What's going on everybody it's your girl Chanel Stevens and I'm back again with Another video and in this video I'm Gonna show you how I made ten thousand Dollars in 72 hours but before I do that I want to first show you guys proof and I also want to show you guys where I'm Staying at because I'm actually in a Hotel right now as you can see I'm not In my normal setup in my office or Anything like that but first let me go Ahead and prove to you guys how much Money I've been able to make all right So I got my stats right here and this is Just a volume so just click on volume And then we're just going to go to uh Campaigns You can see today I've been able to make So far in profit I don't think you guys Can see that but a thousand dollars it's Only like seven in the morning so I'm Gonna go to yesterday You can see I was able to make four Thousand three thousand in profit though And then The last three days I've been able to Make ten thousand dollars and almost Seven thousand in profit right and the Day is not over this is still including Today which is January 29th so um yeah It's a pretty good day so far this is my Hotel suite that I'm staying at uh just In case anybody wanted to see how it

Looks here I'm staying at the Royalton And uh this place is pretty cool because You can order like room service Straight From your TV which is what I'm about to Do about to actually order some Breakfast I think they got a bunch of cool stuff On the breakfast menu And get some orange juice I'm probably Gonna add that Might as well order the breakfast I'm Gonna add that to my cart And this is all inclusive guys so Everything that I'm ordering is actually Free So I'm gonna add some orange juice I'm gonna get an omelette With cheese tomatoes onions peppers That's good All right What else do I want I don't really want no pork I'll Probably get some hash browns Add to my cart All right And uh should I get some grits too I'll probably get some grits too Add to my card so yeah all this is gonna Be free and included at this Resort so All I gotta do is hit Buy And uh enter my room number 13 1 12. Boom All right so that's gonna be coming on

The way I just did that on the video so You guys can see Um but this is just a little simple like Uh junior suite or whatever Got a nice little shower About to shower It's just the toilet right there But um yeah I really got this room I was Gonna get like an ocean front room but I Decided you know imma just go for the Um swim up bro so I'm gonna show you Guys what this is looking like So you can see this is the swim up room It's a pretty dope It's real quiet right now it's early in The morning so Not many people are out here but uh yeah I think it's heated and everything so I'm gonna take advantage of that they Got a lazy river and the beach is like Off into the distance I don't know if you guys can see the Ocean right there the ocean is right There So Pretty cool pretty cool But that's enough On the lifestyle stuff I want to show You guys how let me fix my camera so Guys this is pretty much the life of a CPA marketer uh it's a lot a lot of time Freedom and uh money freedom yes I was Able to make ten thousand dollars in Revenue in the last 72 hours but at the

End of the day it came from meat Optimizing my campaigns and putting in The work so that I can live life on my Terms all right a lot of you guys you Know you want to make the money but when It comes to setting up the campaigns and Really digging in deep to to learn the Skills you guys kind of slack off on That part you kind of just want to get To the money part get to the living life Part but at the end of the day it's Going to take you investing in yourself Okay are you investing in the tools are You investing in the traffic as you can See I invest in traffic I spend money Every single day yes I get the money Back but at times it was a time where I Wasn't getting any money back it was a Time where I really had to figure out How to optimize my campaigns for Max Profits all right and that's what I Teach on this channel so when you you've Been if you've been checking out my Tutorials I appreciate you but take Action on that you know take action on Everything I'm saying in all my previous Videos because that's what's going to Lead you to this point where you see me At right now which is taking vacations Swimming in pools chilling on the Beaches of the world all right I have a Bunch of money in my bank account I'm Literally living life of living the life Of my dreams all because of CPA

Marketing and CPA marketing allowed me To even invest in other Ventures because I have so much time Freedom right so I Don't have to sit in front of my Computer all day and work work work yes I take vacations and stuff but I've been Able to start other businesses and Expand my knowledge on other things Start investing I love crypto and stuff Like that so it's just a blessing to be Able to run a business like this that Allows me the freedom that I actually Have but it's really going to come down To you running traffic every single day If you're somebody out there and you Want results and you want to make ten Thousand dollars and three days what It's going to take it's going to take You first starting off with maybe a Hundred dollars a day a campaign that's Making you just five hundred dollars a Day right and knowing how to optimize And scaling it is going to be key that's Why I offer my private coaching for Things where I can help you get to the Next level and stuff like that but even Without my private coaching guys if you Dig deep and master the skills that You're gonna need to know for this Business it's so worth it in it and I Mean look where I'm at guys I'm actually Here in Mexico you see the pool you see The palm trees I'm chilling in a hotel Suite and this is how life is meant to

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Be enjoyed right life is meant to be Enjoyed this way life is not supposed You're not supposed to be at some office Behind some desks slaving away Working nine to five all day you should Be living life on your terms living a Life of freedom and that's why I put out These videos to inspire people because It took videos just like this to inspire Me I wasn't somebody who was fly by Night I had to grind right I had to Learn I took so many courses watched YouTube videos just like you guys you Know I used to spam in groups you know I Used to shop at Dollar Tree literally Thirty dollars to my name Shopping and pushing a car around Dollar Tree picking out one dollar items so I Can eat for the week that's my story but Look where I'm at today guys I'm not Struggling I'm not poor anymore right I Got rich because I changed my mindset I Listened to affirmations guys I freaking I just learn all right I changed the way My whole mind works because I know at The end of the day Money it starts with your mindset all Right it starts with how you thinking About things and how are you viewing the World because some people they just Think no it's it's a technical thing It's going to be 80 skills but if you Watch any of my other videos you know It's 20 skills eighty percent mindset

And if you don't believe that then you Probably won't ever have any of this Because at the end of the day it's going To take a certain mindset around what You're doing because it's so many people That attempt CPA affiliate marketing but Why is only one percent a super super Affiliates I mean you see other super Affiliates out there they're on YouTube You it's not just me so you know it's Proof it's not it's working for other People but at the end of the day Why is it not working for you it's most Likely your mindset What are you putting into your brain are You consuming all day are you Actually sitting here learning are you Sitting here going through courses are You going through people's private Coachings what are you doing to make Your situation different so that you can Live a different life because if you're Doing the same thing over and over again Expecting different results that's Insanity hello Thank you Okay Are you put it here Nice Okay But this battery is that they made okay All right guys so they just brought my Food they actually forgot my grits Though kind of I don't really care but

He said he's gonna go get them and bring Them back but uh um it looks pretty Decent uh I don't remember ordering any Pork so I don't know how that's on the Side either so yeah they're kind of Tripping but I'm not tripping about it Still a good day for me Um just have some of this orange juice Man it's like fresh orange juice like Freshly squeezed but yeah guys I'm about To go enjoy the rest of my day I'm gonna Go hit the beach Um Take a swim stuff like that it's a lot Of activities to do at this Resort so I'm gonna just enjoy it enjoy my Vacation Um I'll probably I'll try to bring you Guys another video if I can think of Um something some value to add or Something like that I'll definitely make A video while I'm here stuff I'm still Going to be working my private coaching Is still open I'm still going to be Helping students out and stuff while I'm On vacation yeah this is just a little Relaxation trip get out the house Atlanta weather was kind of you know on The BS going to be raining all week so I Decided you know why not take a trip Right so that's all I got for this video Guys go ahead and do me a favor and like This video comment down below if you Enjoyed this video If You motivated help

Show this video some love that helps YouTube spread this video to more people And put it in the algorithm and stuff Like that go ahead and subscribe to the Channel if you haven't done so already And I'll see you in the next video peace

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