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The price of this Excel file can each up To one thousand dollars or more just one File in this video I will show you what Is this file how to create it how you Can do this and how and where to sell it Not only that I will show you how to Automate this process so you can Generate these files while you sleep and I will show you four other methods to Make money out of these files even if You don't sell it I have spent the last Two years researching and experimenting In this topic and today I want to share With you all this everything in few Minutes if you are ready let's stop the Idea is simple it's like data entry but Somehow Advanced it's about collecting Data from the internet and saving them In CSV or Excel files let's see how to Do this the best way to understand this Is with a simple practical example that I did I implemented here is my Excel File where I collected keywords the Keyword the CPC C value the cost per Click the search volume and the paid Difficulty okay now the question is who Will buy this data what can I do with This data how to monetize it you Understand everything in a little bit I Will show you practical real world Scenarios and examples of how people and I monetize this data and how we sell it And much more let us start with these Examples and show you five scenarios on

How to make money out of this simple Data number one what I did is I Converted this data into a tool called High CPC keywords Explorer if you know 8 Super tools is the tool and here I Filtered out all keywords with high CPC So people who want to run campaign ad Campaigns and so on can use this simple Tool to get these keywords and I Monetize this with ad spaces promoting My products and other methods and right Now I am developing a new version of This tool if you go here High CPC Keywords this is my new app website is Coming soon it's really awesome and you Can see now people can enter keywords Like for example email and can filter by Language by country buy CPC balance by Volume bounce and then find these Keywords I made this tool somehow Advanced with more filtering and I Provide this for users now it's still in Development we don't have data but I Think you got the idea we turn this data Into an online tool another example with Other type of data is a website called Creators who this guy here just collects Data from YouTube like the titles Thumbnails the industry and so on and Give a score for each video so you can Get title ideas so the same way he Collected data and turned it into a Membership website he charges like 19 Dollars per month for this tool I did

Also offer similar project maybe you Know it boost CTR I collected subject Lines that works and now I show them in This online tool so people can come to This website and see some examples of Good subject lines to use in their email Marketing campaigns to boost their Click-through rate you can simply Refresh and get a new subject line ideas With their score with their formula and So on so this is the first way is to Turn this data into an online tool Membership website so you'll have maybe A full business with this collected data You'll know in a little bit how I Collect data and how you can do the same Business focus understand the ideas Number two on how to monetize this data Is simply by providing it as a Freelancing service maybe you can Collect data for a specific scenario for A specific client especially in AI Artificial intelligence they need a lot Of data so you can provide this service As a freelancer number three is by Providing basic to Advanced Data Analysis with this data in a little bit Also I will show you a practical example Number four is simply by selling these Files directly on Market places so you'd Collect data and directly sell it as it Is number five is turning this data into An API and this is one of the best Strategies that I love and it's super

Easy to implement as you will see later So five strategies we have building Online tool freelancing service into an API sell directly and data analysis now Let's elaborate more and see how we can Collect data mainly we have three Methods number one is to collect Manually like I did with Boost CTR I go And open inboxes and see the Perfect Image subject lines I collect them I Curate them and then publish to my Website the same for creators hook this Data is collected somehow manually and Not automated the second way is with web Scraping web scraping is simply scraping The internet the web pages and Collecting and reading data and the Third method is using apis like the one I showed you with her CPC data I Collected it with the Google's API I Explained this in detail in this video You can check it if you want how I Collect keyword data for free with Google's API so these are the main three Methods let us talk now more about the Freelancing service I think you will Like this if you go here to Google Teachable Machine this website it's simply Developed by Google it allows you to Create AI model without coding look at This get started I will go here to image Project anything now and now this simply Allows you to classify images so after

We finish trying this model it will Allow you to classify images you can Simply upload data here or from the Webcam and so on the idea forget about This maybe I'll talk about this in Detail later on other videos the idea is To train an AI model to teach the Machine we need data upload data in our Case now here it's images but the idea Is Nai data is the first thing we need To start like in charge epd you know it Chargpt this model this AI is trained on Data a lot of data books online articles A lot of text trained so it can generate Text like the one that is trained on so An AI we need a lot of data and there's A website called Click workers I think you'll love this Especially if you are a beginner this Website allows you to make money earn Money with a click worker anyone you can Simply maybe capture some screenshots With your mobile phone and submit them To this website and make money just sign Up and check it it's really awesome I Tested it and you can make like five to Ten Euros per day or maybe more with This website so this is the idea about Providing freelancing Services maybe for AI or maybe for special companies like Marketing companies maybe the a company Asks you to collect email data like this One subject lines maybe CPC data like This one maybe YouTube videos maybe

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Social media posts and so on you will Use scraping and apis to collect this Data organize it and provide as a Freelancing service number three is Analyzing data let me show you an Interesting prototype I developed last Week I created this simple API basic Data analysis is you can simply here Choose a file let's select the file on My desktop this one that contains Keyword data enter the password execute And look at this now what I did is I Used chargpt this AI in order to analyze The data and now I just provided CSV File and it will give me a simple Summary of this data and you can do the Same also by following my prompt Engineering Mastery series you will Understand how to combine AI with Scriptic develop these models these Prototypes and you can deliver as a Service we are in 2023 if you want to be Successful online you need to work and Invest in yourself learn these skills And I'm here to help you I'm providing You with free courses free services free Codes everything for free on my channel You just need to learn test and Implement so you can provide data Analysis using AI combining your data That you collected with AI to provide Data analysis Services number four is Selling the data directly now this Depends on the data type a simple

Example I just went to charge EPT and Asked it where we can sell a data I Collected about marketing first of all It told me that you have to comply with Lows and this is very important you have To understand be aware of violating Policies or collecting bad data or Something now we will consider Everything is ethical and good so I Asked at what marketplaces we have to Sell this data it gave me marketplace With Oracle AWS did exchange live Ram we Have a lot of websites and data Marketplaces online you can also go to Forums discussions Facebook groups out Of places where people may be interested In buying real data and valuable data Number five is turning this data into an API and this is one of the best Strategies so you can develop an API and Sell it on websites like rapid API like I do with this API my own API domain I've heard of the I sell it here without Occurring monthly membership and what's Nice about this approach that you don't Need to be a developer here no coding is Required to turn data into an API how to Do this I'll keep it now a secret next Week we'll have a full video on how to Convert data into a real API without Writing a single sentence or code Nothing just interface will use tools to Build this API in less than 5 minutes an Awesome tutorial don't forget the

Notifications to get notified about this Video and not only that I will publish a List of things about web scraping Collecting data practical examples I Hope this video helped you got the idea Soon you will have practical guides Examples on how to collect data from Different examples from different Platforms using API scraping a much much More I decided to create a full list of Videos about this top spec because it's Very important but for now if you want To get into apis you can watch my full Video about how to build and make money With apis here go and check it so you Can be prepared for our next videos soon If you have any questions I'll be Waiting for you in the comments section Below I hope you enjoyed this video you Got some benefit see you later

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