How to Make $5,000 a Week With Facebook (For Beginners) πŸ€‘πŸ”₯

See he doing this strategy in the last Seven days I've made over five thousand Dollars and in the previous seven days I Made almost seven thousand dollars step One you wanna go over to Google and type In jet video Academy affiliate program Click onto this link and sign up to Become an affiliate of my course where You can earn as much as 50 of 177 every Time you make a sale from here you want To go over to Facebook type in YouTube And make sure you click onto groups this Is where you're going to find hundreds Of different types of groups and from Here all you want to do is join all These groups once you join these groups You want to come over here and click Onto people from there what you want to Do is you want to scroll down and you Want to find where it says new to group Now what you want to do is hover over Their name and click onto message and Then from there what you want to do is Just quickly send them this message copy It and paste it into Facebook and send Them this message from there when they Reply back wanting more information That's when you're going to send them The link to that course when they Purchase you get 50 commission now if You want me to create a fully detailed Tutorial on my Smart money Tactics YouTube channel comment yes right now Don't forget to subscribe to the channel

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