How to Promote Affiliate Links For FREE Without a Website (Affiliate Marketing Tutorial 2022)

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Do You Practice Attraction-Based Marketing or Interruption-Based Marketing?

What is the goal of your business? When I ask this question to audiences large and small, most reply, “To make money.” E-Myth fans suggest that it’s “To sell your business.” Many will quote their mission statements. The answer is analogous to an acorn; the entire tree is contained within. The goal of your business is: To Find and Keep Customers.

Psychographic Marketing and Demographics

To dig deeper into demographic profiles, marketers are looking into psychographics to isolate specific and targeted marketing resulting in a higher rate of conversion. In today’s world of technology, behavioral data from search engine companies like Google, Bing as well as Facebook and LinkedIn have ways of tracking the habits of consumers and potential customers. Because of the popularity of social media such as Facebook and Linked-In, marketers and sales managers are asking for more detailed information on their target customer so that their marketing efforts can be refined to smaller more densely populated groups.

Product Managers Need To Learn To K-I-S-S Their Customers

Doggone it – what do your customers really want? You try listening to them, you try sending them surveys, you meeting them at trade shows, and yet you still feel as though they just don’t quite understand how great your product really is and so they aren’t buying it. You’ve done everything that is included in the product development definition, what’s a product manager to do?

Engaging Wellness Customers: 3 Ways to Connect Better and Sell More

Employer demand for smart and effective wellness programs is on the rise. There’s clear recognition that health and well-being improvement has value.

Using Your Natural Given Abilities and Creativity to Market Your Online Business

Working from home can be the most rewarding choice for a career. However, this type of profession can present many challenges. Being an entrepreneur means that we are up for the challenge to be creative and, think quickly in a time of challenge. When challenges present themselves we should not panic. We must respond calmly and use our natural given abilities to stay in the solution. In this article I am going to discuss some potential challenges and great solutions for these challenges.

Tips for Referral Programs

Small businesses are now looking for various strategies in order to promote their businesses. These strategies, if executed effectively, can bring in a lot of potential customers to these businesses. One such idea that is now being practiced very commonly is that of referral programs.

Small Business Marketing Strategy – Get Ahead of the Recession and Keep Your Business Thriving

One of the things that appeals to small business entrepreneurs is that you are the boss. You decide what is done next, and when and how it gets done. A lot of people dream of this kind of freedom, but few do it out of fear of failure.

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