I Cracked The Code To Earning Money With Shorts

Okay okay what's up guys Chase here Want to go over something that I have Been doing To pretty much automate my opt-ins so Recently I've figured out a way to go From like 400 email opt-ins a day Let me show you here Look at this 400 email opt-ins a day Which by the way I wasn't getting Anything close to this even before this Before this I was getting like let's see Foreign Way back here Let's go back to 2020. can we do that Till now I want to show you this because this is Really incredible what you can do right Now when it comes to Automating your income okay so yeah Check this out so back in July 2022 200 and before that look at this April Like nothing 20 30 . let's look at January so January the Beginning of this year I was getting around 50 email opt-ins a Day right Over here I was getting more this is When I was I don't remember what I was Doing but even then look 100 200 today Right not that much these big spikes Back here is when I uploaded like a list From another CRM but check this out so

Right around July I started figuring out How to get about 200 to 300 email Opt-ins a day using short form content Okay Now Let's go back to up here Now Look at this yesterday 960 email opt-ins Day before 690 670. 1100 1925. so there's a way basically there's A way that you can automate your email Opt-ins And the reason why you want email Opt-ins is because the more people you Get on your email list the more things You can sell especially if you Understand the equation I'm about to Give you And sorry my camera is not good right Now this is my Logitech camera which Sucks my other camera I'm too lazy to Charge So you have to deal with this what's up Zix Zone So what Can you do To start getting a ton of opt-ins what How do you automate the process Let me actually send off an email really Quick Before I get into this Give me one second So what I want to show you is like

Basically a two-step strategy what You're going to do is you're going to do Short form videos but You're going to use those short form Videos Uh To build out a new channel either on YouTube Tick Tock wherever you can do it Wherever you want and then you're going To use if you want it's up to you you Can accelerate the process by using ads And I'll show you my exact ad strategy And everything About bronter See you All right Now before we go into this I do want to Mention that The price of the brand new live classes We're doing Fortune bucks at Fortunebots.com the price is going up Soon so if you're not in there yet I Would recommend you get in Um we already have I've been adding new Testimonials to the landing page we had 20 testimonials come in yesterday from People that just joined Look at this guy he said here's an Example of how fast my leads are coming In with GSA below you'll find a Screenshot of the campaign I created for A client in less than 24 hours he got 400 plus leads this is all with Bots So

There is a lot you can do in this Program and again the price is going up I wouldn't wait and pay more for Something that you could have gotten for Less okay All right so That aside I want to talk about sort of The let me get out paint here I want to talk about what's possible With the strategy I'm about to share With you okay So I showed you about a year ago I was Getting around 20 to 50 email opt-ins a Day and now I want you to remember That's with having a YouTube channel of I don't know 60 or 70 000 subscribers so You would be thinking I was getting a Lot of email opt-ins but I wasn't And so This is something you can do if you're Brand new starting out have no no Following no nothing okay In fact I see people doing this Organically From like day one in two months they're Getting you know thousands and thousands Of emails and the reason why this is Cool is because let me show you this Equation really quick because if you Don't understand this equation none of This is going to make sense let me Actually switch my screen here I want to Share I want to share my other screen so I can

Look forward One second Okay So it's really important that you Understand this because if you don't get This none of what I'm about to say is Going to make sense all right so First thing we have is we have our offer Right whatever we're selling so let's Say we're selling uh a service or let's Let's just say we're selling a course Okay or a software It doesn't matter it doesn't matter what It is it could be anything let's just Say we're selling something for 297 Bucks okay Now The thing that we're selling let's say It's a course on SEO all right If you want to sell course on SEO and We're selling it for 297 bucks now it Doesn't matter if it's our own product Doesn't matter if it's somebody else's Product Even if you're doing affiliate let's say You get 50 of the sale Right you're getting 140 150 bucks right On the sale So imagine this landing page has you Know a bunch of testimonials it says hey You know all these people that are Successful with this thing and all you Have to do is drive traffic to this Landing page right so here's you over

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Here Let's just draw you I really need to get a drawing pad this Is you okay And right now you're unhappy because you Don't have any money yet at least you're Not making any money online yet okay So you're all unhappy And you have this landing page though You have this thing that you know you Can sell right And and if you don't know that you can Sell things you definitely can't so Basically if you go right now to Scarytoolbots.com there's a list of a Bunch of different things you can sell Like go check out this free list Again scary toolbots.com This is a list of like a hundred Different things that you can sell they All have like affiliate programs you can Promote them you can make money okay All you all you do to do that is you Just go to the tool set up for the Affiliate program most of them if you Just scroll to the bottom of the website Check this out go like this affiliate Partners sign up they'll give you a link And then they pay you to basically Promote their tool and so again you Don't have to have your own products do This look it's four thousand three Hundred sixty four dollars they owe me Just by sending people this to this link

