How To Make Passive Income With ChatGPT AI (Easy Step By Step Guide)

Hey everyone on today's video I've got An unbelievable strategy that you can Use open Ai and chat GPT to make money Online and make passive income using Chat GPT you see I'm going to show you How you can make anything from 2599 every single month to four and a Half thousand dollars and then make some Serious money with chat GPT where you're Earning tens of thousands of dollars Like twenty thousand dollars a month and Even upwards of close to fifty thousand Dollars every single month I'm gonna Show you real proof of people that are Doing this and making money online but What I want to do is go one better and Show you how you can use chat GPT to do All the work for you and you're not Going to believe number one how easy This is number two this is extremely Passive and number three they will get All all the traffic for you you don't Need to look for any of this traffic and What you're about to see and do is Absolutely unbelievable all I ask that You do is that you make sure you watch This entire video because I'm going to Show you everything step by step you do Not want to miss any part of this and You have to put it all together Otherwise you're going to miss crucial Bits you'll have to go back and watch it All I ask that you do guys in Appreciation for me putting this

Together for you is smash that like Button and do me a favor let me know Down the bottom what is your income goal For 2023 how much money would you like To be making per day at the end of 2023 Is at a hundred dollars five hundred Dollars a thousand dollars comment that Right now so before we go and use chat GPT let me show you some proof of how People are doing this and different Niches that you can do this on and also Did I mention that you'll be using Google to actually make this happen to Another powerful site that you'll be Incorporating its tools to make money With chat GPT the other site that I want To show you that you're going to be Using this with is this one over here Called Udemy is a website people come over here Like myself and they purchase a range of Different types of courses course Creators on udemy are making thousands Of dollars every single month and there Are course creators on udemy that are Making millions of dollars I've bought Many courses on udemy this is where I Learned how to do YouTube how to do Affiliate marketing how to create Courses a whole range of different types Of things there's a wealth of knowledge On udemy and what I want to show you is How you can get a slice of the pie and

Make money with udemy and chat GPT and Get it to be absolutely passive the Thing about udemy you can see here on The left hand side you've got this Categories section and look at all the Different categories that you can do This in from development to business Personal development lifestyle health And fitness teaching and academics and You can see here that all these Different categories have subcategories These subcategories have even more Subcategories so the opportunities are Endless and I want to show you exactly How this can be done with chat GPT let Me show you a few examples before I show You a website that you can use to see Exactly how much course creators are Making are new to me so you know that You're making the right decision with The niche that you are going to choose Let's start with affiliate marketing as An example now you guys know that I'm Big on affiliate marketing most of my Income comes from affiliate marketing And when you scroll down and you type in Affiliate marketing you're going to find All these different types of courses on Affiliate marketing and you'll be able To see exactly how what their rating is Just for starters and the other thing is How many people have bought this course I mean look at this 8612 reviews on this one ClickBank

Affiliate marketing course at the moment This course is selling for 79.99 now the thing about udemy is Sometimes they can drop the price Sometimes they can even give it away for Free to build up your ratings so you Don't necessarily know a hundred percent How much this person has made however What we can say is that not everybody Leaves a review so if you grab your Calculator and you say at eighty dollars As an example so you do 80 times let's Say half of these reviews let's say four Thousand six hundred people as an Example I mean that's 368 000 that this person has potentially Made from this course maybe even more Money okay because like I said not Everybody leaves a review and as you Start to scroll down you can see a lot More course creators now this website That I'm going to reveal to you in a Second when you come over here and you Type in what topics are you interested In if I type in a affiliate marketing And I scroll down you'll be able to see That on average top monthly revenue is About 2765 on Udemy for people that are selling Affiliate marketing courses that the Beauty with the strategy that I'm going To show you on this video right now is That you can use chat GPT you can create

