How To Make a WordPress Website (2023) – The Complete Guide!

And look how professional that looks guys this 
looks so Sleek like I have a million dollar   Website I spent the whole entire crazy Budget on 
creating this website and no I did this completely   Free in this video I'm going to show you how to 
create a website that looks like this this or this   Honestly guys the possibilities are endless and 
it is all free well the only thing you will have   To pay for is your domain name and hosting but I'm 
going to show you how to create the actual website   For free now if I can do this guys anybody can I 
don't know any code HTML or any of that stuff I   Created my website tried and true mom jobs using 
the exact same platform I want to share with you   Guys today and it now makes me over 200 000 a 
year on autopilot I have a course where I teach   My Methods at the six figure blog 
but I want you guys to get your website up and   Running first that is the biggest hurdle so once 
your site is up and you're ready to start getting   Traffic to your website come on over to the six 
figure blog blueprint and join my students and I   As they work toward their six figure blog all 
right and I do have affiliate links for when   You guys are ready to purchase your domain name 
and hosting so if you find this video valuable   I'd love it for you go ahead and use my links 
when you're ready to make a purchase it says no   Extra cost to you and I just want to guys let you 
know that the what brought me to doing this video   I'm creating a brand new website for a friend 
who has a cleaning service so I said well what   Better opportunity for me to actually record what 
I'm doing in real time to show you guys how I'm   Creating her website and to show you all the ways 
that you can create your own you ready let's go   Okay so the first thing you want to do is when 
you are creating a website you need to have   A domain name this will be the name of your 
website this is the name that everyone will   Use when they're trying to access your website 
so I use namecheap they are the best around and   They are the I'll say the most affordable I 
don't like to use the word cheap but this is   A website that I use to buy all of my domain 
names so what we're going to do first is that   I'm going to put in the domain name that I want 
for my site so I wanted to go to two domains   Domain name search and then I'm going to put 
in the domain name that I'm going to create   For this tutorial and it's up cleaning services 
and I already checked to see if it was available And it was so what I'm going to 
do is I'm going to add to cart And then I'm going to check out Now when you're checking out it's going I'm going 
to do it for just a year and then I'm going to   Check these other things you want to do domain 
privacy as well so you want to enable that because   That's obviously it's free forever so why wouldn't 
you do it I'm not gonna purchase any upgrades   Um SSL want to get through all those in the next 
lesson so don't worry about any of this stuff here   You want to confirm your order and then create 
your account if you don't already have one so   That's the step it's a very easy step to purchase 
your domain name next you're going to want to get  

Hosting now there are a ton of different hosting 
platforms out there but I like to use things that   Are tried and true now I've used siteground 
before and I've had no problems with them so   That's why I'm recommending this to you right 
now they're offering a crazy Black Friday Early   Access deal but this deal will not last forever 
so I don't know when you're viewing this video   But the price will probably be different when 
you are signing up but when you're signing up   This is what I recommend you do you get WordPress 
hosting so I want to say good deal for right now   And then get the WordPress hosting I also 
have an affiliate link so if you guys would   Like to sign up with my affiliate link 
feel free I will leave that for you guys   Now getting started you only need the startup 
plan because remember you can always upgrade   Later and you want to keep your expenses as low 
as possible so for the startup plan you want to   Get one website 10 gigabytes of web space and 
10 000 visits monthly now remember you're just   Getting started so this is fine so you're going 
to go ahead and get this plan right here and   Then we already registered our domain name with 
namecheap so we're going to put in that domain   Name right now so the one for this video I'll be 
using is I'm going to actually go to I already   Have a domain name and it's up cleaning [Music] and I'm going to go to proceed And then I'm going to enter all of my information 
here and then what I'm gonna do is once you get   This is what you need to know I'm going to do a 
startup plan and I'm only going to do it for 12   Months because just getting started I want to 
see can I really commit to this so they offer   You can do one month 12 months or 12 24 months 
but I'm just gonna do 12 months I want to see if   I can commit to a year and if I can start seeing 
some progress then that will motivate me to keep   This on and extend my package to um another couple 
years okay so we're going to do 12 months you do   Not need this byte scanner they're gonna continue 
to try and upgrade you but you don't need to do   Any of that so what you're going to do is just do 
12 months I'm gonna put my personal information in   Here so this is how you go about purchasing your 
hosting okay after you make a purchase siteground   Sends you an email then you go to that email and 
they're gonna give you your email address that   You signed up with and then they want to tell 
you to sign up with the password that you used   At the beginning so go ahead right now and put 
in my email address for this and the password And let's get ready to set your site up So what we're going to do first 
is going to go to set up site We have an existing domain name 
and this is the existing domain   Name right here I'm going to go to continue And then want to start a new website And doing with WordPress And this is where you can set up your login 
to so you're going to put in the email address  