Okay and so this link or whatever the Link is you have is basically whatever The thing you're selling so right so This is not just your landing page but This is whatever link you're sending People to okay with some sort of offer So we need to figure out how can we get You from here Right this unhappy person over to here Where you're getting people to sign up For this thing right Now It's actually very simple if you Understand that everything that you do In regards to selling things online is Just numbers it's just a math equation Right you don't have to think about this From a completely like complex like oh I Don't know how to sell things oh I don't Know how to do YouTube videos you don't Have to you don't have to know anything In fact you don't even have to do Anything if you do what I'm sharing with You here you can just put money in you Can have other people work for you and And you can build a list off of their Work and I'll show you how I'm doing it Personally right now okay so first of All in order to get people over to this Page over to your link you need to do One thing right you need to build Traffic you need to get views right so Here you are you don't have any traffic Yet you don't have any views right

And you need to figure out how to get Views or traffic over to the thing that You're promoting makes sense Okay so How do you do that right there's all These different ways you can do you can Do YouTube you could do Facebook you Could do uh Instagram you could do Anything right you could just send People your link on Facebook Messenger Don't do that but The point here is that you need to build Traffic with something okay now in the Past a lot of people were doing SEO they Were doing Google right they wanted to Build a blog post you know they knew They could rank it on Google the traffic They would get they would send it over To whatever they're selling and then They would make money right Google's Very saturated now it doesn't mean it Doesn't work but it's harder to get Views Okay so A lot of people that wanted to compete On Google wound up going to YouTube Because it's the second largest search Engine in the world and it was easier to Get traffic because not as many people Were competing on it right that's one of The reasons why I became a YouTuber Rather than trying to rank on Google Because I saw these people competing on Google so I'm like let it you know well I'm gonna go somewhere easier like

YouTube Okay because again it doesn't matter and I want you to I want you to remember This it doesn't matter how you get views Or traffic it doesn't matter if you get Them on Google it doesn't matter if you Get them on YouTube it does not matter Where you get your traffic it just Matters that you get it okay Now fast forward like six years right Now the easiest thing to get views with Is shorts or Tick Tock type content Short form content why because again A lot of people are doing long form Content on YouTube now a lot of people Are doing Google not a lot of people Understand the shorts but at some point What's going to happen it's going to get Harder On shorts you're not gonna be able to Get as many views and this is gonna be The next thing maybe it's the metaverse I don't know it could be anything okay But again You want to take advantage of the thing That works while it works and so if you See it's very easy to get views or Traffic with one type of platform Capitalize on that while you can and Here's the real secret and this is what A lot of people mess up Most people will send the traffic they Get right they'll write a blog post or They'll do a YouTube video and they'll

Send traffic directly to the thing that They're selling right So let's say I'll give you an example of Me back in the day so here here I am Right we'll take this away from you for A second let's say this is me back in my Garage days this is when I was living in A garage just imagine that's a garage And I had to figure out How to make money I didn't have any Money I was completely broke like look At my older videos on YouTube you'll see Me in the garage and I'm eating out of a You know plastic tupperware container And I'm drinking uh 10 gallons of coffee A day right that's an exaggeration but The point is I was really broke I didn't Have anything I didn't have I didn't Know what to do I didn't have people Tell me that what I'm sharing with you Right now okay And so I didn't have any of this I had a YouTube channel that was getting what 100 to 200 views per video and that's it Okay nothing right And what I would do oh thanks Ben can You give me one of those thank you Um And what I would do is I would just send Traffic directly from the videos I was Doing right let's say I was getting 200 Views on a video Like this Now it's sending that directly to the

Thing I was selling or some sort of Affiliate link right And guess what happened a lot of people Didn't buy maybe I'd get a couple sales But I was making very little money And again it's because I didn't know What I'm about to share with you this is The biggest mistake people make on the Internet and if you look at big tick Talkers big YouTubers big people online That have all these views but they're Not making that much money and by by That much I mean there's some people That get millions of views and they Don't make you know 100 200 000 a month And I'm not saying that because I'm Bragging about how great I am I'm saying That like they're messing up there's a Reason why I get a lot less views than Most like a lot of the bigger people but I make you know over a million dollars a Year with what I do and the reason why Is because I figured out the equation That most people will never figure out And what is the equation the equation is You don't want Your views to go straight to an asset That you don't control okay So what do I mean by that So Right here these 200 views when I would Do a YouTube video right I'd go straight To the landing page guess what a lot of The people who watch the video These 200

Views I'm never going to see them again So I'm going to X these out right I'll Never see those people again why because The algorithm doesn't care about me YouTube doesn't care about me uh Tick Tock doesn't care about me Google they Are in the business of making money okay And so all they want to do is keep their Users the people watching our videos or Whatever we're doing Staying watching those videos and so if I make a really good video that Everybody likes and I get a bunch of Views for it well guess what It's not guaranteed to happen every time Right I'm not going to algorithmically Do super well every single video And if I have to rely on the algorithm I Basically have to only create content That I want to to go viral with like It's only trending content you become a Slave to the algorithm okay and so There's a way to bypass that right And the way to bypass that is instead of Taking these 200 views that you never See again and sending them to a link Where you make a couple bucks you take The 200 views and you send them to some Sort of thing that you control like an Email list okay so what does this mean Let's say we got 200 views on our first Tick Tock video let's say you made a Tick tock and you got 200 views which is Very doable doing uh short form content

