How To Make a Portfolio Website With WordPress (Easy WordPress Tutorial)

Do you want to make money online yeah You do are you a freelancer maybe you Are do you have a portfolio website no Why not this is pretty shocking couple Weeks ago I asked all of you whether or Not you had your own website for your Freelance business to host your Freelance portfolio 84 of you 84 said no You don't have a freelance website you Know why this is so crazy to me because I always hear people complaining about The 20 fee that a lot of the big Freelance websites charge when you get An order ever everyone seems to hate it Which would make me think that a lot More of you actually have your own Website to avoid these fees so in this Video I'm going to help you out in this Video I'm going to show you how to Easily create a portfolio website using WordPress I'm also going to explain to You how you might benefit from hosting Your own website when it comes to Showcasing your own freelance portfolio And attracting new clients to help you Make money clients that you keep a Hundred percent of your profits from no 20 fee because you're finding them Through your own website hopefully so if You've never built a site before the First two things you've got to worry About are these first you gotta figure Out what you're going to use to build Your website and second you need to

Figure out where you're going to host Your website so to answer the question Of what you're going to use to build Your website in this video I'm going to Use WordPress WordPress is one of the Most popular content management systems And website Builders all over the world It's been around for a long time Definitely an industry leader and it's Free and open source and to host the Site I'm going to use hostinger Hostinger is the sponsor of this video And they are an awesome option when it Comes to hosting a website hostinger Offers great pricing super fast servers Chat support and a whole bunch of other Features across all of their plans if After watching this video you want to Use hostinger for your own website you Can check out my own personal Link in The description of this video and make Sure you're using the code Mike nardy Mike Nardi I'll show it on this screen For an exclusive discount so first just Really quick before I actually share my Screen and show you how easy it is to Build a website using WordPress I do Want to talk about the benefits you will Experience if you do decide to host your Own portfolio website the first and I Hope this is the most obvious benefit is If you're a freelancer hosting your own Site is a step in the direction of Making a lot more money a lot more not

Only does it set you up to attract your Own clients that you don't have to pay Hefty fees for acquiring but even more Important than that it makes you look Way more legit potentially helping you Score much bigger deals four or five Figure deals from huge companies that Don't really use freelance platforms When hiring Freelancers the second Benefit actually kind of contradicts the First and it's if you do still sell on a Freelance platform but by hosting your Own website it might actually help you Get more orders on another freelance Platform so in certain situations Clients on whatever site you're Freelancing on might ask to see a sample Of your portfolio might ask to see a Sample of your work and just sending Them files isn't as professional as Sending them to a website that you host That houses everything about you and Your business it looks a lot more Professional and can really help you Build trust a lot faster with clients Who are thinking about hiring you on a Freelance platform the third benefit and This is a huge one that a lot of people Ignore of Hosting your own portfolio Website is it'll make you feel more Legit and more professional and this Really matters take me for example I Host my own site it's called the nardy Blog once I launched that site I started

To take everything a whole lot more Seriously around my business because now I had actually carved out a site on the Internet that represented me and the Things I was doing so I was motivated to Do an even better job and that helped me Perform better and make more money in my Own Endeavors and the fourth reason that I think you really should consider Building your own freelance portfolio Website is it will help you develop new Skills especially if you've never built A site before you're going to learn how To build and host your own website which Is huge it's hugely important for your Own business because it can save you Money from having to hire people to do That but it can also become a skill that You can market and sell to other people People if you get really good at so Without further Ado we're gonna get into The tutorial and show you how to build a WordPress website using hostinger Alright so the first step that you need To take if you want to create an amazing Freelance portfolio website is you need To get set up with a web hosting Provider so hostinger offers a lot of Different hosting packages even packages That include free domain name free email And SSL certificates for this tutorial I'm going to create a website using Hostinger's most popular premium shared Hosting package once you select the

Hosting package you want to go with There are a number of different payment Options you can pay month to month 12 Months 24 months and 48 months and Typically uh the longer you subscribe Subscribe for the better a deal you're Getting right so pick one that works Best for you but before you do check out And scroll down all the way down to here So before you put in your payment in Foreign pay this have a coupon code Section click it and put in your coupon Code Mike Nardi to get an inclusive Discount off your order so after you Select the hosting plan that works best For you it's time to pick your own Domain name so picking a domain name is Pretty important so take your time to Think about what it's going to be so as You're deciding hostinger actually has This little section here that allows you To search type in and search for the Domain name you want to see if it's Available and you know it's important That you do this because a lot of the More popular shorter domain names that Use less words Especially if they're you know about Trending or you know world-renowned Topics are usually taken So you should search for your domain Here So for this one I'm just going to do Nardy fun site or let's do something

