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Faire ">Marketing: Making Play Pay

Shoppers just want to have fun, and if you want to sell, you had better be prepared to have fun with them. The public relations/">marketing faire is a sure way to do that. Pick a catchy theme and a worthy cause. Bring in food, entertainment, and performers. Fuse art and science. Let the magic begin.

Creating a ">Marketing Plan for a New Product

Creating a ">marketing plan for a new product is one of the most important steps in the ">marketing process. You have already conducted ">marketing research and identified your target market; creating a ">marketing plan for a new product will help you reach that target market effectively. Once you have done this, the ">marketing world will be your oyster.

Harness the Power of Analytics ">Marketing Research for B2B Business

There are several types of analytics market research, which can be used to help determine the effectiveness of a current campaign, or ways to take it to the next level. Other types may involve increasing customer share within a certain industry, niche or product/service focal point while others look for new businesses to target. While other types deal with forecasting to help understand, prepare for and better anticipate sales cycles and customer demand.

">Marketing a Product Online

">Marketing a product online is easier than ever. The Internet offers numerous ways to reach your target market, including blogs, social media ">marketing, email ">marketing and internet advertisements who can help with ">marketing a product online. It is the perfect place to start your campaign.

Launching Your Gift Card Program

Gift cards continue to grow leaps and bounds allowing retailers that have implemented a program for their stores to reap vast benefits. In fact, total spending on gift cards in 2012 nearly reached $30 billion with around two-thirds of all American consumers having purchased at least one gift card. It is mainstream and it’s not for the holidays anymore. While nearly 2/3rds of all consumers have purchased gift cards for someone around the holidays, over 80% of all consumers have purchased a gift card as a birthday gift. No longer should retailers simply rely on the holidays for their sales – though sales at this time are concentrated – the sales are available throughout the year.

Midsized Company ">Marketing Communications Budget Planning

Developing a ">marketing communications budget is never an easy task for companies, brands or nonprofits. More than ever, in this challenging year, increased accountability and scrutiny of the decision-making process is a necessity to improve ">marketing communications ROI. This article recommends a three-pronged approach to help you develop a budget and plan to profitably impact your marketplace.

The Smarter Marketer: Build a Vibrant Business From the Ground Up

“Direct-Contact and Follow-Up” Earning money as well as taking care of a home and family is hard work. Due to constant pressures of job security many married and working women have started to earn extra income by starting their own business on the side. This brings us to the topic at hand; once women have determined their forte, how do they bring in the business?

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