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How To Nail It With A Powerful Marketing Presentation

Imagine yourself in this situation. You have to impress your boss, co-workers and clients in a marketing presentation scheduled for tomorrow morning. You have less than 24 hours in hand to do what you must. Now the main question is how you do it.It doesn’t matter that you are an introvert and extrovert; you can learn marketing presentation skills in less than 24 hours. You will come across as a professional and no one will ever know that you had to struggle with these four-steps.

What Can We Learn From This Year’s Super Bowl?

I still remember my first cocktail party chat at a former employer’s home in New York. It was about how Tom Brady led his team down the field, setting up Adam Vinatieri’s game-winning 48-yard field goal as time expired in the previous Sunday’s game, resulting in the Patriots defeating the Rams. Which started to build Tom Brady’s legend in his long tenure in the NFL.

Are You Under the Surveillance Camera?

Identifying VIPs with strong purchasing power is crucial to retail success. More often than not, retail staff fail to do this in time. Facial recognition technology can help prevent this. But does it put our privacy at risk?

Collecting Email Addresses In Retail And Web-Based Environments

Whether you have a retail business with a brick-and-mortar store, or web-based or blog business, one of the easiest ways to collect email addresses for future promotions and advertising is by holding a drawing. Just about anyone will give up their email address for the chance to win something. Wouldn’t you? Here are some simple steps to gather lots of email address in either business format.

Why to Be Thankful for Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a potent platform to drive sales and build brand identity. Here are a few reasons why this statement is true.

Create Successful Content Marketing Campaigns

Content marketing is a great means to spread your message and eventually convert sales. Here are the steps to create such a campaign.

You Need Perspective!

There’s nothing better than being in an airplane and having a window seat. Talk about getting perspective. On a clear day, it feels like you can see forever. And this transfers over into how we do business.

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