With a brand new account I have examples Of brand new accounts that I'm building Right now let me show you That are getting views With 15 second videos let me show you this Look at this 400 views 3 000 views 300 views 1 000 Views some of these are not even my own Videos these are other people's videos Let me go to another account And I'm testing this again with brand New accounts Go to this one 93 views 400 views oh sorry that was the Same account hold on one second uh 1.8 000 views 200 views 72 views 200 views Okay do you know how hard it would have Been for me to get 1.8 000 views back When I started you doing YouTube Very very difficult okay and so you can Do this with a brand new account right And so let's say you get 2 000 views Within your videos with one of your Videos and all these people that watch Let's say instead of it's 200 views you Get 1.8 000 views Foreign Let's say you can get one percent of Those people signing up Or even 10 of them signing up for some Sort of email opt-in right the Difference is Look you're not going to stop promoting

Stuff your whole the whole point of your Content is to get people from point A to Point B hey you're watching this video Right now but you should go sign up for This to get more information right just Like you're watching this video right Now and what I recommend is go over to Fortunebots.com and learn about the live Crosses we're doing literally go right Now fortunebots.com enter your email and Check out the first class we did I put The video in here so you can watch our First class our first live class I want You to join these live classes okay so I'm literally saying this to you right Now in real time Now what I just did though the thing That I just said for you to do is to go From the content I'm making right now we Have 62 people live we'll probably have Some replays I don't know 1000 views two Thousand views right if I can take 10 of The people that watch this video and Let's say I get 200 email opt-ins I now Control that traffic right Because it goes directly into my email List let's do a little email here Just say that's an email okay so instead Of sending them over here you send them Here first your little email list Just pretend that's an email And what happens is you control this Right you don't have to do any dancing You don't have to do any uh like singing

You don't have to do Tick Tock videos Because you control the list and the Difference now is you get a button that You can press that makes you money your Email list is a button that makes you Money When I click on my email button when I Say send broadcast I hit 90 000 people Right right 90 000 emails at once in two Seconds And I say whatever I want I say hey join My class I say whatever right at that Point you can sell whatever you want but The point here That I really want to drive home is that You control this You control this right you don't control Google you don't control YouTube you Don't control shorts you don't control The metaverse you don't control pretty Much anything that generates you traffic Except your email list and so You want to limit your liabilities these You could get banned from Google YouTube Tick Tock I've been banned from Tick Tock like five times guess what it Doesn't matter They could ban me from YouTube right now It doesn't matter I have a list Okay Obviously it would suck it would be hard For me to have to get back to 130 000 Subscribers or wherever I'm at right now But I have something to fall back on and

I have something where this list is Going to help me generate income for the Next I don't even know Years to come okay So very very important if I would have Focused this on this from day one I'd Probably have a list of like three or Four hundred thousand people right now Okay and so it only takes one video To start generating some views and start Generating a list now It's not just about generating an email List though okay there is another thing In this equation that you need to Understand and it's very very important Because you might be thinking oh I can Do a tick tock video I can generate some Views I can generate some emails now I Can make money you no it's not you're Not there yet okay there's still more That you have to understand all right Let's check in with the chat what's Going on Aaron he's dropping fire what's Going on dude Rainer beautifully Explained thanks Live stream was good awesome All right so is everybody with me on the Same page right now do you understand What we're talking about we're talking About doing some videos doing short form Content generating some views and Building an email list that's pretty Much it yet right now We're also talking about creating an

Asset that you control so we're talking About building something that you can Use to make money whenever you want from Wherever you want you know if you want To send an email from your phone to your List if you want to send an email while You're in Hawaii I actually the the big Realization I had when I when I was Making money with this stuff uh When I or when I realized I could make Money with this stuff was when I was in Hawaii and I started sending out emails And I was like okay I'm not gonna do any Videos I'm not gonna do anything I'm Just gonna send emails to my email list I made twenty thousand dollars That paid for the whole Hawaii trip While I was there Spent two seconds a day sending these Emails So it's very powerful Yes Joy's got it cool So let's talk about the next I joined This because of your email see what I'm Saying So let's talk about the missing pink uh Missing Link here Because again your email list alone is Not going to make you the money you can Start sending emails tomorrow and you You say okay I have a list of 2 000 People chase I followed your advice you Know I'm gonna start sending emails and You could still not make any money I

Know people that have email lists and They still don't make any money okay And so we need to cover the next thing And let me know in the chat just give me A yes or if you're watching this video Later give me a yes If you would like to go over the next Step Trying to clear this right here let's Just do a new one Foreign So let's say now we're over here we're On step two we have the email list let's Say you got your first let's just say You got your first thousand email Subscribers after watching this you Started doing some videos got your first Thousand and I can show you how to Automate this as well in a second Trying to do this upside down can I do That well let me rotate it Okay it's an upside down email just just Live with it okay All right so You got your first thousand people on Your email list okay here you are you're Feeling happy you start to get some Traction I gotta draw you again hold on sorry See now you're a little bit happier Because you're feeling the momentum You're feeling like you're getting Somewhere It's a terrible happy face actually

