People can charge a lot for and what You're going to do is you're going to Price your services so disgustingly low That you're immediately undercutting Everybody buy a long shot and you're Going to provide better work and Eventually you'll get good ratings Within a week or two you get a couple Orders coming in provide good customer Service communicate and you're going to Be able to start raising your prices but The thing is everybody else on that Website isn't using this tool so you're Gonna have no cost to fulfill and here's Where you can win and make a lot of Money you charge an X expedited feast And I'll get back to you in five hours Three hours nobody can do that because It takes them longer you can get that Turnaround time very quick that's how You're gonna get rated higher on these Platforms and be able to make a ton of Money doing that with all those Different skills will easily bring you In an extra three to ten thousand Dollars a month as you're continuing to Build up your portfolio go Post 10 to 20 Job listings on each of these three

Sites it's going to be absolutely insane Watch the money roll in and the reason I Say all this is because while life isn't All about money we do live on a Financial planet and I think there's Some really unique cool creative ways to Make money especially online that opens Up the opportunity for people of all Ages all Races any location of the world To make money right I started doing that In my parents basement when I was Underage I couldn't even legally open a Bank account so I had my grandpa do it Because other people weren't willing to And I told them when I make my first Million dollars I'll buy you a dream car I was able to do that at 19 years old Like that meant a lot to me emotionally And I know it meant a lot to him but to Be able to do that like that's a crazy Opportunity that I was provided in the World to go start my first e-commerce Business so I've been able to learn a Thing or two along the way make a lot of Money which I'm very grateful for be Able to help a lot of people and by Making videos like this I hope I can Show some of the newer Cutting Edge Stuff that's working right now that's Working today and we share that super in Depth inside of our eCommerce program as Well which is our training platform Ecom Season we've had over 2 000 business Owners use that platform the different

Products and services we've had over the Years has been incredible so we've been Able to see a lot of different Landscapes in terms of different E-commerce businesses stores and whatnot But this is an incredible tool that you Could definitely use it's very new I'm Sure that it'll get a little bit Saturated eventually but use that in Your marketing use that in your business It's a tool that will help you get Things done quicker and it will be Something that everybody's going to Start using eventually but the advantage You have is is you know about it right Now so hope you enjoyed this video make Sure to drop a like subscribe interact With me on Instagram and whatnot and I Will see you in the next video

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