I GOT MARRIED!!! ✨ Entrepreneurial Budgeting & Planning for a Wedding

So if you're ever wondering why I was Gone for the past month and have not Published a single video well that is Because I'm not single anymore somebody Has put a ring on it people I have Gotten married in the past months I got Married officially March 15 and then we Have a ceremony wedding on March 27th That is so weird that I actually have Two weddings and it's crazy just saying That now what we're going to be talking About in this video is how you're going To be planning and budgeting at your Wedding as an entrepreneur and this is No easy feat I've learned so many things In the past four months of just me Planning it I started planning it in December the wedding was on March and I Can also tell you the pros and cons of Two different types of weddings which is The ceremonial wedding and the Civil Wedding what are the pros and cons of Each how do you plan each one so on and So forth so without further Ado let's Dive Right In Okay first and foremost let us stop Thinking about this as an Roi event okay Because I made that very mistake wherein Okay I can Splurge the certain amount of Money in my wedding because anyway I'm Just going to be able to make it back I'll be making money in the few days Before the wedding I'll be able to make It back so on and so forth that's how

Entrepreneurs think right you're Probably thinking okay we're going to Spend this much money in our wedding day Because you know we're just going to be Making it back let's stop right there You are not going to be able to make That money back it's a personal expense Whatever you're going to make in your Business is not something that you can Patch or reimburse into that very Personal expense which is in this case Your wedding so that is not going to Happen just stop thinking about it that Way okay so with that said I had two Weddings which is the Civil wedding in The ceremony wedding the Civil wedding Only cost 160 bucks 160 dollars just to get the certificate The registration whatever thing the Civil registrar was asking of us and Then with the ceremonial wedding I think It can go anywhere from two thousand Dollars to five thousand dollars to Something like that right so in my mind I was really thinking I don't want my Wedding to go and reach ten thousand Dollars or half a million pesos like That is not logical and I'm not going to Go that route and so I made it very Simple very personalized we only invited Our personal or very close friends but How did it happen that I had two Weddings to cut the long story short When you are a Roman Catholic and you

Opt for a church wedding you actually Need to compile your baptismal Certificate confession and Confirmation Certificates put that all together Submit that that to the church so that You can present to them that you are Actually a Roman Catholic and you have Gone through all these sacraments now I Had those papers but since we were Transferring from one city to another All my entire life it was very hard for Us to be able to trace where is that Certificate where is this so on and so Forth and I could have myself Re-baptized again but we don't have that Apple of time already and so we simply Opted for a civil wedding which can give Us illegal Bond or the legal documents That we need in order to legalize our Marriage so without the church being Able to give us as a privilege the Marriage contract that we're going to be Asking to legalize our bond we then Approached the local government unit or The Civil register in order to make sure That our marriage is legal they are the Ones that provided did our marriage Contract and that's why we did a civil Wedding so in terms of the Civil wedding It's a very easy way of doing things you Just need to make sure that you have all The documents you need to pass to the Civil Rights sure like a certificate of No marriage birth certificate all those

Things you can pile that together you Submit it to the Civil register and then You will be scheduled by the court when Your wedding is going to be you have no Say when is that going to be exactly That's so weird that's why on our Marriage contract we got married in March 15th and then we had a ceremonial Wedding on March 27th because we could Opt for the Civil wedding to behold or Held a few days before the ceremonial Wedding but we actually have no say About it at all but to our end it was Just like okay whatever day it's going To be as long as we get married you know There so that's how our civil wedding Went we went there for 20 minutes and After that we said our ideas we went out We ate with our Witnesses and then after That I went home and I even had a Webinar after So you probably also watch that very Webinar because I uploaded it here I Went live on YouTube so that is awesome All in all I think we have spent 160 or 180 dollars just to get everything set Plus the food that we spent when we ate At the at the restaurant which is like a Hundred dollars so probably like roughly 250 dollars you can go already get Married in terms of a civil wedding Right that is actually what's happening Here in the Philippines it's very cheap Very easy in and out kind of thing it