And then the password that you want to use 
when you are logging into WordPress so you   Do want to remember this it's a very important 
now they're going to ask you do you want site   Scanner you do not need this so you want 
to just skip this part and go to finish And this is going to create our website for us   Okay so now that we're all set we'll need to 
point our domain name to the siteground so this   Is important right here so we need to go back to 
namecheap where we purchased our domain name and   We have to redirect it to siteground now I'm going 
to show you how to do that right now so we want   To go back to thing cheap so we can redirect our 
domain name to siteground now so what you want to   Do is go to our domain name that we purchased for 
this specific website and then we'll go to manage And then you want to go down to where it says 
name cheat basic DNS and go to custom DNS and   Then when I'll go back to siteground and 
copy and paste this information right here   So we're gonna go just Ctrl C and then Ctrl V 
to paste it go back to the second one Ctrl C   To copy it and Ctrl V and then you want 
to go press this check mark right here   And takes time some time for this to happen 
but it takes about 40 hours to take effect   So let's go and finish what we're going to do 
for siteground so once we do that then we go to   The site tools to get started okay so now while 
we're just waiting for our domain to point to our   Website we can do some other things like our ad 
security to our website so if you go to security   Right here an SSL manager this is very important 
you want to make sure you do this because this is   Very important to Google they want to make sure 
that your site is protected so what we're going   To do is go to select your domain name and then 
select the SSL and then you'll go to Let's encrypt   And then you go to git and this is going to be 
where it's going to put the s in after where   It says HTTP now it's going to say https before 
your website name so this is how you know that   Your website is secure and this is very important 
to do okay so it says let's encrypt is installed   So now our website is configured and we're all 
set to go so you can go just to back and now   We're all going to go there and that is how 
you add your SSL certificate to your website   Next I want to show you how to add 
email so I want to go over here to email   And then go to accounts I'm going to show you 
how to add one so if you wanted to create an   Email for your account where it would say 
for example info at   This is how your site looks professional 
so now you have your own professional   Email account so we can go ahead right 
here if you want you can just put info   And you can create a password you can just 
generate one if you wanted to and then create   And this is that's it so when you actually want 
to go and check your email I highly recommend   That you can actually incorporate your email with 
your Gmail account because the user experience   For this is not very friendly so I'm going to 
show you how to actually check this mail if you  

So you're going to go to actions I'm going to 
log into webmail and this is where you can send   And receive messages but I don't like it because 
this is the only place that you can go to receive   These messages so what I do is I actually go ahead 
and incorporate this email address or the email   Account into my gmail so I can send and receive 
email addresses emails from my Gmail account I'm   Gonna put an article in the description below 
on how you can do that but I always usually   Work with my host to help me incorporate 
this so if you want to send an email just   Go to compose and then you can see there's info at and then you can send it to   Whoever you want and people can send you messages 
as well and you can just see it here so this is a   Quick example of how you can create an email and 
actually go ahead incoming and outgoing messages   Okay now let's go into our WordPress website 
so now we're going to go to WordPress right   Here now there are two ways to do this to get 
to your website so there this one way is to log   Into siteground and go over here and go to install 
and manage and if you go down here to your website   You can just come over here to actions and then 
this is where you can go to login to admin panel   Or you can actually just go into a new tab 
and I'm going to show you how this looks You want to put your domain name 
so this is up cleaning services .com and then Backslash WP Dash admin and this is what you're 
going to put in every single time that you're   Just ready to go to your website so you don't 
have to go through siteground and offer that   Process just to get to your WordPress website 
you can easily just put in your domain name   Backslash WP Dash admin and that will take 
you where you can actually log into your   Website right here put in your information 
and it'll take you directly to your website   But in this video we're going to just go in 
this way just want to go to actions and then   Log into admin panel and then this is how I 
want to get to the back end of our website   Now the first thing I want to do for you guys 
to do is just go to settings really quick and I   Just want to make sure that your I'm going to show 
you your permalinks are set up right so you go to   Settings and then permalinks you want to make sure 
that it's on post name now I'd go in detail about   My course and like how you're supposed to make 
sure that your permalinks are keyword optimized so   You don't have to worry about that right now but 
this is just important to see that this is check   You don't want anything else checked here okay 
so once that's good let's get to the next step And then we're allow it to plugins next 
so what we're going to do is going to   Go to add new right here and you're going to 
already have some plugins that are already in   Um the siteground and put in there and that's 
all fine but we're going to add some new ones   The one we're going to add right now is add 
I mean it's a plug-in called WP Astra and   This is how I want to design our site so let's go 
ahead and go to starter templates and install now

