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Business Success With the 1/3 Rules

Business success doesn’t have to be difficult. With our 1/3 rule you are ready to make an impact in no time!

Consumer Research Needs Well Designed and Interpreted Projective Techniques

Projective techniques are often criticized for being subjective and unscientific in ">marketing research. However they are one of the few ways researchers can get beyond the rational responses of consumers and explore their real motives, attitudes and intentions.

Find Your Competitive Edge and Sell It

There are no corners safe from competition. Playing the field is one thing, managing to stay in it is another. The traditional selling approach of presenting features and benefits are no longer effective.

Niche Business Ideas That Trigger Extra Sales

Here’s a Shocking Fact: Few Small Businesses Can Survive on Just One Sale from a Customer Anymore. Discover Simple, Fast and Effective Solutions to Getting Extra Sales Most Small Business Owners Miss.

Different Tips For An Effective Fitness ">Marketing Plan

Business will flourish if it is promoted very well. A health club will have increase membership if it has excellent fitness ">marketing strategies. It will improve visibility and will attract more clients to enroll in programs that they think will suit them.

The Art of Selecting Appropriate ">Marketing Displays

">Marketing displays are an inseparable part of sales and ">marketing campaigns. They are used mainly to display ">marketing material and promotional literature such as brochures, flyers, visiting cards, and even products.

Do You Recognize Guerrilla Warfare When You See It – I Do, Even In Business

Have you ever wondered why scrappy entrepreneurs and start-up entrepreneurial companies often get the jump on their large corporate rivals in the market place? Could it be that these new market entrants are following a different form of warfare? Businesses often liken business to war. I’ve always seen it that way as an entrepreneur. You draw the battle lines, you come up with tactics, and you get out there and get it done with your ">marketing, great service, and strategic planning. Your best future potential customers are those who are spending lots of money with your competitor.

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