Looks like a ghost But there you are right now Unfortunately you're still sad because You're not making any money yet so we Gotta you're actually kind of in the Middle here we're just gonna cross that Out Now how do we make you some money with This list that you're building So you really need to understand this Because if you don't get this again this Is this is what I was saying earlier This is the th this is This is really how you make money Everything that you do to make money Online comes down to a numbers game okay And here's the equation the niche that You're in plus the amount of traffic That you send Divided by the overall amount of sales You generate okay So what does that mean And I'll give you a real example with With my own stuff I'll I'll show you the Money that I'm making I'll show you how This works okay So The the emails that you generate they Have to be Niche specific you can't just Generate emails around I don't know People who like elephants and then sell Them a course on how to make money or Sell them a tool that helps them build AI content on their website it wouldn't

Make sense okay so without this first Part you're gonna it's not gonna mean Anything like people are gonna say well Can I buy an email list and just send Traffic to it no you have to it needs to Be Niche specific okay so whatever You're doing with your videos You know it needs to align with what You're selling Okay so For example in this checklist here the Scary toolbox checklist you can choose Any one of these tools and a lot of them Will be around the same stuff okay so Keyword research tool AI tool video Tool Uh email marketing this all has to do With either like ranking on Google or Ranking on you know rank your websites It has to do with marketing making money It's all within the same niche Now if you wanted to start selling People I don't know hats for elephants You're not going to make any money if I Started sending emails right now to People who are following me around uh Get your cat you know Christmas slippers It's not like they're not going to buy Anything Because it's not my audience now if I Started doing videos on the best Christmas slippers for cats and I got All these emails then yes I can sell That but the point I'm trying to make Here is it does matter how you create Content and so if you're following like

Some of these you know some of these Tools And you create content for this one you Create content for this one you know you Create content for this one start Getting emails for these different tools Okay great you can sell any one of these Tools But you do want to think about the long Game as well right so it's not just About generating random emails it's About getting emails that are specific To the thing that you want to sell for The next couple years right I already Know that most people on my list are Interested in marketing making money SEO Right all these things but it's because That's where I spent most of my time Building my audience okay so just pay Attention to where you're building your Audience and pay attention to what You're selling So Niche aside now we need to talk about Traffic and sales okay So You have the amount of visits you can Send to an offer So if you have thousands a thousand Emails and you get a 20 open rate and I Don't know you get one five percent of People clicking on your links that You're putting in your emails let's just Say you get a hundred people or let's Say you get 10 let's say you get 50

People per email going over to whatever The thing is you're promoting right Whatever link Maybe a real-time example of this let me Actually go over to my own email CRM so You can see this because I don't like Doing this without giving you an example Laughs So pretty much every day I send off a Couple emails right Here's what they look like This is this is my this is my actual Like email list I'm not hiding anything This is me being transparent with you Okay so on December 14th I sent out a Couple emails I have 854 clicks on the link that I Sent and 62 unsubscribes now you might Be thinking oh my God that's terrible You got 62 people to unsubscribe Now before we go before you say that I Want to show you how this works because Once you see what I'm about to say here You're going to understand what I'm Talking about So look 88 000 people I sent to 15 open Rate that means 15 of people have opened The email 0.7 that means 624 people clicked on the Link that I sent them this is the Content here It says hey it's Chase we have a lot of People still on the fence about the Fortune Bots Academy so I went ahead and

Made our first lesson Publix you know What to expect the price went up Yesterday and it's going up again in the Next few days as we add more into the Program see what's inside so then what Happens is that we had I don't know 700 People click on this link right So Let's talk about what that means So in my case I had 700 people click on a link Now I need to figure out what each one Of those clicks is worth okay If I have no idea what the click is Worth I can't tell you how much I'm Making like I can show you my sales in Thrive card I'll actually show you right Now but I can't tell you How much it's worth for me to send an Email now this is actually how you break Down how much how much uh each broadcast Each email broadcast you do is worth So let me bring up Fortune Bots here This is our new boot camp So this is my actual stats on the back End and again I don't hide anything from You I'm not trying to like uh convince You of anything I'm showing you my Actual everything I do I'm showing you What I'm selling I'm showing you how Much money I'm making I don't hide Anything okay and the reason why again Is because I want you to show I want to Show you that this is legit this is like

An actual way to make money It's not something where it's like oh You you're magically making money online This is this is the real deal this is How I actually make hundreds of Thousands of dollars Okay so I started selling this back in I think Starting on the 10th okay So about six days ago I've made twenty nine thousand dollars Off of this course right I got 15 000 people to visit the landing page Now If I want to figure out how much each Email is worth how much money I make per Email per click I need to look at this Right here I need to look at these two Numbers number one is twenty nine Thousand okay So let's keep track of it 29 000. That's how much money we've made off This course so far I I believe I'll make Over a hundred thousand dollars by the End of this month on this by the way and Again it's not to brag I'm just showing You I'll explain to you why with actual Like this is math this isn't like me Coming up and uh uh uh just coming up With random numbers like this if you Look at the math here you'll understand Why So

