How To [REALLY] Make Money Online With Freelancing

Hi everyone if you go now to Fiverr or Upwork or freelancer or any freelancing Website you will find many people Thousands of people providing exactly The same Services the competition is Very very high you'll feel yourself like Very far from success you'll even quit Before starting or trying so what to do How to stand out in this competition how To work as a freelancer in 2023 and Beyond an established income stream Online this is exactly what we're going To see in this video if you understand This video and follow up step by step You can start working as a freelancer Online starting this month are you ready Let's go step number one it's really Important it's about your mindset first You have to believe that you can do it And you can be successful and you have To promise yourself not to stop if you Fail two or three or maybe five times Look I don't run ads on this video I Don't sell new courses here so I don't Make money out of this video I published It just to help you understand how you Can be a professional freelancer online I'm sharing with you a piece of Experience working online to help you Succeed if you don't want to do any Effort you don't want to work you don't Want to listen please stop the video you Are wasting your time here you have to Take a decision you need to have some

Self-discipline work and you will Succeed step number two is deciding on The gig or the service you want to Provide as you mentioned the problem is Almost all gigs and servers are Oversaturated we have very high Competition so how to pick the right Service to sell I want to share with you My simple formula that I think and I Hope it helps you to decide your next Services sell a special service allows You to stand out and makes you unique I Call this the Beyond customer package a Long name but let me explain what I'm Going to do now I will show you a Practical real example I will assume That I want to provide a certain service I will show you how to apply these Principles in this service and then you Can copy the same Concepts to your own Gigs and services so here is Fiverr and For example the digital marketing Section here we have search engine Optimization you can go here and check What people are providing and as we Mentioned you will see a lot of people Providing exactly the same services like Increased domain rating writing some SEO Articles or website audit and so on so I Want to provide an SEO service and the Competition is very high so what is a Beyond customer gig this weird name it's Simply creating a gig or publishing a Service or a gig that your customers

Will feel that they got a lot a lot more Value than anyone else on the platform Any other freelance on the platform we Are going to combine multiple eggs in One ultimate gig let me show you a Practical example so I want to provide SEO service I will assume now this is my Website learn with and I want To do SEO for this website so in this Gig I will firstly collect competitors For this website I can go to website Like promoter kit SEO and click on Competitor research I can paste the Domain here and click on find this is a Free tool you can use the freelancer to Get a lot of information about Competitors so you can see now these are All websites competing with my website You can collect these websites let's say This one and then go to ranking keywords Tool again and search for keywords this Competitor is ranking for I don't know If you got my point what I'm doing now Is I am delivering a gig that is powered By data so I can show the customer that I collected their competitors I know Them I collected keywords the Competitors are ranking for so these are Called keyword opportunities I collect The keywords I collect computers and Then for example I go to my website Again to analyze it audit it so for now We did three in one service again I can Use three tools you can see I'm sharing

With you only three methods you can do The same in your Niche I don't know it's Your service but you can always find Free tools like the ones I'm showing you Here so this is my website I can use Plugins or Chrome extensions like SEO Minion audit my website look how Powerful is this free Chrome extension The first section is always on page SEO So in this way we are getting a full Analysis of the web page if you find any Problem here like here we have a missing Minute description a big problem SEO I Didn't know this by the way I need to Fix this right now you can get all this Information also and provide to your Client again you can try other too like The check broker links this is very Important if you have broken links in Your website you can tell your client About this to fix it also you can use Also this feature the broken links Feature as a pitch in your marketing Campaign later on so this is another Tool to detect broken links you can also Check the href link Checker if the Website has multiple languages this is Very important you can tell your Customers to update or you can fix it For them you can go to the excerpt Preview this is very important by the Way you can enter a keyword for example Digital marketing and then click on Preview sub and you will see how the

Website will look on Google look how bad My website is looking I need to fix this So if you see also any problem with Their website you can tell them to fix This or you can fix this for them other Tool is a self-location checker if your Client is a local business owner for Example and let's search for a keyword In the United States you you can show Them if their website is ranking for Specific keywords for specific countries Like in the United States you can change The country and tell them if they are Ranking in their country or not a Specific language for example so all These are free Tools in one Chrome Extension you can use to provide this Multi-gig service so after you collect All this information you can provide a Full report to your client That's What I Call like a multi-gig service or Beyond Customer service the customer will get a Lot of value a lot of data reports and Solutions in one package and this will Make your package more valuable than Anyone as I mentioned this is an Application or an example in the SEO Field try to apply the same concept in Your field I don't know what you are Providing again so please think about Multi-gig service in your field to stand Out in the competition and what's nice Today you can use chat GPT to help help You generate ideas I will give you this