A course in affiliate marketing and any Of the other niches that I'm going to Talk about on this video or any category That you find useful or you potentially Have knowledge in so you could create 10 Courses 20 courses you could create 50 Courses it's entirely up to you if you Wanted to do affiliate marketing expect To be making around the two thousand Dollar Mark as you can see two thousand Seven hundred and sixty five dollars That's the first Niche the second one That you could potentially look at are Typed in canva a lot of people are Interested in learning how to use canva Different things on canva and the Different types of options that canva Has as you scroll down I mean take a Look at this this person as well eighty Dollars thirty dollars and you can see The 580 reviews this person has 1782 Reviews 4766 Etc and as you scroll down you're going To find a lot of people selling Different types of canva courses when You come over to this website like I Said I'm going to reveal to you in a Second And you scroll down people that are Creating these canva courses you can Expect to make anything up to four and a Half thousand dollars every single month Not bad for passive income you create The content ones you put it up onto

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Udemy and then all you do is watch People come over here and purchase this Course you don't need to do anything if You wanted to come back and upgrade a Few things you absolutely can another Niche that I wanted to have a look at Was this one over here it's called Obviously Excel now people think Excel Is easy there are so many tutorials Online and if you want to know how to do A formula on Excel you can go and have a Look but you can see here I mean look This 348 000 people have purchased this course at An average price of eighty dollars as You scroll down here's somebody or 73 000 people 2 000 people you can see here This is another Creator her name is Leila garani she has a YouTube channel And also sells these different types of Excel courses she has so many of these And she literally makes millions of Dollars utilizing this strategy and you Can see here dollars for this course Eighty dollars for another course now When you take a look at this website Over here and I'm going to show you what This website is now it's called forward slash instructor Forward slash Marketplace Dash insights Okay so if you type this first section Over here into Google you'll be able to Bring it over to this page where if you Type in any one of these categories

Let's say Excel and you scroll down I Mean take a look at this people that are Creating courses on Excel on average You're making about fifty thousand Dollars every single month I mean this Is absolutely insane amount of money to Be making that's passive income so how Can you use chat GPT to tap into this Course market so that you too can start Making money online and making passive Income while using the support of chat GPT to create this content well let me Show you a few ways that you can do this The first thing that you want to do is You want to come over to udemy you want To create an account for yourself Obvious nicely sign up use your Google Account to sign up then when you come Over here what you want to do is you Want to start looking for different Types of categories that you can start Creating these courses in like I said to You you've got development business Finance and Accounting it and software Personal development Etc the world is Your oyster and what you want to do Let's say you scroll down we come over And we go to health and fitness once you Go to health and fitness you've got These subcategories I'm sorry let me Just go back health and fitness and then You've got these subcategories like Meditation Dance Yoga sports fitness Etc And then from there let's say you wanted

To do something on Pilates you'd click Onto Pilates you take a look at the Different courses that are already there And see what you're potentially Competing with then you'll go over to That website to see how much money People are actually making from this What I'm going to do is I'm going to Scroll down and we're going to take a Look at meditation okay so let's say you Wanted to do a course on meditation what Udemy is really good at is showing you Popular topics you've got sound therapy Mindfulness you've got yoga you've got Energy healing Etc so what you do is You'd create a massive course a really Good course on all these popular topics But we need to make sure that this Course is making at least two thousand Dollars every single month so what You'll do is come over to this website That I just showed you in a second Scroll down over here and type in Meditation hit enter and then all we Need to do is scroll down to take a look At this now you can see the meditation Alone is making 2 247 every single month For course creators that are creating Courses on meditation I believe that Anything over two thousand dollars is Something that you should definitely Consider why because you can create many Of these courses like I just showed you When you come over to udemy you can see

Here that when you go to categories and You get a health and fitness and Meditation you've got all these popular Topics and you can do sound therapy Mindfulness Etc choose one then what you Want to do guys when you come over here And you found your course that you want To create what we now want to do is we Want to tell chat GPT to create a course For us on mindfulness guys as you can See all meditation so to speak so Meditation will embody mindfulness and Everything else that we just spoke about So what we now want to do is we want to Come over to chat GPT and once you're on This page what you want to do guys is You want to come over here and you want To paste this in here you want to write Something like this write an outline for A course on meditation once you type That in come down here and then click Onto this little arrow once you click Onto that Arrow chat GPT is now going to Write an outline for a course on Meditation what we now want to do is we Want to allow this to finish once this Finishes what you want to do is you want To start breaking this lesson up you've Got to think of it like a course so as An example you can see here that the First thing you've got here is Introduction to meditation then you've Got definition and explanation of Meditation then you've got something

