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Product Managers Know That If At First You Don’t Succeed, You Need To Try Again

OK, so this article is fairly personal. I’ve been trying to get the attention of a very large customer for the better part of a year now and I’ve been met with failure at just about every turn. I’ve tried very, very hard and at times it has seemed like success was just within my grasp only to have it snatched away over and over again. If I wasn’t a product manager I might have given up by now. However, I AM a product manager and so this means that I know that I have to just keep trying over and over again. I just might have found my way to turn this failure into a success and that has me very happy. Would you like to hear my story?

How To Attract New Customers

As a business we are always looking at ways of attracting new customers to our website. But in this highly competitive world of online ">marketing, attracting any sort of customer can at times seem almost impossible.

5 Things to Know About Market Research

Offering your career services and products based on what you “think” your clients or potential clients may want can be cutting back on the amount of business you could be doing. To start off 2016 on a strong note, below are 5 Quick Tips when it comes to market research and attracting ideal clients.

Multilingual ">Marketing for Brand Preservation – A Trend That Is Taking Over

Multilingual ">Marketing is now becoming a recurring trend to increase the revenue and create a boom for business. So why are you staying back? Catch up!

What Free Stuff Does for Your Business

I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like free stuff. Offering something for nothing does have its benefits!

Drive-By ">Marketing

You see lawn signs everywhere you go, but which ones are the most effective and how do you get the most bang for your ">marketing buck? Check out these tips on how to create great lawn signs and get your organization noticed.

5 Great Ways to Distribute Your Promotional Items

Many experts agree that items such as promotional USB drives, pens and mugs form part of a great, multi-pronged ">marketing strategy, but it can sometimes be difficult to know the best method of distributing these items so that they get to the right people and have the best effect on your brand image. The reality is that there are hundreds of different ways to get your promotional material into the hands of current clients or prospective customers; here are five of the most effective methods that will ensure that you get great results from the endeavour.

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