And then we'll go to activate   So to get to this part right here we 
want to go down here to see Library Now this is going to be where we can easily design 
your website you can completely customize your   Whole entire website now you see all these 
templates right here you can choose any of   These and make it your own all you gotta do is 
swap out these pictures swap out the content   And your site is ready made I'm going to show you 
guys exactly how to do that now when you see when   It says premium right here these are the ones that 
are paid for so you have to pay for those but I'm   Going to show you how to create a completely free 
website so we're not going to choose any of those   All right okay so what I'm gonna do for this 
video I'm gonna just choose this one because I   Want you to understand how you can completely 
make this your own when you're designing your   Website essentially you can go to other websites 
that you like and then look through these to try   And I won't I don't want to say copy but just 
use that for inspiration and then make it your   Own with one of these templates you know just take 
a look to see how it's all designed and say oh I   Want a website like this but I want to say this 
you know you're completely making this your own   But for this example for this video I'm gonna use 
this one just to show you all the things and all   The different ways that you can customize this 
and just so you guys know yes I can use this one   But I can also use part of this one I can also 
use part of this one and I'm going to show you   What I'm talking about so let's start with this 
one with this one so I'm going to click on this And they are allowing me to just go ahead right 
away and I can put in the logo right here and   If I don't have a logo I can put in um I can 
upload it later it says Skip and continue I   Do have a logo for this but I wanted to skip and 
continue because what I'm gonna do I'll show you   How my website that I create ends up looking later 
but I just want to for the purpose of this video   Show you all the things that you can do with this 
all right so I'm gonna go just Skip and continue   They want to continue keep this all the same 
submit and build my website and while also it   Says your website is ready and it took just 19 
seconds so let's go ahead and view it right now Okay so this is a beautifully done website this 
is all already done for you and you can just put   In your own stuff and what I love about this 
so much is that you can completely make this   Your own so what I was talking about earlier is 
say that let's go ahead and edit this okay so we   Want to go when we want to edit this we're going 
to go to edit with Elementor so we'll just go to   Edit with Elementor and this is the web Builder 
tool that we're going to be using to make edits   And continue just to make this a good professional 
looking website so say for example I like this but   Then I wanted to add some different boxes right 
under this but I don't have space right here so   There's probably another template that does so 
what I'm going to do is I'm going to add this   Plus sign right here it means add section and then 
this allows me to do a couple things right here I  

