How To Make Money Online With Chat GPT ($100+ Daily)

Welcome to today's video so in today's Video we are looking at making money Online using chat GPT and we'll have a Look inside of this in a second how this Works but the method that I'm going to Share with you today is normally Incredibly simple and easy and you can Set this all up for free we don't need Skills experience or you know any of the Usual stuff when it comes to potential Online you know hustles and different Ways of making money online the Potential with this is ridiculous I'll Share with you some examples so let me Get rid of let me get rid of that come Over here I mean just look at this here 10 to 50 Grand a month with this scroll Down here look twenty thousand dollars a Month come further on the page 29 000 a Month 22 27 36 and look this list here Goes on and on and on there are a number Of ways that we can make money online With chatgpt and if you're a regular Viewer of this channel you know I'm Always talking about building passive Income streams doing the work once and Being in you know money for months years And well I was going to say mumps it's Weeks months and years down the line From now okay but obviously look this Doesn't happen overnight it takes some Time it takes some effort so if you Found the video useful please give it a Like and I'll literally walk through

This whole process from start to finish So first of all we need chat gbt which Is over here so and by the way I'll put Links to everything down below for you Just in case I'm moving a bit too fast So you come over here and you click on Try a chat GPT then you literally sign Up and you verify it would be fun once You've done that this is what it looks Like on the inside over here pretty Straightforward and simple okay now the Next thing what we're going to do is I'll show you an example of this so down Here in chat GPT this is where you type Something and it will give you an Anxiety you know it will spit out an Output from a question that you would Put into here so as an example if we're Looking at making money online I'm just Going to type in here and can you please Give me a list of the best and it can be Anything it can be any category any age So I'm just going to say can you give me A list of the best let's say laptops Under 500. okay And literally it takes normally about 20-30 seconds and then here we go okay So now what it's doing here is it spits Out some information about you know Different laptops now the reason why I've picked up laptops specifically There is because you can earn more money You know from laptops but you can also

Go for other categories okay and what do I mean by that well we can earn money With affiliate marketing and don't let That put you off because when I say that To people they think they've got to be On the phone ringing people they think They've got to be in people's inboxes on Facebook you know messaging people and All these sorts of things to get done Because that is not Passive by any Stretch of the imagination it's a Headache so if I come back up here I'll Show you this okay so these are over Here these are different websites or Blogs which are earn in this amount of Money and it seems ridiculous doesn't it And you can go this is a and again I'll Drop a link to this below for you this Is 37 bloggers and between 2K and a Million million pound a month not sent That but you can come on here and you go Ahead and check out their websites now The main thing what they all have in Common you can see here income is end Mostly from affiliate marketing come Down here we've got it tells you Information about the blog as well but You'll see as well predominantly the Money is from affiliate marketing and Also annoying ants which pop up on the Side of websites okay but if I've gone To any one of these okay I'll give you An example of this just really quickly So what is this let's go let's go find

One so this one here shout me live what Is it clear marketing did it uh I want To find something a bit more creative Blog so DIY home projects decorate this One here this will do well okay and this Is an example by the way so this website Over here You can see this is what it looks like So what are the you know what are they Sharing content around so organizing Rooms different playing with kids you Know lots of different things on here But this year Is adding some very decent money Literally from creating content so and This is as I mentioned this is one Example but I've just come over here Into Google and you can see I've just Typed in best laptop under 500 pounds Now I'm in the UK so I've got 500 pounds If I change the change this to Dollar Let's see if this changes And we're gonna do this so we can see Over here there's 12 100 people a month Searching for this and if you're Wondering how I go ahead and get you Know these numbers down here and use a Piece of software it's incredibly cheap It's this one over here it's called Keywords Everywhere And I'll show you this so you can come Over here you don't have to get this by The way but I recommend it it's really

Cheap so basically this will show you The numbers when you're searching online For anything it works with Google it Works with Amazon YouTube and a few more I'm trying to say like so these are all The different things so when you have This installed and it's literally just a Chrome extension up here whenever you Aren't any of these different websites It will show you the numbers that people You know the numbers the physical Searches that that people are typing Into Google every month so if I come up Here and go to pricing you can see Costs ten dollars but that ten dollars Gives you a hundred thousand credits and A credit is basically every time you Make a search online okay so pretty cool Now let me come back and I'll show you How you can do it even without that but Using that there we can see so I'm just Going to type this in again I'm going to Type in laptops under 500. and the Reason why I'm doing this is okay I want to see the search volumes far Less so I'm going to scroll down here And then on the right hand side here it Gives me related keywords okay so look Best laptop under 500 is 12 100 people a Month searching for this we've then got The best gaming laptop this one here This one the ETC okay then I can come Down here and I've got all of these Different ones down here got a fair

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Video I've then got all of these but Here's the thing what you can do as well Is if you don't have the ten dollars to Go ahead and get this what you can do is Anytime you're searching something here On Google you can scroll down and you See this here where it says people also Ask this year could be a topic for an Article so could this one so could this One and this one and here's a cool thing If you click on here like this And then go back up it now gives you More And then again do this one And then I've got more so all these here These are all ideas for Content okay and The reason why we want these ideas for Content is we can use chat GPT over here To create these lists for us and then so Here in this example it's giving us the Best laptops under 500 so then I could Set Could you Please Write an article For the following Like this and all I'm going to do here Is I'm going to take I'm going to come Up here to this first one I'm going to copy this And then I'm going to paste it into here And I'm going to hit the enter button And then again it just takes some little Time it takes a bit of time and then it

