How to Make Money With Chat GPT on Fiverr with No Skill and Zero Investment

I'm very certain that you have heard About charging Beauty in today's video I'm going to be showing you guys exactly How to make money with Chachi BT or now this is going to be a Very detailed step-by-step tutorial but I'm going to be leaving no stone on Tiles I'm going to be getting you Through the exact same process right and If you do exactly what I'm showing you In today's video I can guarantee you That a hundred dollars every single day Is sure for you so before we jump Pricing if you have seen me for the First time my name is Gerald and I make Those around making money online so what I do is that I try things out the work I Come right here and show you guys Exactly what I've done and the whole Idea is that you can do the exact same Thing and of course get the exam result Now that's it guys it's important for You to smash the like button on this Video if you've not done that subscribe To my channel and most importantly turn On the Bell notification button so that When I drop more amazing video just like What you're about to watch right now YouTube is going to send you a Notification instantly guys now that's It guys let's go to my laptop screen and Let me show you guys exactly how you can Make money or you will charge GPT on so first things first click

On the first link in this video Description and it's going to bring you To the charging Beauty interface right So what you need to do is to come here And click on sign up if you don't Already have an account sign up in Vertical but I already have an account It's very simple click on sign up by Filling your information let me show you How let me show you how that works okay So it says create your account you're Going to put your email address here hit Continue or continue with Google or or Um continue Microsoft's account right Depends on which one you have so but I Have an account so I'm going to click on Login to actually log into my own child GPT account it's very simple I'm gonna Click here right now and my to my Password here and hit login continue for You to log me into charge gbt right so This is chat GPT interface right now so The next thing you need to do is to set Up an account on I'm gonna Assume that you don't have an account so Let me show you guys I know how to do That so you click on the second link in The video description it's going to take You straight to so once you Come here click on join right and put in Your your username click on join put Your email address addresses continue And complete the process now I have a Video that's the video showing up right

Here which is uh where I showed you guys Exactly how to set up an account on right watch that video do Exactly what I thought in that video and You're going to be having your own Seller account on it's very Simple right so um so let's assume that You have actually set up my account on Fiverr you've done all of that right so What exactly are you going to be selling On Fiverr that charge GPT is going to be Helping us achieve now for those of you Who don't know Fiverr is an online Market player just like jumia or Amazon Or Conga right so but this is for Services so you set up an account you Set up your services and services are What we call gigs on Fiverr so you set Up your gig on Fiverr right so what Exactly are you going to be selling on Fiverr let me show you that but before That I want to encourage you again you Know if you have if you get anywhere From this video I want to encourage you To smash the like button if you've not Done that subscribe to my channel and Most importantly turn on the Bell Notification button so that when I drop More amazing videos so you are telling How to make money online YouTube is Going to save you you have any questions Put it in the comment section as I'm Always going to be there to answer all Of your questions whether it's related

To this video of my old video or an idea That you have about making money online You kind of I can of course share with Me right so um let me come to Fiverr Right here and let's say we actually set Up an account let's throw a buyer comes On Fiverr right now and it's searching For Um rights Tweets Right so this buyer this buyer wants you To write two series of tweets for them To propose about their business on Twitter you know for like a month period Or two months period all of that so this Is what I'm gonna do these are people Selling similar services so let's look At people sending similar service and Find out how much they're making doing This right then I'm gonna be showing you How you can actually fulfill this order With charge GPT so it's important that You stay with me to the end of this Video as I'm going to be leaving no soon Until like I promised already so if you Come here right now this person says I Will write tweets for your nft project Or any other business right and she's Charging hundred dollars he has sold one Gig which means he has made hundred Dollars now assuming if you sell one gig Every day and you sell for 100 that is The easiest hundred dollars every single Day that you're gonna ever make your