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Can add a new section and I can have two spaces 
right here if I wanted to where it would be a   Divider you can see right here I have one thing 
I had two something here and here or I could add   Something else the plus sign allows me to do at 
different widgets and I can add a template here   Now these are all Elementor templates so we are 
able to do so much here okay now when it says   Pro that means it's premium so that means you have 
to pay for it we're not paying for anything here   Now this is all things that if I wanted to add 
for an Elementor I could but I'm going to show   You how it works with Astra so I will go back to 
the plus sign here I'm going to use the starter   Template from the things we've downloaded now I'm 
going to show you a quick example of how what I'm   Trying to I'm just trying to show you all the 
things you have access to so say for example   I liked how this layout right here you see these 
four boxes here under here say I wanted that on   My website so I'm going to click on this whole 
theme right here now they have a who we are page   A contact us page and a home page you see right 
here about us page home and contact I want this   Section right here this website so I'm going to 
click on the home page and I'm going to import   It into my home my other current home page because 
what I'm going to do I just like the way they set   It up on here and I'm not trying to reinvent the 
real here I can just take certain sections of this   Template and add it to my site so what I'm going 
to do is I incorporate this whole entire home   Page to my site but I don't want to do that all I 
wanted was just this one little section right here   So what I'm going to do is delete all this 
stuff and delete this I'm going to delete this   I want to delete this and I'm going to 
delete this and this was a new section two   Delete that and I can delete that too so you 
see this right here was completely from another   Template but I like the way it was already laid 
out so I just added it to this other tip this   Other template that I have from uh start the 
starter template and I can scroll down and   Have another whole new section right here and 
if I don't like this I just get rid of this and   Then when you want to see how it looks like just 
to get a good preview you can minimize it right   Here by pressing this Arrow hide this panel and 
then it will show you how your website looks so   I mean it's going to stay professional because I 
want to stay in these temp pre-templated things   That they already created that looks really nice 
and sleek and I'm just going to edit it so that's   Just one example of how you can incorporate 
however many you want into your theme and I   Just want to show you guys an example because it's 
really cool and all the things that you can do   Okay so this is where I want to show you all the 
cool things that you can do for your what they   Call this is above the fold so that's before you 
start scrolling you want it to you make it want   To make a great impression on your users when they 
get to your site you want them to be like wow this   Is nice this is professional because this builds 
so much credibility to you so there's just so many   Things that you guys can do with this so I want 
to show you what you can do just if you wanted to  

Make this section look really cool so there's 
this site called pixels and they can actually   Have they have some video footage on there so if 
you had like a cooking website I put in video and   Then cooking and then I scrolled over to videos 
and I found a really cool video that I wanted to   Show you guys how it will look if I added that 
in this website so I'm going to show you how   It looks so this is the video right here that I'm 
talking about so what I'm going to do is that I'm   Going to download this and show you what it looks 
like on the website it's going to be really cool   So then I'm going to actually go right here the 
edit this section and now this stuff is based in   Sections you can completely just right click and 
um edit the heading duplicate it copy it it's all   Just like so user friendly but I'm going to click 
on this section and if you see over here this   Is where I can work on this area and make things 
different so what I want to do is I want to change   This image so I want to go to now that I clicked 
on this it's going to take me over here to style   And I want to replace this image and add this 
other video that I have and choose image and I'm   Going to upload the file that I just downloaded 
so I'm going to go to select files download   And then download the video that I just did Okay so I downloaded now it gave me a file URL so 
what I'm going to do is copy this URL right here   I can just copy do this right here copy 
and then want to x out of this and then   I want to go to this video file right here and 
then I'm going to go ahead and paste that link   And look how professional that looks guys this 
looks so Sleek like I have a million dollar   Website I spent the whole entire crazy Budget on 
creating this website and no I did this completely   Free so you see how this is doesn't this look good 
so if you had a cooking website or whatever I'll   Highly recommend just go into pixels and seeing 
what kind of different videos they have to make   Your stuff look top-notch now some other things 
that you could do is that you couldn't even just   Put in YouTube videos so I want to show you how 
to do that next go to YouTube I just found some   Um Surfer video that you can use now from 
my understanding you can use in videos from   YouTube because that is a public place where 
that person put their videos the public to see   So from my understanding you can use that on 
your website that's just my understanding you   Can always double check that too but I just want 
to share that with you guys that you can do that   Because it still does give them credit right 
here as you can see up there but that's another   Way you can do that and that looks so Sleek okay 
it just looks amazing so those are just some of   The things that you can do to make your website 
look very high-end and if you don't want to do   That you can always do a picture so I also use 
pixels for images so if I just wanted to do an   Image really quick for this video I could just 
um stick with maybe food and just go to photos   And when I'm looking for images to have my website 
just so you guys know I'm looking for horizontal   Images like this not like portrait size images 
like that because it won't really work well for  