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Better Nardi Portfolio site So when I search for this my website Domain name is available in Variant best case scenario when you're Subscribing and signing up for a domain Name is you probably want to go Typically uh when people are going to be Searching for your website if they're Just committing it to memory people go With it's what people naturally Type into the search bar however there Are a lot of different types of domain Names you can go for DOT net dot For these techy new type companies you Can pick whatever you want but that's Just my two cents I typically like to go With and if you're subscribing To the package that I mentioned the Premium hosting plan they actually Include domain names with some of their Packages so here on your hpanel you can Actually claim your free domain name Before you start building your site and Just before I move on couple tips for Picking a good domain name especially For a portfolio website if possible you Want to use your own name in it in some Way or another as well as your industry If possible so for this example I just Quickly thought of Nardi portfolio site But you could do something like if You're a photographer nardy photography Portfolio it's a lot more descriptive

It's easier for people to remember see That one's available too but this helps People searching for your site and will Also give your site a chance of ranking Higher in Google search Especially if you know you are the only Person with that name who has a Portfolio website just something to Consider and just lastly on domains with Hostinger you actually have three domain Name options when creating your website You can get a totally new domain you can Claim your free domain or you can even Transfer an existing domain that you Might already own like if you've already Bought your domain name and you want to Use hostinger to host your site you can Totally transfer that to hostinger and Use it with the site that you're about To build alright so now that your domain Name is secured like I mentioned earlier For the website I'm going to show you How to build I'm going to be using WordPress and setting up WordPress Through hostinger is super simple so to Start once you've selected your hosting Plan it'll show up here in your hpanel So I'm using the premium shared hosting You got to start setup so click this Yellow button right here so the page is Going to load and it's actually going to Ask you a bunch of questions Um to kind of walk you through the Process and make it as easy as possible

So first question who are you creating The website for so I'm creating it for Myself Who's creating the website so I'm Building it myself And what type of website is it so this Is going to be a portfolio website and Do I need help no so it asks you similar To migrating domain names if you already Have a site built you can transfer it to Hostinger but I'm going to build one From scratch so you have three options Here so the one we're going to be using Is WordPress super easy Um there's a hosting or website builder As well seems to be something new that They're building the tough that's pretty Cool and then there's others so you can Choose whatever platform you want but We're going to go with WordPress alright So then it kind of based on your Selections above so I told them that I Was doing a portfolio site it gives me This whole bunch of different themes That I can choose from and what themes Allow you to do is it gets you started With the overall look and feel of the Site so for the most part you're just Filling this out and it's gonna look Pretty similar to what it looks like Here the colors are going to be the Colors that were set in the theme the Fonts The General notes things like that Now it's important to note that

Regardless which theme you select and You can preview them here too it'll Preview them in like a dummy website Here that's what the theme will look Like so no matter which theme you select You can always customize the theme after Your site's built that's one of the Beautiful things about WordPress so the Theme I'm going to go for I think is This one here Um it's called coach right so for Portfolio website I think this is Something that would fit pretty well With Freelancers so on this main section Here you would put a little image of Yourself some information You can use this to put down some of Your biggest customers like the logos of Some of the big companies you've worked For quick description of what you do Um you know really easy call or read More button and then on some of the Other pages on the site you can kind of Like the ebooks instead of ebooks you Could put like portfolio pieces that They could download and check out yeah So I think this is a pretty great theme This is the one I'm gonna go with so hit Select and continue and then it's going To bring you to the name your website so The first step that I walk through this Tutorial I was claiming a free domain Name through hostinger so now it's Actually building the site and after

This is done this is when the fun part Actually starts so once all this is Installed the theme is imported and WordPress is all set up I'm going to be Able to log in using the admin Information that I've inputted and then I can start customizing my website which Is the most exciting part and I think The part you'll enjoy the most as well And there you have it your site is live Looking good but you'll notice that this Is still just the template so what WordPress has done is taken this Template that you've selected and Launched a live website using it but a Lot of what's filled out already is just Random text to help you visualize what This theme can do and what this site Might look like but we're going to Change that we want to customize it to Be be you know tailored to your needs Your business uh the things you do so From your hosting or HP panel your C You'll see once your site is live your Premium shared hosting plan has the edit Website button once you click that and Log in you'll be taken here this is your WordPress admin panel this is the back End of your WordPress website and where You're going to change everything from All right so flipping back to the page For a sec first thing you're going to Want to change is your logo at the top Of the page and in WordPress that's

Super easy to do you're going to go Hover over this appearance Tab and You're gonna hit customize to customize Your logo here it's really really simple You just hit the pencil you can remove Or change the logo and you can remove or Change the logo and that's it your new Logo will populate the next thing you're Going to want to change is the page Content right so all of this is just the Standard stuff that came with the Template to show you what this website Can do but from the WordPress admin Panel if you go to the pages drop down And click published this gives you Access to edit each of the pages that Are appearing on your website so the First thing you're going to want to edit Is your home page your front page you Can start there so editing a site in WordPress is really easy this template Had Elementor all automatically Installed so if you click edit with Ed Elementor it opens a visual editor and This is pretty cool because it allows You to really just click in drag and Drop change the text to make the site Your own Change that you can change the text here The random text If you don't like a section you just hit The little X up here and you can delete It you can also hit the little plus sign Here to add a section and then if you