Like benefits of meditation so what you Could do now is you can come over here And you're going to do this for every Single point you're going to type in Write a script for a lesson on the Benefits of meditation because what You're going to do is you're going to Start breaking down every single one of These points now I'm not going to do Every single point I just want to show You exactly what you're going to do then How we're going to put this course Together okay so you'd come over here And now what you want to do is you want To click onto this little arrow what This is going to do now is it's going to Create a sub point for us just on Benefits of meditation and when you Scroll down here you're going to be able To see that so you can see he write a Script for lessons or benefits of Meditation and this is now creating this This will fit inside this little Subcategory over here and you will do This for every single one of these Points and I guarantee you this course Will be absolutely amazing what we now Need to do before I showed you the Before I show you the third point of This is I want to show you how we're Going to put this together and in order To do that like I said we're going to be Using Google and in particular we're Going to be using Google Slides you want

To go over to Google type in Google Slides and what you want to do is you Want to create an account for yourself Once you create an account for yourself It's going to bring you over to a page That looks like this and now what you Want to do is you want to click onto a Blank page we are going to use Google Slides to create this presentation then What we can do is we can record this While we read this out you can use an AI Voice if you wanted to or you can pay Someone to use your own to use a voice Or you can use your own voice okay now What you want to do quite simply that we Have this Google sliding you know that You're going to be using Google Slides What you want to do is you want to tell Chat GPT that you want to break this Section down into a Google Slides format So once you have this all you need to do Is copy and paste and chat GPT will Actually break this down for you and the Way it's going to break that down for You as you can see we have just written A script for a lesson on benefits of Meditation so you want to scroll down You want to click onto this you want to Hit command V and then you want to paste In turn the script into a slide Presentation then what you want to do is Come over here guys and click onto this Little section what this is going to do Is it's now breaking this up into a

Slide presentation this is doing all the Work for you now remember the first Thing that you're going to have is You're going to have this section which Is write an outline for the course on Meditation so you've got this outline Then you're going to break these Outlines up as an example one of what One of them that we broke up was Benefits of meditation you're going to Break all of these up then once that's Broken down what you're going to do is You're going to tell it to turn the Script into a slide presentation once You do this work it is going to take you A little bit of work to put this Together but this is passive once this Is on udemy you're going to continue to Make passive income then all you need to Do is go back over to chat GPT and ask It to create even more courses guys if You're enjoying the video up until this Point two things all ask in return is Number one smash that like button in Appreciation make sure you subscribe to The channel because I've got some more Awesome content coming your way and you Do not want to miss out on another thing Guys don't forget I've always got my Affiliate marketing guide that's pinned Into the description of this video May Make sure that you click onto that and Get it it's absolutely free it's going To teach you otherwise that I make money

Online with affiliate marketing so now What we need to do guys is we need to Grab these titles that we've created so The first one as an example if we wanted To call the course introduction to Meditation we would copy this so quite Simply copy that come straight back over To our Google slides and all we need to Do is paste this in here once you paste That all we need to do is Center this Now what we need to do is we can Increase the size of this okay we can Get rid of that one there we can come Over here and make this white and just Make this a black as an example so Introduction to meditation highlight This and just then click on to bald as An example then all you need to do is Come over here guys and then click onto New slide once you click onto new slide What we now need to do is quite simply Come straight back over to chat GPT and As you can see we've got our slide Presentation so the title obviously is The benefits of meditation I think what I did was introduction to meditation That's fine you guys can choose whatever Title that you want to have then as we Come over here what we want to do is we Want to type this in so introduction to The topic of meditation and purposes of The presentation slide to stress Reduction so you can see here that it's Going to actually break this up for you