Your website so just for the purpose of this 
video one of the things that I do to keep my   Images compressed is that I'll download this but 
images are big files so I always like to minimize   Them so I'll go to some this website called short 
pixel to compress the image to make it smaller so   I'll go to short pixel and then go to compress 
and then I'll add my image so I'm just going to   Click on this right here and go to my downloaded 
file because I just downloaded this and I'm going   To reduce the size of it it's 2.3 Megs right 
now and I don't want to add a image that's   That large so what I do I want to reduce it and 
then once it's reduced I'm going to go ahead and   Download the reduced version add it to my site 
and that will be what I would add to my site   So that's the way I go around by keeping my images 
optimized so I'm going to download this right here   And then go back to my website and then for 
the example of this video I'm going to just   Click on classic and this is where I can add 
the image upload select file it will be my   Download folder where I just did this this is 
the optimose optimized image right here open And another thing to you I always want to use 
your alt text um so you want to also make sure   That you are saying what the image looks like 
for the visually impaired so you want to just say   Something like um two women talking over food and 
you can also put in specific keywords to whatever   This is that you're trying to rank for on Google 
but that's a whole other topic for another day so   You can insert um the image here and then that's 
how you can do it now if you see that if you see   That this has a background overlay to it I can 
tell because the opacity or I can't even pronounce   That but you can you can make this brighter or we 
can make this darker where the words stand out a   Lot better so it's up to you but this is how you 
can play around with this and make it completely   Your just so many options to this I love it now 
if you wanted to add some words to this let's   And then this is where you can I'll change the 
alignment you can make it go left center right   Justify it changes the see if you can just change 
the H1 it makes it a lot bigger H3 like before   And completely play around with this you can 
change the colors if you wanted to even add   Text what you would do is you use this right 
here and then go click again and then you can   Even click on heading if you want to add 
some more words and then you add a heading   Right there there's just so much you can do if 
you want to change the font color to this you   Go to style and then you click on text color you 
can go to Global colors or actually for this one   You can go to make this white like the other 
one so it just it looks better you can make it   Bigger by going typography and clicking on that 
and increasing the size you can make it smaller   Or larger it's like completely at your disposal 
so this is just an example of how this works I   Want you guys to completely make this your own 
next we're going to go over on how to logos and   This section up here but I also want to show you 
some things down here if you wanted to do the same   Thing here that's just for the home page now when 
you have a home page I recommend that you have  

Something on the home page it's gonna get the user 
to understand completely what the reason that what   What you serve so for example on my website if we 
go to it really quickly this is what mine is like   It's tried and that's my website 
so I say do you want to work from home my website   Is all about people who want to make money from 
home so it's very specific to who I'm looking my   Target audience is for and says see what mom's 
doing today tried and true and it takes them on   A journey so it says start here so I want you guys 
to think about this when you're doing your website   Give them a re like guide them along the way you 
want to hold their hand so I'm just giving you   Guys that example when you're doing your website 
on how you shouldn't do yours let's go to add the   Logos to this website so this is the logo from 
this side right here I'm going to show you how   To actually go about that for this site so if 
we go to now to get back to like the main page   You can always go right here hit these three 
lines here go to exit and then you can leave   This I haven't published it yet because I'm 
just not just for the purpose of this video And then you can go to the WordPress 
dashboard right there and if you just   Go to visit site this is we're going to 
be able to look at and go to customize So here in customize this is where you can 
change the logos make it your own the uh   This area right here you can edit all this 
stuff so if you go to under header Builder   This is we're going to be able to update the logo 
so you'll see where it says site title and logo   Now this where you would add your logo you can 
remove this and then you can add your logo in   Here same thing for this one this is just their 
logo and now for this right here section over here   This is for the primary menu this is where this is 
all right here so you're gonna go to primary menu   And then you're gonna go to configure menu from 
here and they're going to click on primary menu   And you want to edit this menu so the primary 
menu is what you see right here and we're going   To edit this just to show you how it looks now 
when you're doing a Blog you're going to probably   Want definitely an about page a contact us page 
maybe not a project but maybe this would be like   A category so if you have talk about saving money 
you will want a category page cost saving money   Where all of your blog posts will go under this 
section same thing for services you don't probably   Need Services unless you offer services on your 
blog um but if you don't want this you go to this   Click on this right here and at the very bottom 
I'm going to remove and it will automatically   Remove that you see how that's gone and then 
that's how you remove these right here okay so   That's just for that right here if you don't want 
this take action button right here you can just   Choose another theme you don't have to have this 
one right here I just chose this one because I for   The website I'm creating I want to have a button 
like this but this is how you manipulate all this   Stuff right here and make it your own it's very 
easy and if you want to also change the colors   Of it because you don't like the current colors 
we'll just go back right here and then this is  

