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A Web of Social Logins

This article discusses the benefits of social logins for businesses. It also shows which social media network is most used.

">Marketing Myth Number 2 of Traditional ">Marketing

The old belief is that on average, you can expect 80% of your company’s customers to be less-than-perfect. New Reality: It is possible for all of your customers to be perfect.

Why You Should Be Using SMS ">Marketing in Your Business

SMS ">marketing can do wonders for getting your company name out and converting more sales. There are several reasons why SMS ">marketing holds tremendous value for any business.

Promote Your Business With Attractive Banners And Display Flags

">Marketing plays a very essential role in the promotion of any large or small scale business. Any firm providing services or offering products with its strategies and policies need to plan out advertizing techniques to attract customers and the public.

All About the Healthcare ">Marketing Industry

The healthcare domain is vast and spread across various other sub- domains. Not only is it fragmented, but it is also complex. The industrial scenario is extremely skeptical with emerging players in the market environment. A lot of factors have contributed to this skepticism such as the population rise and exhaustion of resources.

Get Creative to Fund Your ">Marketing and Attract Clients

When you first start a business, sometimes you encounter the classic Catch-22 problem – how can I market my business to attract clients so I can make money without actually having the money needed to pay for the ">marketing? This is what I discovered back when I started 12 – 13 years ago. The good news is there’s always a way to make some money.

Internal PR

A growing issue for companies, big or small, is that of encouraging staff loyalty and retaining staff. It is all too easy for a member of staff to get up and go and they are taking expertise, industry experience and company knowledge, probably to a competitor.

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