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Did you know this brand new prop phone Allows you to buy Instant funding Without the evaluation process anywhere From a 10 to a hundred thousand dollar Live account off the bat without having To do an evaluation with an 80 to 90 Percent payout NO phase one target NO Phase two Targets immediately funded and A total of a five percent daily drawdown Which is a really solid offer on mt4 and Nt5 now I'm going to show you how I did This and made over eleven thousand Dollars on my funded account on Friday Which is the only trade I took this week And therefore I'm done for the week Which was a two percent gain on my Account for a point eight percent risk Going on awesome people of YouTube Jay Here your Nobis South African online Entrepreneur problem Trader and Affiliate marketer documenting my Journey on my YouTube channels on Various ways that I used to make money Online specifically millionaire mindset Plus my second Channel over here that I'm posting on now is more devoted to What I do off of YouTube and that is Trading and problem trading on Forex and Gold in today's video I'm going to speak About a brand new platform that I've Come across that I'm really really Impressed with honestly the rules I Actually prefer to some of the biggest Out there being ftmo and my Forex funds

This company called if I go And search up glow node reviews They are also I think 4.5 star rating on Over here yeah 4.6 stars that Traders Are getting paid out and pretty quickly As well so there's a lot of good talk About them I'm busy with a account for Them at the moment so I'm really Keen to Get going with them they are powered by Eight cap and they offer two-phase Evaluations one phase evaluations and Also instant funding which is something Very different that a lot of problems Don't offer so what I like about them They have a really high profit split I Think it's 80 your first month and 90 Every month thereafter meaning if you Make ten thousand dollars profits you Get eight thousand they keep two Thousand the first month and the second Month you get nine thousand and they Keep a 10 cut at a thousand dollars Which is a really really solid offer and The best part is what I like about this Is you can buy a hundred thousand dollar Live account off the bat immediately Sent to your email and you can log in And trade and I'm also going to show you A strategy if you want to try these guys Out this is not a sponsorship video I'm Just doing this because I've come across Them I'm really impressed with the rules They support their support is really

Fantastic And they're really up there and Competing strongly against some of the Bigger problems out there So let's get started with the strategy That you can use to go and trade prop Firm trading I'm going to introduce you To the basics of my system with a really Good risk management and also a really Good RR system that's risks to reward so As you all know most Traders out there In the world use to Chart up their analysis and metatrader 4 Or metatrader 5 either on the PC or the Mobile version to execute your trades so This over here was the gold trade I took On Friday last week Friday today is now Sunday which bagged me about two percent Of my account I risked about 0.5 percent At a total of eleven thousand dollars Profit Um personally myself I'm with a 500 000 Funded account I'm busy with a 200k with Glow node as well So let me give you a just of how the System works let me just remove my Drawings I also want to remove my range And my session indicator just so the Chart looks a bit more clean first thing I will go and do is at the beginning of Each and every session Sylvia all I've Got is I've got an indicator called Sessions D I am a sessions Trader so if You go and search on indicators here

Oh and this is not popping up sorry About that There we go search up Session it'll be this indicator over Here sessions on charts by Aurorocks.aif and it highlights if I Come over to another time frame This yellow Bar over here is London session this red Bar is U.S session obviously it's Weekend so the markets are currently off First thing I'll do is at the start of Every session every day is come over to Uh let's just come over to the start of London session on a random day over here Let's take this day so this was four Hours before London session starts is I Will Mark out my four hour structure Story and range so this is my four hour Candle I will then come over to the 15 minute Time frame wait for price to play into Session where it is currently so this is Your four hour structure and range is I'll wait for price to break above or Below my four hour range and structure And over here price is now broken above By four hour structure I will then Mark Out a valid demand Zone which is this Candle over here that caused the Inefficient push the break of structure On the four hour time frame and the Breakup structure to the upside on the 15 minute time frame so we jump

Immediately from the four hour for our Structure to 15 minute Zone And once price Then pulls back into the Zone which You'll see over here the zone is also an Equilibrium Zone which means you only Look for entry to 50 percent because the Wicks of this entire candle is bigger Than the body therefore this is an Equilibrium EXO therefore this is an Equilibrium Zone and mitigation only Counts at the 50 so in order for a Demand or Supply Zone to be valid for me There is four strict criteria that is That is the demand needs to have an Inefficient push Or what you call a fair value Gap but Some of you ICT Traders like to call it This is your big inefficient push over Here as you can see there's a lot of Inefficiency in the market The Zone Needs to be unmitigated there needs to Be a liquidity buildup for the zone and Of course it needs to cause the break of Structures let's continue price and see If some liquidity builds up for this Zone and there we go that's exactly what We want to see you'll see price is now Reacting just above the 50 meaning this Is liquidity buildup a lot of Traders Are starting to enter the markets over Here with stop losses just below so There is a lot of liquidity to be swept In this area of the market here which we

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Can expect price to reverse sweep that Mitigate the 50 and to continue the Expectational order flow to the upside Of creating breaks of structures to the Upside so let's continue price and see What we get beautiful more liquidity Build up over here some kind of trend Line just haven't mitigated the 50 yet So we can expect this to be swept so I'm Going to place my order at the 50 stop Loss just below that low targets a new High so this is currently a one to five Risk to reward trade let's see if we get Tapped in Price has not sweat that liquidity Tapped us into our entry or our buy Limit And price over here created a higher High as expected Neil Sylvia price has Left behind more demand zones so let's Continue And as you can see over here price has Now created a lower low reacting off of Supply zones over here which is our Change of character so this would have Been the only trade for a day for the Day one to five risk to reward just Trading the basics of institutional Order flow structure supply and demand Zones and also liquidity Concepts Confirms I do go over this in a lot more Detail in my Discord Community where I've got an entire 126 section course my Mt4 scalp system for desktop my two box

System which is what I just showed you But this includes a lot more detail with Confirm entries by one minute scalp System any course questions my live Signal room where I post all of my live Trades signal results my risk management Settings for every trade that you should Take trade management tools download how You can pass your funding accounts with Us specifically to pass that for you in Two to four hours the public trading Room any trade Recaps that you want me To go over for you testing various Indicators back testing sessions and the Chats over here for the community and The support of this community is really A community that I've bought this year That has grown to about 600 members Really quickly we've created about 40 Funded members in the last two months Alone so the community is really Thriving a lot of people are happy with The new trading style that we have Equipped them with the right tools Understanding the markets with liquidity And yes these systems do have losses I Have about a 60 to 80 win rate with Assist but remember your wins always Outweigh your losses because we run Nothing less than one to five versus the Reward trades so what I recommend you go And do is back test the system like this If you want to get access to the Discord Community that I just showed you where

They also offer glow node funding Accounts you can come over to the first Link in the description I'll leave a Link to this community Where you can also go and get more Detail in how I trade identifying Liquidity inefficient push structure and As well as the various supply and demand Zones that need to be valid so silver Here this was a great example of a trade That played out beautifully so like I Said if you want to see me inside this Community I do live stream sometime as Well just click on the first link in the Description and I'll see you over there

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