Where you can go to Global and this is where 
you can go to colors and this is where you can   Change the colors to make them whatever you want 
okay this is just for the template right here   And you can just make it different styles that 
they already have pre-built in this and if you   Don't like this what you have remember you can 
always go to another template and just change   It to whatever they have or there are different 
options your this is completely customizable so   That's how you go about that and the same thing 
with the footer you want to have a footer as   Well you can just click on the footer and it will 
automatically pop up over here and this is how you   Can completely make it your own and that's what 
I love about this so much and they're going to   Always try to get you to upgrade just continue to 
just hide Builder and just do what you have to do   Um actually you got a show builder for this 
but and you can make it your own right here   For copyright this is pretty cool because this 
is where you can just add in your information   You can put in the current year we're always 
going to stay let's see if this is optimized   Yes so you want to keep this the same because 
you got to keep it the current year so when it's   20 23 you will not have to update this it would 
do it on its own so that's really cool and it's   Gonna even has my website up cleaning services 
in here so you want to keep this the same and   It's already done for you obviously the address 
I would change so I can go ahead and change that   And these are widgets as well and this 
is telling you about how you can change   This so that I would just update this and then 
publish it with my new address if I was going   To put any information there so that is how 
you go about doing the header and the footer   Okay next you have your about page and I'm gonna 
go too and far depth about this because it's going   To be the exact same thing so once again you 
can completely customize this so when you are   Ready this is the about page that it currently 
looks like and remember if you want to just   Look through other ones to see what they have feel 
free so you're going to go to edit with Elementor   And if you want to change anything you can go to 
the other templates with about page and just add   To it or delete whatever you don't want here it's 
like completely customizable so like this could   Really have you guys doing this for like days 
just having sex many ideas on how you can make   This but you know you know done is better than 
perfect too so you also don't want to spend too   Time much time on this because this is going to 
be ever evolving you're never going to be fully   Done with this thing but you do want to have a 
professional looking website and like I said when   I'm doing my websites I always use stock photos 
that's how it's going to make your site look   Beautiful and professional and it will give you a 
lot of credibility so I use unsplash and pixels so   Pixels is p-e-x-e-l-s and what I want to do too so 
I'm just going to show you what that looks like so   That's this is the about page but I'm going to go 
over to the contact us page because that's what I   Really want to show you just to give you a quick 
example of how this works so I'm going to get out  

Of this right here go back to the page my contact 
page to show you how it looks so always when   You're getting uh back to this you can go to the 
dashboard this way and this is how you go to your   Actual site and then my little contact page right 
here and then I'm going to edit this just to show   You guys how this works actually I'm not going 
to edit it oh let's see if we can get out of that Okay so this is the contact us page once again 
we can completely make this our own this is   Going to be where you can just update your 
information right here and what I would do if   I were you I would do a test because this form 
is already actually set up to send to your the   WordPress email that you set this side up with 
so if I just were to put in a message I would   Receive it so Whitney bonds and then I'll 
do my Whitney at six figure blog blueprint   .com I go all this over this a little 
bit more my Course contact us page   And then I will send a message just as a test to 
make sure that it's working and that to make sure   That I'm receiving these emails and once again 
you want to edit this page make it your own this   Footer once you complete this it will completely 
be automated on every single page on your website   You want to edit with Elementor and update your 
information and that will be your contacts page   And remember you can use these as a guide or you 
can go to other websites that have a contact us   Page and just kind of use that as inspiration okay 
so that's how you use your contact page this is   Very simple it's like already done for you and you 
have completely uh your own website so this is how   You are creating your website you have your logo 
I do want to recommend I have a contacted Fiverr   That I've used in the past for he does great 
logos so I will leave that information as well   And then you have this all set up so I do want to 
do a quick tutorial on the back end of WordPress   Just so you kind of know where this stuff even 
is coming from and then that will lead you in the   Right direction for your website I also want to 
show you guys how this looks on mobile just make   Sure that it's mobile responsive and how it looks 
so one thing that you can do is that if you hover   Over the bottom right here you go to responsive 
mode and then you can have a couple options this   Is the desktop option that we're on right now you 
can have the tablet option or the mobile when you   Click on tablet it will show you how it will look 
like on a tablet it's already completely optimized   Same thing with mobile you click on mobile right 
here it will show you how it will look on your   Actual cell phone or smartphone and exactly how 
it will look so you just want to always just   Continue to look at these make sure that it looks 
good especially for mobile because mobile is huge   Most people will come to your website on their 
mobile phone so you want to make sure that they   Are getting a great user experience so as you are 
creating your website don't forget to go to this   Mode to see how everything looks on mobile because 
that will be very important in the success of your   Website all right so getting back to our website 
we're going to go ahead and go back to it and I'm   Going to show you what the WordPress kind of the 
back end of WordPress looks like just so you guys  

