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What Should Your Hired ">Marketing Firm Know About You?

Before having a campaign made for your product or service, it is important that the ">marketing firm you hired has all the details they need to know. This is the only way for them to come up with a campaign that works and a campaign that will not disappoint you.

Push It Until You Break It, Then Fix It

Instead of getting too comfortable and complacent about your business, keep pushing to do better. Push until it breaks. Then fix it — and start pushing again.

The Tugboat Analogy

A tiny tugboat can maneuver a massive tanker or cargo ship in a port., but it takes careful step-by-step preparation to do it. The same is true of moving your prospects from small purchases to large ones.

4 Tips For Caring For Your Trade Show Exhibit

A damaged trade show exhibit is something no marketer wants to encounter. Here are four simple tips for properly caring for your ">marketing display.

How to Land More Professional Speaking Gigs to Get More Clients

While I’m not a professional speaking expert, when clients ask me how to improve their chances for being selected to speak by decision makers, I share what I have done. Speaking is a great way to get more clients and gain exposure for what you do.

Facebook Lists: Manage Your Facebook Friends and Frienemies

Has your Facebook personal page gotten out of control? Are you no longer seeing posts from your friends, family and favorite customers and clients? Facebook Lists is a tool available to help you to manage your followers from your personal page.

Leading in Tough Times!

You really had to be there. In Atlanta – where I was the day it felt like the world was coming to an end. Severe winter weather hit and the city came to a total standstill.

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