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Simple prom and you can just enter your Skills here and then charging PT will Give you a lot of ideas that you can Provide as a freelancer as your Specialist content writer social media Marketer and so on with details if you Read this you will get a lot of ideas in Your field I will keep all these prompts And details description later on so Don't worry about them for now just Focus on the ideas take some notes Understand the concept and then you can Apply it later I know now this big or Multi-gig package or the Beyond customer Package may require some technical Skills may require you to learn some new Skills but come on we're on 2023 you Have to invest in yourself learn new Skills and provide something special if You want to compete if you want to stand Out in the competition today The Decay every day one hour to learn Something new especially AI tools like The charging PT prompt engineering I Have a full free course here on my Channel go and watch it learn it these Are free skills you can learn today to Improve your freelancing services and What we can deliver to your clients now Step number three after after you decide What service you want to provide is to Create a portfolio this is very Important you have to show your work Clients will love to see your

Capabilities what we can do before Ordering a service from you if you are Just starting out let's say again let's Go back to my example as an SEO Specialist I can go and optimize and Audit and create the services for five Six seven websites for free and contact Them just for a review or testimonial in This way you can collect feedback from People about your service and you can Create a portfolio around your gig you Can do this totally for free I explained How to create a full portfolio totally For free here on my channel I will leave Also the video in description below it's Very important to show your work step Number four is to publish your gigs and Services on freelancing websites on Upwork on freelancer on Fiverr whatever Website you want you feel comfortable With you can publish your services and When you publish your service you need To optimize it so when someone searches For your gig for SEO for example your Gig must appear on top of the search Results and how to do this is by Optimizing your gig I explained this in Detail in my free freelancing series you Can check it also in the description Below you can see I created multiple Courses free courses for you without ads Totally free just need to watch and Learn and apply it's up to you you have To decide if you want to work or not I

Can't oblige you to do anything if you Want to learn here we are free courses Go and learn them and apply them work Hard and you can see the results maybe This month now after you publish your Gigs it's not enough to sit down and Wait for a client you need to Market you Need to Market your services how to Market your gigs the best two strategies Are online presence and Outreach go now Create a Twitter account and start Tweeting and engaging about your service And gigs and your knowledge we can build Audience and it will be very easy for You to get clients on Twitter later on People will know you know your services Know your skills other way is using Medium you can see here on medium I Started like three months ago I remember Four months ago and you can see now I Get around 40 000 views every month on Medium from medium only so it's very Important to build presence and when Building online presence the best way to Market a service is to talk about the Service and tutorials for example if you Go into medium and to my stories Published stories you will see this Prompt engineering free course so I Created a free prompt engineering course I published here on medium and this way Whenever someone reads my post and see That I have some knowledge in this field They will ask for my services you can't

Imagine how many emails I got in the Last week asking me me do you provide a Charging PT plot engineering service I Want to create my own custom charge GPT And so on so I'm getting emails and People ask me for my service just from This one post on medium and on my YouTube channel so online presence and The second way is called Outreach you Can Outreach people in two main methods Using LinkedIn on LinkedIn you can Simply message people Outreach people Without potential customers and using Cold mailing you can send emails called Outreach emails but it's very important To have a professional email so go to Zoho and create a free business email I explain this step by step how To get a free business email here on my Channel also you can see all the videos Are here for free for you you can watch Them get a free business email and you Can then reach out to people again I Will give you this prompt on charging PT That helps you generate a cold email Copies you just need to replace your Service here for example create 8 and Charger patina were right a personalized Cold Outreach email for you to send to Your customer just need to copy it Ctrl Shift V to paste and replace the name And so on and send to your client and This way you can promote your service And gigs you need to Market don't just

Sit and wait for someone to buy your Service so online presence and code Outreach with email and Linkedin are Very important to reach out to people And to get new clients and if you want To learn more about prompt engineering And how it works you can craft awesome Emails you can deliver service with Chargpt a lot of things you can check my Free prompt engineering Mastery series Here on my channel I hope you enjoyed This video if you have any questions I'll be waiting for you in the comment Section below go now apply these four Steps and they'll be waiting for your Success stories on my email See you later

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