Want to drag in a widget from the left Panel here you can really add whatever You like so you can select the structure I want to have three there and it just Added three little sections there but I Can add different stuff in you can put You know buttons you can put video links You can put you know a Google map Section an opt-in form really whatever You like you just click and drag for Something like opt-in monster you might Need to create an account so that you Can actually use the service but super Super easy to edit a site in Elementor Right you can add stuff here so you want To add a YouTube video right you click It you just paste your link here so Super super easy you paste your link and It automatically populates your YouTube Video on your home page how cool is that So if I go to preview this Boom my homepage has been changed I got My new header my name is Mike I make YouTube videos I host a podcast I'm into Photography and I write copy for people And then I leave a link to my YouTube Channel and it's embedded so you want to Know the easy to play right here on the Home page super cool stuff super easy to Do so so far my portfolio set is looking Pretty good I changed my heading I put a Little YouTube video you could use this To put an intro video to yourself to Introduce yourself but really want to

Change the stock footage of this random Guy that came with the template in Elementor that's really easy to do so on Top of the section you'll see these Three options X is going to delete this Whole section this will add a new one But these dots actually allows you to Edit and opens this menu here so you're Going to hit style and there's the image So you go choose image I've already Uploaded one but if you need to upload One you just go upload files you click It and you insert media and boom let's Preview that maybe not the best image of Me but you get the idea you would put Something an image of yourself that you Like to really make the home page yours So so far we're looking good I'm gonna Hit update down here on the left and now My site has been updated with these Changes So the next thing you're going to want To do is create different pages for all Of your portfolio pieces so for me I do A couple different things I do YouTube I Do photography and I do copywriting so For my you know YouTube portfolio page I Just want to link to a bunch of my best Work so you might click add this and I Want to do one where there's a bunch of Different videos so I might break it up Into three and I'll put three of my best Videos up here So for me I've just linked to three of

My favorite YouTube videos so I click This preview changes button to see what It looks like and this is what it looks Like so I have three of my best YouTube Videos embedded on this page but this Doesn't look that professional so either Above or below In my style of having a portfolio Website I might want to do a little bit Of write-up so down here you might want To change this text to be something that Aligns more closely with your portfolio So once you create a portfolio page I Think it's kind of a pro tip to link to It on your home page so I use this what I do section from the template to create My YouTube page and I linked it to this Read more button so when I click it the Person gets directed to my portfolio Page Okay And there I was just speeding through it But I just created a page to show off a Photography portfolio so you easily Upload the photos to hostinger and then You create a new page and you can add Whatever pictures you want to add if You're someone who does graphic design Photography or any type of creative Freelancing that requires images for a Portfolio really really easy I did this In like five ten minutes to create a Page and showcase your work that's what That looks like alright so so far this

Is what the process of creating a Portfolio site looks like you select a Template and you start customizing it You know I used a really basic logo that I made myself in canva I'm not a Designer but I recommend using someone Or getting something that looks a lot Better than the for your logo you want To customize the template to put an Image of yourself a little blurb of Yourself telling people what you do and Who you are I'm a YouTuber so I put a Little video here Um just to show people what I do this is A great spot and I highly recommend Using this spot to just record a little Talking head video introduction of Yourself really personal Um really a great job of building trust With people visiting your portfolio and Then when you scroll down with the Template I'm using I decided to use this Pre-made what I do section for the Things I focus most on YouTube Photography and copywriting and I Created pages to each so here's my YouTube basic portfolio page and then my Photography one Super super easy to make and you know You can spend a lot of time really Dressing this up and making every page Look amazing for what you need it to Look like but I think the the main Message I want to give here is how easy

It can be so if you haven't yet created A portfolio site I hope this video helps A couple tips for you if you are going To go about doing this obviously if You're choosing hostinger use my link in The description and code Mike Nardi to Get an exclusive discount for your Hosting plan but when you get started You know really put some time make it Your own the themes and the templates That that you have available are great For giving you a head start like I've Shown you in this video really easy to Customize them but go through it Page by Page and customize everything to be your Own right so you see here I've changed The headers could still use some work in The description you link to things you Can rearrange the page make it your own This is going to be the page that people Go to when they're curious about hiring You can help you drive a lot of business To your to your business to your website To your Fiverr gigs wherever so um yeah That's it for this video hostinger thank You so much for sponsoring this video Amazing tools great prices and and Honestly guys I'm not a website building Guru and I spun this up pretty easily if You if you have some skin in the game When it comes to being a creative a Graphic designer a photographer whatever This this hosting plan and WordPress Gives you the tools to build something

Truly truly amazing to Showcase your Work and I really hope you like it and I Hope this video was helpful

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