So in slide one so the first one is We've got the title okay then you can Obviously put this down the bottom as Well if you wanted to so we can just Copy this as an example and then come Straight back to here come over to the Top guys and just paste this in here if We wanted to then when you come over to Slide two I'm just showing you very Quickly how to do this guys all you need To do is come straight over here so Slide two is going to be obviously Stress reduction so copy this come Straight back To here we want to paste this in there Then all we need to do is come straight Back over to chatgpt And all we need to do now is copy this Now once we copy this what you want to Do is come over here in paste this and Then once you fix this up it's just Going to look like this and don't forget To obviously just fix all these up as Well guys it can be a little bit tedious But obviously you'll get around to it And fixing this up so then you've got Stress reduction and then over here You've got the title so stress zone so We can get rid of this as an example Okay now under every single one of these Little points that you have you could Very easily just ask chat GPT to give You a little bit more information about This then all you need to do is come

Over you click onto new slide and as you Can see you very easily got this so You've got it's the first one which is Your introduction you've got slide one Slide two slide three slide four Etc and As you can see it's got all the Information here that you want the other Thing that you have as well is you've Written an entire script or lesson on The benefits of meditation this section Here that you've got this one two three Four five 5 Etc is exactly what you have Here under these slides so you can very Easily just copy some of this so you can Copy this come straight back over to Your slide under here tab this down guys And hit command V and paste this in There now this is going to give them a Little bit more information on exactly What you're putting in here okay so it Just breaks things up and gives them a Lot more information okay so you can Just choose what you want and as you can See so if you're missing any words just Fix that up And then you've got the point you've got A bit of an abbreviation and then again You can do the exact same here and then All you need to do is follow chat GPT And exactly what it's written here to Create this entire course this is how Simple this is once you go out guys and You complete all this all the Information that you've got from here in

Any Niche that you want then what you Need to do is you need to put this Entire course together and in order to Do that you need to film this Information you need to film everything That you have here one of the best ways That you can do that is by using a Software called OBS Studio okay all you Need to do is type it into Google come Over here it's going to bring this up This is absolutely for free this is Going to allow you to screen record your Screen and if you have a microphone you Can buy a cheap microphone you can Potentially use the microphone that you Already have that's inbuilt to your Laptop as an example and an all you need To do is go from page one from the top All the way through and record every Single scene the good thing as well is You can actually play this slideshow you Can see it's got that one and then all You need to do is tab across and it's Going to bring them up so every time you Say the first point it's going to record It hit the second point it's going to Record it Etc and this is how you are Going to create this very simple course That you can upload to udemy and like I Said there is so much opportunity on Udemy guys for you to make money online With chat GPT the world is your oyster What I encourage you to do right now is To come over firstly to chat GPT and

Play around with it to see exactly what You can create obviously I can't do Everything in a very simple video I'm Just showing you exactly how you can put This together and then you can put all The puzzles and the pieces together and Make this look amazing that's the first Thing you do the second thing thing I Encourage you to come over to udemy and Take a look at different types of Courses and exactly how these courses Are put together there's a lot of Courses on udemy that are absolutely for Free that you can see how they're Structured many courses that I've bought On udemy are purely done on PowerPoint Presentations or Google Slides no one Shows their face it just goes point over Point and they're actually really good Courses so the second thing I encourage You to do is come over to udemy and take A look at this the third site is Obviously this one over here Forward slash instructor forward slash Marketplace Dash insights and take a Look at how much money you can Potentially make from these different Courses so you're not making a course on Something that's not going to make you a Lot of money the next thing that I want You to do guys is to make sure that You've hit that like button in Appreciation that you subscribe to the Channel because I've got some more

Awesome content coming your way now Don't go anywhere guys before you leave This video make sure that you click onto This video over here for another amazing Way that you can make money online with Chat GPT it's another brilliant strategy You're not going to believe exists no One's teaching this stuff highly Recommend that you click onto this video Right now I'll see you on that video Until next time you guys take care of Yourselves and goodbye

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