How To Make Money With ChatGPT (You Are Being Scammed)

You are being scammed so you've probably Heard about chat GPT and you've probably Seen lots of videos on your YouTube feed About how much money you can make using Chat GPT you can automate article Writing you can automate blog posts you Can automate the creation of videos you Can do everything and why do anything Yourself when you can use chat GPT to Make you a fortune with investing in Affiliate marketing in this video I'm Going to let you in on a little secret It's all a scam using chat gbt to Automate your affiliate marketing by Doing things like creating videos for You creating your articles writing Content for you that you would otherwise Have to spend your own time doing does Not and will not work if we go back to 2008 2009 this is like when everyone out There was buying article Spinners there Were mark marketers out there selling Article Spinners that would take an Article that you'd found and create Three four five six seven articles based On the same article with the same kind Of content but just with different Wording the idea was you'd use those Articles for your own blog or you'd use Those articles for article sites to Drive traffic to your blog or to your Videos you know who made money out of This the people selling the article Spinning software the people that bought

The article spinning software ended up With hundreds and hundreds of articles That sounded like a robot had written it Or sounded like a preschooler had Written it and when you think about Automation there are some tasks that you Do that can be automated but there isn't Nor will there ever be a push button Solution for you to just make money once Something like that exists it's Available to everyone and if something Like that existed and everyone started Using it there is no longer any value in That automation the value only remains In the stuff that cannot be automated so While the likelihood is AI is with us Forever and will likely improve and Improve and improve there is never going To be a substitute for your actual Knowledge and your ability to Communicate that let's have a look at Chat GPT now and let's look at what we Could automate all right so let's Imagine that we want to write an article But we don't want to write this article Ourselves so what we're going to do is We're going to put a query into chat GPT We're just going to say write an article About The 10 best ways to lose weight quickly All right now if it was as simple as This Fantastic you could just sit here all Day pumping in queries and then putting

Your articles out on the web to drive Traffic to your affiliate links right so Let's see what we get Okay losing weight can be a challenging Task for many people but with dedication And effort it is possible All right so here are the 10 best ways To lose weight quickly drink plenty of Water Avoid processed foods okay well no one Gets a thumbs up from me now my point Here is not that the ideas that it will Come up with are bad I'm also not saying That the idea is that it's going to come Up with will be badly written but life Just isn't that easy Okay now This actually is probably a good way of Getting the basis of an article that you Are later going to change or rewrite Okay now if you were going to use chat GPT what I would do is use it to give You ideas to give you inspiration or to Get a framework for an article or a Video that you are going to create all Right so for example this is a really uh Really pretty good summary of the things You could do to lose weight and you know It's not going out on a limb and saying Anything crazy like stop Um you know stop eating all food or you Know only eat carrots or anything like That right the the advice is pretty good Reduce stress get enough sleep avoid

Sugary drinks that kind of thing right Um I mean probably sugary drinks so one Of the things that contribute a lot to The Obesity epidemic that we're Currently going through So this is good as a foundation but you Can't just copy and paste this and Expect that you're going to get a lot of Traffic I would be thinking okay well I'll use this as a basis I would go Through and I would elaborate on all the Points or I would change some of the Points you know like for example Cook at home you know that's not really A very sexy bullet point when you are Thinking about uh you know trying to Engage people and get them to perhaps go Across and click on your affiliate links To buy a weight loss product right so Um chat GPT is not going to save your Life it's not going to be a push button Solution that allows you to suddenly Build this affiliate marketing Empire Can give you inspiration it can give you The basis of videos or the basis of Articles but that's basically where it Ends all right so let's do one more test Let's say Create I don't know what this is going to do I've never tried this create a blog Framework For Weight loss

Vlog that doesn't really it's a badly Written sentence but let's just see what It comes back with Okay All right is it doing something No yes okay introduction section one Understanding weight loss section two Lifestyle changes for weight loss All right so look It comes back with some relevant and Useful information But if you're not prepared to put in the Work if you think that chat GPD is going To do a hundred percent of the work then You're kidding yourself and whoever's Telling you that online is scamming you Is scamming you of your time is scamming You and trying to get you to buy a Product that will tell you how to do This and scam you out of your money if It was that good why are they selling it To you why aren't they just doing it Themselves so by all means use chat gbt But don't think that you're going to be Able to get away without doing any work At all it's impossible anyone that Thinks that they're going to be able to Get out of doing any work in order to Make money is scamming themselves guys Thanks for watching don't forget to Click like And subscribe and if you want To make your first affiliate sale today Check out the video that's on the screen Right now I'm looking forward to seeing

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