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In today's video I'm going to show you How to make 15 every 10 minutes using a Completely brand new website without Generating any sales and also by using My instant traffic method that's going To get you instant results in terms of Money in your account in less than two Hours using this method you can make Around 15 every 10 minutes but if you're Going to multiply that by six which Means you're going to be making 90 per Hour and let's say you're going to do This for like five hours that's over 450 Dollars you can actually make in one Single day using this method I'm going To show you everything step by step so Let's get started okay so step number One you want to go to Google and just Search for audible now first I want to Show you the websites and show you how Much money you can be making without Actually generating any sales and then I'm going to show you how to get instant Results near instant results using this Method now when you're going to go to this is pretty much like a Huge Amazon company I'm sure everybody Actually knows about it it's called Audible and this is where you can Actually listen to the best selling Audiobooks online you can sign up Completely for free you can try for zero Dollars and when you're going to Actually sign up what you're going to

Receive is one credit which means you Can actually listen to one book one Audiobook completely for free for the First 30 days and if you are a Prime Member you are going to get two credits Which means you can listen to two books Completely for free and pretty much Enjoyed as you can see these are all the Books pretty much all the most popular Books are going to be here however if You're going to search for audible Affiliates you're going to see something Really really awesome there is an Affiliate program for audible that you Can join without actually being an Influencer because I'm sure you see all These audible promotions on YouTube you Can actually join this without having Any social media followers and what this Is going to be paying you is five Dollars for every completely free sign Up and ten dollars whenever the person Is going to upgrade and this is on top Of that so every single time that Somebody is going to sign up and also Going to upgrade you are going to get Paid 15 but in this case what they are Going to receive in exchange is pretty Much one audiobook they can actually Listen to or actually two books Depending on the account they have with Amazon so two free audio books to start And then they need to renew for 15 per Month and they can listen to One

Audiobook now this sounds very awesome It actually is very awesome but there's Also even a better offer somewhere else Because somebody wants to be even better Than Amazon what they have created is Even a better affiliate program now if You're going to go to This is like the number one competitor With audible you're going To see that their free trial is going to Get you three free audio books and Unlimited access to all other audio Entertainment so pretty much in audible You're going to receive one or two books For free for the free trial but in you're going to receive Three of them and also some extra stuff With the audio entertainment and if you Can check out the Dr affiliate program You're going to see that the basic one Is going to be paying you 15 for every Free trial they don't have to purchase Anything at all and you are going to get Paid 15 and if you're going to receive 250 sign ups per month it's going to be Upgraded to 18 and if you're going to Receive 500 sign ups per month that's 25 And the reason for this is because they Want to compete with Amazon they want to Compete with audible so what they have Created is better offer for their Customers and also better affiliate Program for their Affiliates so to make Money the most amount of money with this

Method I highly highly recommend you're Going to go to and go to Their affiliate program sign up for a Free account now to sign up as an Affiliate is a little bit tricky because There isn't any sign up link right here So here's how to do that first you want To go to the affiliate login right here And click on login here then you are Going to be taken to this page where you Can actually log in as an affiliate but Still you need to have in your account So what you want to do is just go right Here and there is not a member yet sign Up now so this is where you want to Actually click to sign up as an Affiliate and once you're going to do That they are going to ask you just some Basic personal information like user First name last name now make sure You're going to enter the real Information right here because this is The website that's going to be paying You out 15 minimum for every completely Free sign up okay now whether you have Audible for the program or affiliate program here's The easiest way you can actually make Money using this and make over two Hundred dollars per day now this is Something that most people are not going To be doing because I don't know for me Personally audiobooks don't really seem That enticing there's so much money you

Can be making with this that all you Need to do is just this so for example On Audible all you have to do is just go Through the great lessons to get started Or listen to all pretty much just go Through the most popular books you can See there's so many pages right here to Pretty much like Harry Potter right here Or I don't know Atomic habits right here Or I don't know 12 rules for life can't Hurt me just pick up any of the famous Books that you're going to find on Audiobooks or and then what You want to do is just go to Google and I selected Atomic habits and you want to Search the book name and then add three D covered and this is what we are really Looking for something that looks like This okay we want this 3D cover now Something like this as well something Like this as well just make sure you're Going to find a cover that looks like 3D Okay we don't want to be using these Flat ones like this one right here Because it seems like it doesn't really Seem enticing but these ones actually Seem a lot more enticing because if You're going to give away something for Free like this a lot more people are Going to associate higher value with This one because it's like a physical Book and the next step just head over to and you want to search for Like a Instagram story resolution so