Twenty nine thousand dollars is what I've made off of this in the last six Days funnel traffic is fifteen thousand Okay That means I got 15 000 visits and I Made twenty nine thousand dollars now All I have to do to figure out how much Each visit is worth is I just divide This number by this number okay so let's Go to calculator We're going to go to 20 we're going to Type in 29 000. And we're going to divide it by one Thousand five sorry 15 574. okay 1.8 so each So if I look at the stats here each Conversion or sorry each um visit each Each click is worth one dollar And 86 cents Now why do you need to know that Because If you know this number right 1.86 cents All you have to do is focus on traffic And you'll know how much money you make Right so let me show you with Um the email again wherever it went So if we got It was 706 clicks That means every email that I can get That gets around 700 clicks what do I Make Trying to find this stupid cat did I Exit out of the calculator There we go let's go back

1.86 times 700. Every email I do I make one thousand and Three hundred dollars right that might Sound insane but I'm not kidding Literally I click a button And I make one thousand three hundred Dollars now here's the thing if I want To make more money if I want to make Double this what do I have to do Any ideas All I have to do is double the amount of Clicks right So if I want to make One thousand sorry two thousand six Hundred and four dollars in a day I just double the clicks times two And so what am I multiplying by I'm Multiplying by another email Okay if I want to make more than this What do I do send another email And so you might be thinking Well it Can't be that easy right It is All you're doing is you're sending Traffic as much as you can and you're Focusing on this number Right So If I want to make a bunch of money I Just send a bunch of emails but you Might be saying well chase you can't Send a lot of emails you can't send Three to four emails a day That's too much you're gonna freak

People out Now I want to show you something and Again this is the most important thing I Think anybody can learn if you're if You're learning something on this video It doesn't matter what you think okay I Have plenty of people that say chase you Can't do that you can't do this And the reason I don't care What people say or what they think is Because It doesn't matter what you think what Matters is what are the numbers telling You And if the numbers are telling me I'm Getting 1.86 per click Then I'm going to send as many emails as I want to make as much money as I want Unless unless Show you this here Unless my net is lower than my uh is Sorry is higher my net profit is higher Than my net loss in terms of the emails That I'm getting okay So check this out if I go to my email List right now this is my emails over The last I don't know month 30 days I can click on Trying to look for the net Oh here oh wait this is the net okay I Can click on this so look at this so Even if I send out three to four emails A day check out my net So I sent three emails yesterday

My net Is 800 new subscribers net My net the day before was 498 my net the Day before that 520. Now look I'm getting 150 unsubscribes 240 unsubscribes But it doesn't matter because I'm not losing More than I'm gaining And so because of that I can just keep I Could literally send 10 emails a day and I would make 10x And as long as I'm not losing more than I'm gaining I'm going to keep earning As much money as I want with this Equation okay now I try to cap it at a Certain point like after like three to Four emails I try not to do more than That just because I like to have more and more subscribers I'd rather have bigger net as much as I Can just to keep building the list and And having access to more people But this equation really works like when I figured this out and I started sending As many emails as I wanted until I Started breaking even I was making a Crazy amount of money okay but again how Powerful Uh is this It's so powerful if you start building An email list and you understand this Equation you start focusing on this

Equation that I just gave you You're going to do extraordinarily well With anything that you sell online Doesn't matter okay So let's talk about the last part of This equation right because we talked About generating the emails we talked About Um building the list and selling And focusing on the net gain versus the Net loss but we haven't talked about how To automate this entire process And by the way this is just the surface Like there are so many other things that Go into this and I can't explain all of Them to you because it would take me an Extraordinarily long amount of time And so what I recommend is if you really Want to learn what I'm doing in real Time these are live calls again go to Fortunebots.com inside here you get Access to me and Ryan and and some People other people that were adding in Here we're even building a private Marketplace which I'm going to talk About in a second only the people in the Program but You get to ask me questions live and you Get to see what I'm doing step by step Over the shoulder live a lot of what I'm Showing you here is conceptual I'm Showing you how this stuff works in the Classes I'm actually giving you step by Step over the shoulder here's what you

Click on here's what you do I mean you're spending 300 bucks right Now to get in here and get 16 classes Over the next eight weeks so don't wait The price is actually going up I'm not Just saying that I'm not lying to you The price is going up if you're not in You need to get in All right so let's talk about the last Part of this equation okay we all good So far uh we're all on the same page I haven't read the email so man is a Genius thank you organically and by the Way I'm not a genius this is stuff that I just figured out through trial and Error like it I'm not anybody special Um a lot of this I've actually learned From other people like It's not A lot of it's more common sense than it Is Uncommon Sense it's just stuff that You have to like break down and make Simple because if you make it Complicated like you're not going to be Able to scale it the most simple things That you can imagine are the things that Scale the best Yeah yeah uh chase you will keep earning As you have the audience to do so and Your audience we are Well I mean like look I obviously make a lot of money because I have an audience but that's what I'm Showing you how to do right now like