Was special in a way that it was the First time that we said our promises and Our vows to each other in front of our Parents and that is not an easy feat I Tell you so it was not easy for us to Kiss each other at the lips and you know Let our parents know about it but but it Was a very common go thing it was very Short-lived and to people who just wants To get married for example you have Already cohabitated with each other for The past 10 years it's like why do we Need to have a ceremonial wedding still You know like that kind of mindset or Thinking that's okay there's no harm in That you can choose to have a civil Wedding actually when I was so already Stressed with the wedding planning For the ceremonial wedding which will Happen two weeks after the Civil wedding I was already thinking to myself I wish I just opted with the Civil wedding Because you know my husband was already Okay with the whole assuming wedding Thing so so I was just because I was Already so stressed I was like oh when Is this going to end I think I was just Thinking about that but it does require A lot of stress when you're doing the Whole ceremonial wedding thing but it is Definitely worth it now going to the Ceremonial wedding we spent I think Roughly around three thousand dollars to Five thousand dollars it is like

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250 000 pesos ish to 300 000 pesos it's A very small wedding and I'm telling you That because again let's think about it This way you want it to be special this Is not for your visitors this is for you And your husband so what we did that Allowed us to cut the cost was that we Only invited 74 people like that is our Family and friends and our very like the Closest friends that we could ever find Our rule was that my husband and I Should have met this person this person Has impacted our lives in the past years Right so that was the rule so my husband And I have met have hang out with that Person and they cannot even bring a plus One so there are people basically we Allowed them to bring plus ones right Because it's either they they're Cohabiting or we have already hang out With those two people we're friends with Them also so that was like no no big Deal for us like it's okay right to have Them there and they're already counted Also in that 74 or 75 people that we Have invited so our plus one rule is That you cannot bring a plus one if we Haven't hung out or neither does the Brew the groom and the bride has hang Out with that person or we have not met That person or you're not go habiting Right so it's a very strict rule in Terms of plus one and I'm so glad that No one in the winning ever bought a plus

One wrought rather a plus one right so That's how crazy it is I I just feel Like I'm so intimidating a type of Person that they would actually follow My instructions and my husband is also Way firm and straightforward like if There is anyone who can tell you right To your face who you are and what what The hell are you doing that's my husband Like I am in the side I'm a little bit Intimidating and I can be bossy but I'm Not very confrontational but my husband Is so you know it's a win-win situation For us there's that now we did a lot of Customizing so apart from the fact that We only have invited our closest that We're friends we also made sure that we Have cut down the cost on Plenty of Things I only splurged on the wedding Gown in the video that's it those are The two things that are completely out Of my budget and then I also had my Husband buy his own stuff you buy your Own suit you buy the suit or the outfit That you want your groomsmen and your Best men to have I'll also be the one Buying the clothes that I want for my Bridesmaids and my maid of honors to Have and so we also only had three Maids Of honor and three best men we did not Have plenty of groomsmen they were all Our best friends and so it only makes Sense for them to like be put in one Place all right so we also didn't have

Principal sponsors we kind of have but Basically they are our aunts and uncles So we had secondary sponsors like the Parents of our friends yeah that's Basically it we did not have like this Really huge Entourage the ring bearer And the coin Bearer were my brothers to Which my mom and my dad also bought the Clothing because here in the Philippines It's like a very important thing for you To as a groom and the bride to be able To spend money on the groomsmen and Everyone else's clothing Which is not what we have done so we Made sure that the Entourage is very Small the visitors were only 74. we Splurged on food I think I made sure That the food was good we ordered a Mobile cocktail because I we knew for a Fact that our people we are consist of Heavy Drinkers and then the third one we Also had a really good grazing table so We just made sure of those things and I Splurged more on my wedding gown in the Videography Until the video was a little bit of out Of budget but it was very nice like a it Was our favorite song that they played They really followed their instructions And whatsoever so it was awesome great So apart from that me as a digital Marketer you already know what kind of Invites they sent I did a digital invite Okay so I created a whole landing page

Of our wedding so they just go there They sign the RSVP we had the forums Collected it was so easy and less stress But then I also had to design my Physical invite because you need to Print one or at least two so that you Can present something to the Photographer when they're shooting the Details of the wedding so that was an Easy feat because you know you were a Graphic designer back in a day so I Created all the design invites the name Cards we even have this very cute name Cards that were placed on our visitors Table just thanking them of how they Have impacted our lives so for example One that we have for one of my besties Who is maid of honor was a Charlie and Thank you for the solid loyal Unpretentious friendship thank you for Coming so something like that so we did That also in the name cards I've done That all so that's all you can say that I am stressed but everything is now Worth it it's all done Thank you so what is my advice if you Want to start planning this whole thing With your wedding again number one stop Thinking that you're going to Roi this because you're not going to okay so Just leave it out of your mind the Second one negotiate all the prices at All cost okay so don't try to be timid And shy like oh my God like I'm not