Know what you got to be doing okay so I'm gonna go 
back to this WordPress right here this is how you   Get to your WordPress dashboard I'm just going to 
quickly go over some of the things that you want   To know so if you go to post right here posts are 
your blog posts okay and when you're doing your   Blog post you do not want to do them in Elementor 
so there will be an option where they will ask   You do you want to do that so if you go to add new 
this is how you go about creating a new blog post   So you go ahead and just you know this is going 
to be your blog post so you could be like how to   Start a Blog that's going to be the title but 
then when you actually are doing the title of   The actual blog you gotta click on ADD black right 
here and then you're gonna do a heading and for   All of your articles you gotta the title should 
be wrapped in the H1 now this is just one tip   I'm gonna give you guys the rest that I talk about 
is in my course but this is what you want to do so   How to create a course or to create a blog I don't 
know why everything is in font I mean in capital   Uh capitalized probably have it on caps but um 
this is how you would create your blog never   Um edit your blog post with edit with Elementor 
okay I'm gonna let you guys know that right now   Okay so that is how you create a blog post we're 
gonna go back to the WordPress dashboard just to   Let you guys know what else to do and then 
media is going to be your library so that's   Going to where it's going to house all of your 
images and things like that and all these images   Just so you know they came from the template 
that I have so I'm gonna show you a step two   That's very important you cannot skip so 
stay tuned I'm gonna show that in a second   Um that's gonna be its own little quick video and 
pages are things like your about us page your home   Page your privacy policy projects and things like 
that these are going to be pages so paid those are   Pages pages are different from blog posts so blog 
posts are articles that you are writing and if   You've been following me for a while you know that 
I write my articles to rank on Google so I write   My articles in a certain way for them to rank 
and those are all under posts okay next thing you   Know you're gonna have comments on here so that's 
where people will be commenting on your blog post   And this is where you can see all of that and 
then Elementor this is the plugin that we have   Templates the this the wp Forum so this is a form 
that's set up on your contact us page that's where   You can actually see where this information is 
coming from and there's just so much we can be   Going into and all this but there's not much you 
have to do here because the information is already   Set up for you but this is what it looks like 
okay and then I'm just gonna go back right here And this is just these are things to know so users 
is important too because if you ever wanted to add   Someone to your website to actually go ahead and 
edit it you can add new and give them certain   Access to your site and you can let them know 
what the role is so would it be a contributor   So if someone's doing a guest post for you you can 
give them access or they can only have contributor   Access author editor or administrator so 
administrators are I think people like  

Your host or someone that you want to take over 
your website to do some things for you okay and   Then tools and things like that this is just for 
importing different things a little more advanced   Um permalinks and things like that's all in here 
but those are these kind of things I want to   Share with you for your WordPress just so you can 
now know what that is I always scroll down under   Here to SG Optimizer and then go to environment 
and then just make sure that you have the https   Enforce checked and that will make sure that your 
site will be secured and you will have the https   On your website so those are the last and final 
steps of creating your website congratulations

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