Ideally the first thing you would do is Get some sort of income so you can Support yourself and then you would Start building an audience so you don't Have to work for anybody except for Yourself You first have to build trust right Uh yeah that's another thing and again Like I said I can't go over everything Because you want to focus on building a Relationship you want to focus on Automating the follow-up you want to Focus on figuring out how to build Scarcity uh you want to figure out how To add value inside of the things that You're already offering like there's so Many other things and I can't go into All of it right now What's the difference to the AI profits Course the AI profits course is a um Behind the scenes recording right it's Like uh it's like the textbook of what You're going to want to do step-by-step Videos there's like 100 videos in there And it's all videos that I've already Made showing you what you need to do to To do this Um the the this the fortunebot academy Fortuneboss.com this is these are live Zoom trainings where I'm teaching you And giving you homework assignments in Real time so One is something that you can Participate actively in and see what I'm

Doing in real time and the other one is A step-by-step actual like Hands-On Course with recordings of things that I've done that made me successful Um I'm about to sell a course on my website Like udemy what's the best advice you Can give me Uh just exactly what we're talking about Right here All right So Let's talk about Automating this process okay now you Can't automate your money until you Autumn so there's so there's two things We want to talk about there's front end And back-end sales okay And when you start out You need to focus on your front end if You don't have any front-end sales you Can't monetize it back in what I mean by This front end basically means Sorry I'm trying to get out of all this Front end basically means you're selling Something To get your first customer right or or To get your first sale To get a sale From a customer as their first buy Basically so front end is hey buy this First Okay right now when I tell people get Into the fortune Bots Academy I'm saying

Buy this first right this is the first Thing that you should buy Now ideally when you start selling Front-end stuff you're gonna make Pretty much all your money selling the Thing that they should buy first right So this is how you usually get to around 100K a month Just selling something on the front end Now the problem though is when you start Looking at your stripe account or Whatever you're getting paid out with You're going to see that the average Average lifetime value Well TV of your customers around Whatever I don't know 300 bucks okay Now here's the issue If you want to start scaling to more Than a hundred thousand dollars a month You need to figure out how to Get your average lifetime value of a Customer up you need to figure out how To get people to buy things from you not Just once not just twice but over and Over and over again And so that's when you look at the back End what do you sell people after They're already a customer Okay and that's kind of a harder thing To figure out because you want to create Something that's really valuable on the Front end that people can buy but you Also want to create something that's Different enough on the back end that

Once they buy they have a reason to buy Something else So It's very important to Focus on the front end first just to Just to get people in the door and then It's very important to figure out Um you know where what what next Opportunity can will they have And so your first front end really goes From like this email opt-in or sorry Content like some sort of content email Opt-in Usually some sort of sale like uh you Know course or tool or uh service Obviously but Services aren't as Scalable because again you have to Fulfill them but Services I think are More of a back end thing and I'll Explain why in a second let's just say It's quartz or cool And then on the back end right after They buy into something like this like An affiliate link or a course then once They're in you can say okay You can start offering things that they Might want like a done for you solution And this is what we're actually doing Right now inside of Fortune Bots Okay so I'll again I'll be completely Transparent with you so what we're doing Is we're selling the fortune Bots Academy right so live training live Training

Now in the classes what we're doing is We're saying hey if you want us to do This for you right there's a lot of People that are joining the classes you Know they don't want to generate their Own leads they don't want to do their Own Tick Tock videos they don't want to Do their own blog posts or whatever it Is they don't want to do their own SEO Audits And so we're doing is we're building a Marketplace on the back end we already Released this to people in the in the Training nobody else has access to this Except for the people in the training Because we're testing it out Inside the marketplace what we're doing Is we're offering fun for you leads Right we'll just do the leads for you We'll just build your leads for you We're doing gun for you this is Something we're setting up right now as Well done for you short form content Like Tick Tock videos so you will give You your own tick tocker that'll build You your videos we're basically done for You anything that you need to build your List right So the cool thing is when we sell this On the front end right we're selling the Training so they can learn how to do it But on the back end if they don't want To do it They have that option so now we're

Monetizing the front end and the back End okay Now why am I telling you this the reason I'm telling you this is because it's Very important again to think about the Long-term goal of what you want to do If you don't have an idea on what you're Going to be selling yet and you don't Have an idea on how you're going to Build your list then it might be better For you to just buy into somebody else Who does it for you So I'll give you an example of how I'm Doing this for myself because I'm not Going to sell anything that I wouldn't Personally buy myself okay So what I did a few months ago is I went On Tick Tock and I started looking for An some sort of influencer somebody that Would be interested in doing my videos For me okay Why would I do this Obviously I can do my own YouTube videos I can do my own tick tocks I can do like Right now I'm doing a live stream and I'm showing you Right in real time Uh how to do this stuff and then I'm Pointing you to my course or whatever I'm selling Why don't I just have somebody else do It Because first of all I like doing these