Life trust me guys right now look at This guy this guy is selling our right Attractive tweets with Niche related Hashtags for ten dollars right and he Has sold 23 at least that's 230 dollars Right this person is selling for 45 NFD Treats Discord Pools website called Content copy they are so three 45 times 3 45 times three four five four five is Ninety ninety Plus for another 45 is 135 135 dollars easy money right this person Has sold 305 I will write 50 tweets for Your brand he has sold 305 at hundred Dollars which is at least three thousand Dollars write at least three thousand Dollars easy money right so this is what I'm gonna do I don't know if this video To be necessary long right if you want Me to make a video showing you guys Exactly how to create this gig on Fiverr Let me know in the comment section and That will most likely be my next video Right where I show you how to create This kind of gig on on Fiverr but this Is not the only thing that you can sell On on Fiverr that charge gbt will Actually help you too let me show you The second one so you should come here And take a right Instagram Instagram Uh captions what I said for right Instagram captions right this is what's Going to show up now look at this guys I Will write this I got caption for

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Wedding businesses I will write your Instagram captions this is for 35 Dollars right 35 multiplied by 587 let Me know what it is in the comment Section that's a lot of money right and Guess what guys chat GPT will help you Write all of this so you don't need to Have any skill at all right you don't Need any any sort of skill charge GPT Will help you write all of those things For the client that's going to be Ordering all of this from you and I'm Going to show you how in a little while So this is this person has sold the 114 At 40 dollars that's around a lot of Money 25 times 4 is about a hundred Dollars you know this is actually Starting out and the good thing about This kind of business is that they are Not saturated on Fiverr right if you Look at this one you see it has four Thousand this 243 service available now When we search for a rightly tweet it Has 59 cents available right these are The kind of gigs that can create right Now on Fiverr are you cool to be making A lot of money because those a handful Of people actually know about this right So it's an opportunity for you to kill It right so if you look at gigs like Let's say for instance Um fly a graphic design or flyer flyer Design Let me show you guys what I'm talking

About if you look at flyer design you See that there are 23 000 services Available on Fiverr so this is saturated But this ones I'm showing you is not Saturated so the question now is if you Have this gig on Fiverr and somebody Comes on Fiverr and orders this this Service from you how do you do this Thing now this is where it gets Interested let's go back to charge GPT Right I'm going to come to Cha Cha GPC I Say let's assume this person told us so That to write viral tweets right for 30 Barrel tweets you know for a month 30 Days in a month 30 Barrel to it on Crypto for instance or health or Whatever right so let's say right 30 Viral tweets For Crypto Business I'm gonna hit enter right and let's see What's going to happen so it has started Writing it right so the first one the Second one the third one the fourth one You see how easy it is to actually Achieve this right the sixth one the Seventh one the eighth one the the ninth One it keeps going right get two is Fixing don't work but Forex Trading Dollars you know these are all amazing Tweets right so he's writing 15 uh 16 uh 17 18 19 20 right the 21 it's generating

This team by itself so it makes this job So they claim that all that distance From us we just need to copy what our GPT has given us and give it to the Client and that's all that you need to Do right that's all that you need to do Right so you can do the same thing for Um let's say Um uh for Instagram captions basically Right so I can say right Right uh Instagram Caption Uh uh captions For 4B Held H e a l Harold Um For your hospital Let's say foreign This happens once in a while so this Happens once in a while and when you Have this issue what you need to do is To uh you know refresh that's what That's what I do I refresh right and I Do repeat the search and it does exactly What I needed to do for me right so you See how easy this is you can actually Make money with this by tapping new Skill at doing nothing at all completely You just need to have a a charging PT Account I need to have a Fiverr account And you combine this and that is the Easiest hundred dollars that you can

Make every single day if you have any Questions right let me know in the Comment section and of course I'm going To be elaborating on it or there's a Video that's if that's a specific video I want me to actually make you know Um addressing an issue that you have let Me know in the comment section and I Will not hesitate to actually make this Video and also click on the share button Do share this video with your friends on WhatsApp on Facebook or Twitter anywhere Else because it is going to benefit them That's it I want to say very big thank You again for watching this on the Delivery end right and if you are yet to Subscribe to my Channel please please Hit the Subscribe button right and turn On the Bell notification button so that When I drop my amazing videos just like What you just watch right now YouTube is Gonna send you a notification instantly I think you must see this video if You've not seen it this video will show You exactly how to make 30 000 error Every single day with a 5 000 investment Right here in Nigeria right why this one Is a testimony from a student like you Who actually did what I thought in this Video and he's making money every single Day in I actually built a business so Until I see my next video guys keep Winning and don't forget that Gerald Does love you guys bye from here guys

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