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Filming Your Corporate Video in a Sound Proof Studio: What You Need to Know

When weighing your options between filming on location or in a sound-proof studio it does always sound easier to film in a studio than on location. But you still need to follow some basic rules to be sure your sound is recorded correctly.

An Answer to the Question – “What Is ">Marketing?”

Its quite common for people who work in ">marketing to get the question “So what exactly is ">marketing?” and it can’t be answered with one quick sound bite. Here is my attempt at trying to answer it.

How to Make Money Blogging Now

You have decided to start to make money blogging. Congratulations, more and more people are stepping into this profitable business every day. Whether you are here to earn a few extra dollars, replace your income, or to completely change your financial level any are possible through the power of blogging. There are many ways of getting started in this vast industry, but for the sake of those just beginning we will be focusing in on (in our opinion) the easiest way of making money blogging. For a more clear understanding on this read along. There is one last thing we must cover before getting started. The reality is that this is not easy. If you are looking for a “get rich quick” scheme then I’m sorry to disappoint you but this is not for you. To make this work it takes hard work, complete focus and many other factors. As well as this not being easy, the real reality is that if you are willing to work hard and fight, anything you expect from this is possible.

Two Coaching Styles: Advise and Consult or Ask Clients to Discover Their Own Answers

As a business coach over the past 13 years, here’s what I have discovered: Everyone is silently begging to be led. Now there are two schools of coaching if you will: 1) The first says you cannot and should not advise. You must pull answers only from what the client says. 2) The second is more like consulting and I believe in this type because that’s what I pay for.

Dental ">Marketing: Understanding Your Product As a Member of the Dental Team

As members of the dental team we should be aware of what our product is, why we are providing it, and to whom? This article is a simple tea time read to help with your dental practice ">marketing.

4 Step Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Corporate Gift

Having trouble choosing a corporate gift for your business? In this article I lay out 4 steps to getting the perfect corporate gift for your customer!

SEO Tactics for Your Company

These days the best companies have very powerful SEO strategies. It is still good to use word of mouth promotional strategies, but words are now global and shared all over the web. It is not necessary for all company owners to understand everything there is to know about SEO. However, they should have someone on staff or hire a SEO professional who understands the whole process and knows how to aggressively use profitable SEO strategies.

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