Videos but second of all I haven't Completely automated it yet it's Something that I'm in the process of Because you can always automate You can always automate what you're Doing but it's it but the important Thing to think about is how do you Automate what already works for you And so this is something that a mentor Of mine guy that makes millions and Millions of dollars we were just on the Phone the other day I was asking him I Said you know hey dude What do I need to focus on And he said well you need to automate What you're doing And I said well you know I'm trying to Automate Um Tick Tock I'm trying to automate my Emails I'm trying to automate everything Right and he said no dude don't automate Everything Automate what already works Okay and so the the lesson here is you Don't want to start automating something Until you're able to accomplish it Yourself Because then you have the formula you See what I'm saying If you start trying to automate Something that you haven't done yourself Meaning you're trying to hand it off to Somebody else and you haven't personally Done it you can't

You there's not a way for you to know How well it's going to work and so you Want to prove it yourself first And so You also there's another thing that's Very important You also want to figure out A 2X the thing that works best okay so If you were to look at two things that You're doing well right now how do you Double down on those things So for me I know tick-tocks do really Well because they generate the emails And they help me get the front front-end Sales Also know the YouTube videos like this One do really well because they help Sell what I'm selling because people see That I'm a real person I'm willing to Come on here I'm willing to be Transparent and then they buy for me so The two things that make me the most Money Are my tick tocks My emails And then I guess three and my YouTube Videos okay so how do I double down on Those how do I do more of that Well I need to take the formula okay Tick Tock I have a formula My emails I have a formula YouTube I have a formula okay and so Ideally the only thing that I should be Focusing on

Is this Shouldn't be focusing on really anything Else because this is where I make all my Money so it doesn't matter if somebody's Doing something with Bitcoin over here Or this person's crushing it with uh Instagram It doesn't matter what matters is I have A formula that works and I need to Double down on that formula And so the question isn't can I Necessarily be better at at doing tick Tocks the question is Can I double my output And Not have to put as much into the process Personally because I only have so many Hours in a day right if I want to double Down on something I want to double down Without doubling my time okay So How do I do that I build a framework I hand the framework to somebody else And I give them money in exchange for This now the thing is is that You want to figure out how do you make So this is another really important Thing that I think a lot of people mess Up on and it's something I messed up on In the past You want your money To give you more solutions not problems Okay so most people what they do let me Do another picture here

Go up here new So most people what they do Is they get paid money right they work a Job They do an affiliate maybe they do some SEO for somebody But again they're sad why why are they Sad Because They're getting money Right but their money that they're Getting is just creating more problems Because whoops Because they're not using their money to To work for them they're working for Their money and so if you want more Money like this is what most people do Is they make money right let's say you Made a thousand dollars helping a client Or you made a thousand dollars doing Affiliate or let's say you worked Nine-ditch private and you made a Thousand dollars well guess what if you Want to make another thousand dollars What do you have to do Right let's say you spent eight hours I mean that's pretty high hourly rate Let's say you spent 20 hours 50 an hour You spent 20 hours to make a thousand Dollars Well what if you want to make two Thousand dollars you just double down Right work 40 hours and that's what most People do most people

They say Okay I want to make more money So I'm going to work more time but guess What there's only 24 hours in a day and So at some point what's going to happen Is you're going to realize That you have no more time you're going To be exhausted you're not going to have Um any fun right you're just going to be Spending all this time working the clock And at some point you're going to Realize I need to do something different And so the the difference here between People that make a lot of money and the People that don't Is that the people who make money take The money they're making instead of Working more for their money they make Their money work for them How do you do that okay so here's your Money up here Let's say you got I don't know a couple Thousand dollars in the bank there you Go let's say you got two thousand bucks In the bank Hey how do you make that work for you So what you do is you use this money to Buy time okay But not your time because you can't buy More of your own time right you buy Other people's time Like this so here's somebody else Who Is over here who's just getting started And you wanna and here's the thing

Though is you don't want to just buy People's time you want to you want to Teach them as well because I don't like Hiring employees I like hiring people That'll end up being Partners okay I Don't think anybody should have to work A nine to five job nine to five job long Term I think that everybody should use What they're doing as a way to learn Until they can get to the point where They have money and then they can Reinvest in whatever they want to build Okay So let's say here I am over here with Two thousand dollars in a bank and I Hire somebody to help me do what Well I'm gonna help them have them help Me double down on what I know works Okay Like give an example of this let's go Back over to the Notepad So with tick tocks I know I can get I Don't know 300 emails per Tick Tock okay And if I can make if I can get 300 Emails and those 300 emails can generate Me I don't know 100 views to a link and I know each View Is worth 1.86 And as long As I'm breaking even at least at least Breaking even I'll know that I'm growing An asset like my email list