Will start to create this article for us Around this here this laptop okay so and It's literally just going to write this And the idea being is okay what we do is We have the AI software create an Article for us we then take all of that Information and we put that into our own Website now there are a number of Options for this you could simply go Over you can get a Google website so if I come on here and I type in Google Website like this You will say come down here look not This one this one here look Google size It will allow you to create your own Website on Google completely for free There are other options which again a Free one that I've used and I've spoke About in the past is this one over here It's called Wealthy affiliate inside of here let me Scroll down and click on here if you Want to go to this one here you create a Free account that free account lets you Basically create two websites in here Straightforward and simple and and the One on Google as well is it's literally Just drag and drop and then you just put Your titles in and things okay but we Get a free website we use a chat GPT to Create the content for us so in this Example I still write it so in this Example here this is writing an article For us around this airset Inspire now

Obviously we would need to become an Affiliate for the air set Inspire 5. so You have a few different options you Could go and join something like let me Think of um an affiliate Network so one Of the more popular ones is something Like share with it so you could come Over here It's called share the sale And this is just one example you can see Trusted affiliate marketing Network and You can sign up completely for free but The cool thing about platforms like Share a sale is you can see over here They've got 21 000 Merchants which basically means They've got all these different Companies all under the umbrella of Share of sale so you can find different Products that you can become an Affiliate for inside of this one Platform and you can see we've got a Number of different examples going along The bottom here you can click through And go through and have a look at this The other option is obviously you could Go over to say like the Amazon and you Could apply to the affiliate program Over there The thing you need to remember is in the Beginning what you want to focus on is Getting the content on your website Before you apply to these programs Because there's no point applying to a

Program when you have a website with Just one article or two articles you Want to create the content populate that Website with your articles and then we Move on to applying to the affiliate Programs so that we can basically sign Up and sat and a commission and I'll Show you again I'll show you an actual Example of this so if I come over here And I'll go to let me go to one of my Websites which I haven't touched in a Long time and I've got a lot let me Think I'll go to this one let's go to The line number Rooms and tools I'll show you actual Examples of this So this website over here Is around this category over here Lineman boots and tools I know nothing About this however still brings me in a Relative well it brings me in a passive Income it's on the lower side because I've not touched this for a number of Years literally a number of years but if I come over here and I click on like you Like sir let's go over to line and boots At what's that lineman boots must-haves So in here you can see let me scroll Down we have a different affiliate links So you see this over here this is an Affiliate link for scroll further down Over here this is an affiliate link if I Can scroll further down you can see here Look a review a product review so in

This example over here This is about this what is this some Some boob basically people are online Looking for these reviews and down here You see this here if I was to click on That it would take me over to Amazon and Then if I bought that product I would Add an affiliate commissioner and I'm Saying that to me I'm talking about if Somebody else clicked on my website Clicked on here went over to Amazon and Bought that product we would add an Affiliate commission and it said look You see who it says get them here again If I click on there look it opens up Watch and it goes over to Amazon and Then if somebody was to buy this you get Paid an affiliate commission it's Awesome I highly recommend this method For making money online because we are Using AI to speed up the whole process Previously you know in terms of like Creating articles like this you would Either have to know something about that Industry or you would have to Outsource Aware which normally was anywhere Between 50 and 100 per article but Because we are using chat GPT over here We can get that we can get a hell of you Know a hell of a lot of work done for us Relatively quickly and cheaply the only Thing to note with this as well okay is If we are creating content like this you Always want to run this information

Through an AI detector so if you come on Here we'll just type in AI detector Like so and you can you you can use any Of these they all work in the same way So you can come down to any one of these Well all you do is you click on here and It tells you basically look if your Content reads like it was entirely Produced by AI it may affect how search Engines rank it so there's no point in Creating this content if it's not going To start ranking in the search engine so All you do is come over here and you Take this text okay and let's just take A little bit you take a bit like this And then all you do is you can come in Here and you would pay a sign here like So and then you'd click on analyze text And it takes a few minutes so I'm not Going to do it now it literally does Take a couple of minutes but you click On analyze text and then it will give You a detection score over here whether It's on the low end or the high end okay The higher the better for you you know The lower it is you need to go you know Play around with this play around with The text you know change some bits but This is the process of how we can use Chat GPT to make money online it's Creating Evergreen content okay and There's more ways you could do this you Could go down the digital route whereby You could go over to a platform like

ClickBank and you could find affiliate Products sorry let me get rid of that You could find affiliate products over Here and it's the same Concepts you Create content around a product or a Review item we put in that content Online and inside of that content we are Including our affiliate link okay so as You've seen it's not difficult at all we Can use chat gbt which is free we can Use Google sites or wealthy affiliate That is free it's just going to take Some time and effort and literally going Through the process of setting this up And this is just one way you can make Money with chat GPT there are many more I shared a video last week so if you Want to check that out you can go and Have a look at that so yeah that's Today's video have a great day and I'll See you tomorrow Oh [Music]

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