How To Sell Digital Products On Social Media

Hey y'all it's Aurelius welcome back to The channel in this video I'm going to Teach you how to sell digital products You can also add a tip jar where your Audience can donate any amount they want To support you sell your own online Video courses too features stylish Affiliate links on your bio and even Adding your own email signup form to Build your email list and the best part About all this is that your audience Doesn't need to leave that social media Platform where they landed from let me Show you how selling digital products With Koji the e-commerce platform built For social media makes it easier to get Started gives you much greater Flexibility on what you can sell and Puts all of your offerings in one easy To manage place I've been using Koji for A couple of years now and I really love It because of reasons that I'll share With you in this video Koji does not Charge a monthly fee which is one of the Biggest benefits and one of coach's Standout features is its template store Where you can integrate any of these Templates to monetize your brand and Business so under sell anything you can Add things like sell digital products You can sell ebooks and PDFs so video Courses you've got link Locker sell Downloadable files and much more to get Started creating and selling your

Digital products simply click the get Started button sign up using one of These methods make sure to complete the Sign up process such as verification if Needed as well as the profile and Connecting your bank account in this Tutorial I'll show you how to sell Digital products so while you're still On the welcome page look under pick a Template and you can choose and start With one of these but what we're going To do is sell digital products so we'll Click that and then we'll click on Configure the first step is to set up Our digital files storefront by choosing A style so choose from one of these at The bottom next enter your store details I've gone ahead and entered my store Details as well as a banner image which You can easily make in canva and then I'll hit the publish button and then to Start adding your actual digital Products that you want to sell click on ADD digital file I've added all the Details right here and now I'll click on Save now that your products added all You need to do is repeat the same steps To add additional products once a Customer pays they receive their Download right within your Koji at no Point will users have to leave the Social networking site or app they're Using I've gone ahead and added things Like one-on-one Consulting all I did was

I used the seller service template and When I click that and click on view you Can see some of the things I added so Under the one-on-one Consulting I've got Things such as a 60 Minute call and also A 30 minute call they can purchase one Of those I can view it as a visitor so This is what they see how can I help you Select from one of these so you can very Well create something like this and Offer it we created a store so if we Click once that goes to our Digital Store where we've got a list of our Digital products in this case I'm only Selling one product when they click that They can add to cart and then get Immediate access to their purchase below Our store we've got our one-on-one Consulting calls so they can choose Between a 60 Minute call and also a 30 Minute call as you can see right here Make sure to configure your payment Settings in order to do that go to your Profile which is located at the top Right and then there's a thing called Koji pay wallet this is your way of Getting paid you can check your balance Right here but what we're going to do is Click once and this is where you can View your current earnings what's Pending you can withdraw your funds Choose your payment methods connected Accounts and that's what we are going to Do so we are going to configure some

Payment methods so click on connected Accounts you can choose between getting Paid via stripe Bitcoin or PayPal so Select the one that's appropriate and Suitable for you there is a minimum of Five dollars to withdraw so that's Something to bear in mind once you are Ready to share where do you get your Actual URL well going to your profile You can always go to manage and click on Share and then copy the link and a quick Little tip here you can share individual Template links by clicking on any of Your links clicking on share and then Choosing how you want to share it when Your viewers go to your template link They will go Direct quickly to your Template where you're selling your Product now to view all your stats Orders sales and customers simply go to Manage and then you can go to open Dashboard on the dashboard you can see Things such as your earnings your code You pay wallet top coaches by Revenue Purchase volume top customers visitors Sources countries recent purchases Audience you've also got views in the Last five minutes and also views between A certain date you can see by week month Year or all time you'll be able to see All your coaches in this list here or You can add another Koji down below You've got your link in BIO where you Can view your code you profile you can

Edit your profile and there's also Plugins where you can add and install These types of plugins these include Plugins such as being able to add Banners you can also do full screen Pop-ups like if you want to advertise a Sale or discount you're running and most Importantly pixel plugins coaching Offers Facebook Google and even Tick Tock so you can set up retargeting look Like all audiences and all those Powerful campaigns that the big E-commerce and Retail Giants use to get People to come back to their stores and Purchase once they've viewed or clicked On a product you've also got advanced Settings where you can do things like Your profile redirects you can set up a Custom launch screen and set up a custom Domain to sum it up Koji completely Replaces the need for a website instead Giving you one powerful selling platform That gives you hundreds of templates That turn into coaches and help you sell Anything on Instagram Tick Tock YouTube Anywhere your customers are really the Code Geo platform is easier to use free To try and gives you much greater Flexibility on what you can sell link to Kojia is in the description box below to Sign up if you have any questions about Koji feel free to leave them in the Comments below I hope this video was Helpful and if it was by all means give

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This video a thumbs up thanks so much For watching and in the meantime take Care and I'll leave up a couple of Relevant videos for you to watch next [Music]

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