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Affluence Report on Affluent Consumers and Loyalty Programs

A recent survey conducted by the American Affluence Research Center has established that the majority of the affluent market belongs to a form of reward or loyalty program. Not only that, but they admit that membership of the program influences their spending with a specific company.

4 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Content marketing is fast becoming the trendiest marketing buzzword with more and more companies looking to try out this organic marketing form. According to Econsultency, content marketing has doubled in popularity as a search term in the last two years which serves as an indication of how popular the concept has become.

Attract More Tax Revenue to Your City or Town With a Retail Gap Analysis

Most managers of cities, towns and incorporated areas are always looking for new ways to attract more retail businesses to the area, since having retail businesses means a bigger tax revenue base. One way to get started is with a retail gap analysis.

The Secrets of Effective Referral Marketing

Business techniques have evolved over the years as the marketplace has expanded to a dynamic medium like the Internet. However, referral marketing has remained a basic strategy since the very first business transactions were conducted in the world! The best aspect of this technique is that it is cost-effective and the target group is easily available.

Seriously? You Have a Sign That Promotes How Good Your Service Is?

Having been in thousands of closed-door, one-on-one meetings with small business owners, I’ve heard more than my fair share of reasons why a business isn’t hitting its targets or growing at a desirable pace. Those explanations are typically blamed on the loss of a key employee, to vendor relations to the generic economy label and believe it or not – blaming customers for being a nuisance. Rarely am I convinced that the root cause is actually known or understood, even if obvious. Like many scenes from a Columbo episode, something just seems to be missing. Most of the time the customer is seen as if somebody just dropped a Benjamin on the showroom floor!

Profit From The Textbox: SMS Marketing That Brings You Customers

To be able to promote your products and services use SMS marketing. This will provide mass SMS marketing without even paying so much money.

Inside Sales Lead Generation Tips: 3 Things You Should Not Say in a Telemarketing Call

There are so many reasons people dislike telemarketing. In fact the name itself carries a lot of unpleasant aura that even inside sales representatives do not dare mention it to prospects when asked about the reason they’re calling.

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