Going to negotiate my prizes or your Prizes that's the supplier because You're probably going to think that I'm A cheap steak Cheapskate rather I just said cheap Steak I want mine well done so don't be Afraid of people calling you Cheapskate Because you are negotiating and you're Trying to meet them halfway don't also Be entitled because they're like oh my God expensive you know your prices Shouldn't be like that so it's not that You ask them kindly if you could meet Them halfway because for example with my Wedding gown it was supposedly being More expensive And it's like double the price of the Budget that I have and the designer and I were able to meet halfway and she said Okay I can give this to you for this but I'm not going to be able to give you Like a veil a box and whatever a purse For your wedding day and whatsoever and I was completely okay with that because Those are the things that I don't need Anyway so we were able to meet halfway And always negotiate your prices so that You can save plenty of money don't spend Too much on wedding rings I do not Understand why people are spending like 30 000 pesos or 600 or even one thousand Dollars on a pair of wedding rings like That is crazy do you know how much we Have spent on our wedding rings and it

Was me and my husband who even like Split the bill in half in order to get This because I was so worried I did not Really want to spend 600 to 700 or even A thousand dollars what on a wedding Ring but I really wanted it to be new And to be special we already have our Promise rings and we were even thinking Like let's just use our promise ring Because we have bought it like a year Before and this was worth three hundred Dollars for the pair And he bought me this engagement ring That is actually very cheap but I'm Still wearing it up to up until this day We were just thinking like let's just Have a wedding ring that is cool you Know like is heavy but we really need to Find something that is not out of our Budget so imagine our promise ring is 300 our wedding ring is only 180 bucks haha And it's already a nice pair so I saw This ad of these wedding ring company Called The Ring shop so if only the Ring Shop can give me like an affiliate Commission on this one They have the cheapest wedding rings or The cheapest Rings they are but they're Very durable and they're actually heavy Like it's crazy they are using I think If I'm not mistaken Um Titanium carbide As the material for the wedding rings

That's why it's heavy and it's durable And we're very much happy with the Wedding rings like I was so excited when The wedding rings arrived and I was like Oh my God like it's so nice what are Other things that I could advise well You can again you can split the costs Together with your husband or in your Spouse rather in our case I'm the one Who earns more so I think it was Basically like a common sense that I Should be the one that's spending more And basically I'm the one who wants like This really nice wedding because my Husband was completely okay with this Little wedding already But you know yeah I was the one who Spent more and then he was the one who Spent money on a suit his best man you Know all these other things were Assigned to him it's like we really Divided and split the build not entirely 50 50 but that's okay with me because Then again I'm the one who earns more so There you have it those are our tips and Tricks on how you can plan your writing As an entrepreneur stop thinking that You can Roi this again like I said That three times already in a row I just Want to make sure that you don't make The same mistake that I did so there you Have it I hope that you have learned Something and please last but not the Least I hope that you make sure that the

One you're going to marry is the one That you can talk about your whole life With You know because I almost got married to A different person right so if you don't Know that chica but I'm just going to Say before you make any decision like These huge decisions in your life just Make sure that you really want this Person for the rest of your life not Because there is an external tingling Thing because I know that I was staying In a past relationship because there Were external factors right so there There could be prop in your case there Could be external factors that are Pressuring you in terms of staying with That person and thinking that you want To marry that person but when you are Making the right decision in terms of Getting married you will find that Everything is easy like you will stare At that person on your wedding day and You'll be like I'm happy like I'm glad that you're the Person that I'm saying these vows to you Know like teary eyed right now but yeah So aside from the planning and the Budgeting advice I'm also going to give you a love advice And a little bit so And there you have it I'm not going to Make this video any longer it's been too Long it's like 22 minutes as I'm

Recording this so I hope that you have Learned something thank you so much I'll See you in the next video

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