Huge Fiverr Gig Earnings This Holiday Season!?

What's up guys so I was just reading Something that got me pretty excited for Freelancers and Fiverr sellers Especially for this holiday season so I'm going to share my screen I'm going To go over the article I read and I'm Going to explain to you why I think this Is a great opportunity for Freelancers And maybe give you some advice on you Know how you might want to go about Using this information to make some Extra money this holiday season this November December and January so let me Share my screen here for you so it was An article that came up on my iPhone so On my stocks app I follow Fiverr and Every time an article gets posted Related to Fiverr it goes on my feed This was one of them I saw I think last Week it said despite recession Indicators 88 of business owners or Executives expect to make the same or More money this holiday season according To new data from Fiverr that was very Interesting to me and the title got my Attention for obvious reasons I've been Speaking to a lot of Freelancers lately Myself included you know the economies All all over the place right now people Are talking about inflation recession People are talking about all this stuff So naturally Freelancers have been a Little bit worried that during the Holiday season this year especially

Maybe businesses are planning on Spending less money so to hear that Businesses are actually expecting to Make the same or more money this holiday Season That kind of was news to me and it got Me excited and the subheading here was Especially interesting it said retail And e-commerce business owners pulled Said they're also willing to offer Steeper discounts to entice customers Compared to Promotions they offered last Year so take that in businesses are Willing to offer steep discounts to get Customers in the door this year what That tells me is if a business is Willing to offer discounts to get Customers this year and they're also Expecting to make more money this year They're probably hoping to do higher Volume of of clients higher volume of Customers higher volume of purchases and They're willing to give away a little Bit of their profit margin to do that so Businesses that are willing to give Discounts to me seem like the types of Businesses that would also be willing to Hire people to help drive more traffic In the door and this is where the whole Idea that this could be a great Opportunity for us freelance just came In so the next thing I really wanted to Just point out here is that it was only A you know a study conducted Nationwide

So I'm assuming this is in the U.S five Or it definitely is in the U.S sorry About that um but they studied 505 Business owners and Executives uh really Just shedding light on the tactics They're using to remain competitive and Their expectation for sales performance Compared to last year so the one thing I Little requests for Fiverr I really wish You told us the industries that those Businesses were in because that would be Helpful to help Freelancers tailor you Know whatever Services they want to sell To them but anyways this is kind of Where things got really interesting for Me this paragraph here that I've Highlighted the data shows that Businesses are shifting their strategy Preparing early and prioritizing Marketing channels that will keep them Competitive in the current market and Then Fiverr CMO just points out that Whether it's web design social media ads Or SEO that Fiverr is the platform that Can help support this need so biz Businesses are looking to spend on Marketing that'll keep them competitive But it's not all marketing so if you Look down here it says that nearly a Hundred percent of small to medium-sized Retail and e-commerce businesses plan to Reduce their investment in some form of Marketing or advertising compared to This year so in some form of marketing

They're going to reduce and the form it Seems like has to do with email Marketing so one in three Executives Plan to reduce their investment in email Marketing sucks for people like me and Just over one in four plan to cut back On in-store promotions but the next Point shows where they are going to Spend money so ninety percent of Business Leaders surveyed say that Social media is sacred they have no Plans to cut back ad spend in this area This holiday season and 41 plan to Increase their spend in social media Marketing so this is kind of what I Wanted to get to in this video for you Guys if you sell a service or if you Offer a service that can help businesses Tap into social social media to drive More customers to their business this Study is telling us that that is what They're interested in so if you can Create a gig offer a discount to your Own customers I know Fiverr in the past Has offered the ability to send coupons Or discounts to past customers reach out To your past customers let them know You're doing a little bit of a holiday Promotion yourself try to get some Business going where you are offering Services to help them tap into social Media to really Drive traffic to their Businesses this year so anyways guys This was it I really just wanted to give

You a quick update that you know if you Were someone who's feeling a little Discouraged or worried about what the Next couple months will look like seems Like there's still opportunities out There to make money just got to know Which customers to Target and how to Target them and this article seems to Imply that social media that's what They're going to be spending money on Focus on that if you can and I wish you All the best of luck hope you all make a Lot of money this holiday season so Thank you so much for watching till next Time cheers

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