How To Make Your Own Website For FREE #Shorts

Here's how you can make your own Affiliate marketing website using AI for Free and it's gonna make you thousands Step one you need to find offers so come Over to offer vot type in sweepstakes There's all these different types of Products you can sign up for you can get Paid as much as 40 when people enter in Their credit card email address Etc now You want to come over to Google Sheets And sign up once you sign up you want to Create a list of the product that you Found the prize where it's from location And then you want to enter in all your Links here now you want to come over to This website called all You need to do that is click on to get Started it's going to bring you over to A page like this choose the template Website that you like and then click on To use template this is where you need To enter in the Google Sheets link go to Google Sheets click on to share scroll Down and copy this link paste the link In there and click on to continue now All you need to do is pre-fill this Information and this is what it's going To look like now in order to be able to Do this what you want to do is come over To Smart money tactics and watch this Video of you that I've pinned into the Description of this video so you can get All the steps

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