And eventually I will make more money Than the thing that I'm spending money On okay so let's say I get 100 views I I Get 300 views from a 300 emails from a Tick tock and I make 186 dollars from The first email I sent okay And all I have to do is make sure that I'm not spending more than 186 dollars on a tick tock on a tick Tock video So What do I do instead maybe I spend 20 Dollars Per Tick Tock well now I can scale this Right now because I figured out the Formula I can say okay I can double down Without spending more time I can use the Framework that I'm using to make money And I can I can pay twenty dollars per Tick Tock and make 186 dollars So but you see what I'm saying here this Is all just a math equation it's just a Numbers game And the more you can look at the numbers And less on the opinion here's what most People do that they mess up on most People They say oh that will never work Or people hate emails Right or they'll say Tick Tock and short form videos are only For children Now here's the thing It does this is what I'm going back to

It does not matter what you think it Doesn't matter if you think that this System sucks it doesn't matter if you Think that videos are stupid it doesn't Matter what you think What matters is the numbers okay and and The biggest here's the real biggest Reason why I see people fail it's Because they automatically disqualify Themselves from succeeding by having These limiting beliefs where they're Coming to a conclusion before they've Before they've actually measured the Result okay most people will say that Doesn't work and they're not even Looking at the data I remember back in The day I had a client And you can look up the video too it's a It's like my Roofing the roofing company I was working with I got on a call with the guy He gave me two thousand dollars and he Said Chase I gave you two thousand dollars But I don't see an increase in leads And I said oh that's interesting Um you know how many calls are you Getting well you know I'm getting around This many per day okay Oh okay let me go check your data so I Went into his analytics I was with us on A screen share with him and I showed him The conversions I showed him the actual Metrics

And if you compared the metrics from the Month that we were in versus the last Month you could see that he went up by 100 leads And he literally said to me oh that's Not possible I said okay well let's go look in your Account and we actually pulled up the Call recordings look here's all of Deletes here's all the recordings of People calling And then he said oh wow that's Incredible great work Now again what was he doing He said oh that will never work or this Doesn't work or SEO sucks or whatever Was going on in his head and most people Create these limiting beliefs before They actually look at the data I don't Make these numbers up I don't come on Here to tell you things that don't work I show you I showed you in this video I Said hey look this is how much money I'm Making I broke down the math equation I Showed you how many email clicks I'm Getting I showed you how many people are Going to the landing page I showed you How many sales I'm getting I gave you the exact formula and so Whether or not you agree with me whether Or not you like me whether or not you Have an opinion about what I'm doing if You look at the numbers they don't lie Okay numbers don't lie

People do okay so look at the numbers And and come up come to the conclusion For yourself whether or not it works Okay But that's pretty much it that's the Formula and if you can get this formula Down I'm telling you it will change the Entire way you do things online It's not going to happen overnight You're not going to just understand You're not going to watch this one video And be like oh I understand everything This is something I've been doing for Like seven years now And so obviously it takes work obviously You have to learn it it's not something Like you just watch a video and then You're like all of a sudden making Hundreds of thousands of dollars But this is how you actually scale this Is how you go from making zero dollars To hundreds of thousands of dollars per Month and I'm showing you in real time I'm showing you that I'm actually making This money and this is exactly what I'm Doing that's it and again there's other Things that I'm doing too I wish I had More time to show you I have to go to The gym otherwise I'm never gonna work Out today But it's so important that you Understand this now because the the the Second you can remove yourself and your Ego from the situation and oh this

Doesn't work and that won't work and I Don't you know I don't believe in and Doing YouTube videos and blah blah blah The second you remove yourself from the Equation and just look at the stats That's when you can start making money And you can start doing what works okay So again follow what I do not what I say Watch what I'm doing look at the stuff That I'm doing draw your own conclusions Figure out if you want to do it yourself But again if you want to see everything I'm doing because I can't show you Everything on here because it's going to Take me extraordinarily long amount of Time go to fortunebots.com get into the Live classes there's no reason why you Shouldn't be in here if you can't make The 300 that you spend on this back I Would be really really surprised I'm not Kidding yesterday in our Facebook group Go look in our Facebook group the AI Profits community You'll see 20 testimonials in 24 hours And literally the last day Of people that are using these systems To get started and look at this guy this Guy just set put a screenshot in the Group about how he's got 400 leads in The last 24 hours just using our Bots And automation like we're doing Real stuff we're do this is the real Deal okay And don't take it from me look at you

Know do your own research do what you Want but We're not we're not like selling some Sort of get rich thing we're not selling Like oh you're gonna is this gonna Happen overnight we're selling real step By step here's how you get started Here's how you scale here's how you keep Going if you're at you know wherever Level you're at Anyways uh thanks so much man I learned So much I follow your principles by the Way are you a top G Um I haven't shaved my head yet so I Don't know if that's uh I I know I did Shave my head at one point but That was because I was trying to look Like Neil Patel Um but yeah guys I hope you got some Value from this video let me know if you Did if you're watching this video later Just leave a comment say what's up Um one other thing I want to mention if You're not in the group I just want you To want to get you in there really quick Uh it's a free group go to Facebook I'll Leave a link In the chat I don't know if you guys Will see this on the replay or not but Um it's really taking a long time to Load on my other screen It's just AI profits community I just put it in the chat Yeah

Um that's it we'll see the next one Until we do happy money making we'll see You guys bye

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