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Search for Instagram story and we are Looking for some kind of a template okay Now on the left hand side make sure You're going to select every one so it's Going to just give you the free template And pretty much just pick up something That's going to like grab your attention Now the one that I'm going to use is This one right here now it's completely Free so that's the one that I want to go For and this is pretty much what you Want to do with it so you want to grab Any of these elements and then you want To pretty much get your ebook cover Right here then just copy and paste the E-cover you can actually just right Click it click on copy image and then Place it right here without actually Downloading it and then here's what you Want to write in this little image so Something like this free for 24 hours The 24 hours is actually very important Then the name of the book so audiobook Atomic habits then the image of the book And then get yours free click here now This is a template you can use for any Other book as well just make sure you're Going to include the 24 hours this is Very important you're going to see Exactly why in just a few seconds then The name of the book obviously will Change it per book so if you are pretty Much promoting I don't know the 12 rules For for Life by Jordan Peterson you're

Going to change the book change the Cover but again anything after that like Get your three and click here it can Stay the same but also make sure you're Going to add animations to this one Because credit is just an image but what You want to do is click on animate right Here we want to pretty much add Something like this okay so top to rise Fade or something so it's going to have Some kind of emotion to it okay it's not Just going to be like a random image and You want to make sure you're going to Animate pretty much every single part of This so animate as well and pretty much You can add the drift as well or you can Also animate this one with a different One so let's go you know typewriter so Free for 24 hours and then get yours Free as well can be like shift so it's Going to look like this and then click Here it's going to be animated with I Don't know like scrapbook uh no I don't Like that one let's go with like merge Nah that's okay but let's go with like Baseline okay like Baseline so okay got It and now pretty much click on share And it's going to download it as a very Short video because there are all these Animations but this is what we are Looking for and just click on download Okay and this is what we have created It's just a very simple short video That's going to look like this I will

Play it once again okay so it looks Better right now so it looks something Like this okay so make sure you want to Add these animations and now what I want To show you is actually how to use this Very simple video we have created and Get hundreds of free sign ups that are Going to turn into hundreds of dollars If not thousands of dollars because like One sign up can be anywhere from five to Fifteen dollars it's gonna easily be Like fifteen hundred dollars you're Going to make with just one of these Simple little videos now here's how to Do that now all you have to do is just Go to Instagram and you want to pretty Much search right here and you want to Search for this hashtag it's called Book Lovers okay this is just one of the Methods you can actually use then just Go through this top posts and you're Going to see these pages that look Something like this now the ones that You are that you are looking for are Pretty much pages that are about books Now the one that is going to be Obviously about books is going to be the One that has like books in the pictures So for example like this one right here These highlighted ones are very good you Just want to go to in a page like this And you're going to see like this one Right here it's called income driven Dream 135

000 followers and you're going to see Like all these posts are getting decent Engagement and now all you need to do is Just message this Instagram page and ask Them for a quick shout out on their Story with a link now this shout out is Going to be extremely cheap because you Are not really posting on their page you Are just requesting a quick shout out on Their story when somebody is going to Actually click on the story that's where They are actually going to see our Little video that we have created and That's how you're actually going to get These sign ups now the way to do that is You can just really just message them Right here from Instagram and just send Them like a quick message like I'm Interested in getting a little story and A link shout out how much would it cost And they are going to reply with a very Simple price most of the time is like Five to twenty dollars you can just pay That and even if you're going to get Just like one sign up you already made Your money back but chances are you are Going to get at least 10 of them which Can easily make you like one hundred Dollars now the next website that you Can actually use to get instant results As well is this one right here called Influencer marketing by You can just go to shout card it's going To browse influencers you can pretty

Much buy these shout outs directly from These shout out members area if you're Going to sign up because you need to Sign up to actually see the pages and How much they are going to ask you for But you can just select the categories Right here and the categories you want To go to are quotes and text then luxury And motivation this is also depending on The books that you are promoting if you Are in the self-help book self-help Books this one is going to help you very Very big time and then also Lao and Romance for those loud and romance books And one more is right here Entrepreneurship so you want to go for These ones as well they're just going to Select them and let's just check out an Account that's right here so for example This page right here which is from one Of our categories categories that I Selected are quotes and texts and luxury And motivation you can see they have 100 Almost 80 000 followers and their price For an Instagram story with link is only Ten dollars you can literally just buy One get one free sign up from the Audiobook dot comment for the program You already made five dollar profit Every month they hit 180 000 people Following their account so you should Get like 10 20 30 sign ups from this That's easily couple hundred dollars That you're going to make just from this

One single account and from this one Simple audiobook and that's it now if You'd like to see also how I was able to Make two point two thousand dollars but You got this video right here I'm gonna Show you the entire method and also show You the fastest way to get started right Here click here I'm gonna see you there Bye for now

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