I got MONETIZED as fast as I could – HERE’S HOW

YouTube just emailed me and told me I'm Monetized which is great because I only Uploaded my first video four weeks ago Here's the email they sent me and here's The watch time so I've learned a lot Over the last three years from having a Couple of YouTube channels and recently I decided to set up a new channel to see How quickly and easily I could get it Monetized turns out that's about four Weeks and in this video I'm going to Show you how I did it and I'm going to Show you how you can do it too whether You want to earn money through the YouTube Partner program and AdSense Through affiliate marketing links or Through promoting your own product this Video is for you now growing a YouTube Channel is challenging there are YouTube Channels created every second by people Aiming to be the next Mr Beast but the Odds are stacked against them and part Of the reason the odds are stacked Against them is they're trying to get Their their traffic from the wrong place YouTube search and I fully understand Why people go after this search traffic It's the same traffic you would go after If you had a Blog that was full of your Affiliate links the trouble is YouTube Channels are not going to grow easily With this kind of traffic let's look at An example let's say you want to take a Screenshot on your Mac but you don't

Know how so you go to YouTube and you Type into the search how to take a Screenshot on my Mac you click on the First video you work out what to do and Then you hit the back button most people Are not going to click like subscribe or Even visit that channel again in fact if That channel pops up in your feed again You're likely to ignore it or think What's this growing fast on YouTube is Different to YouTube search because YouTube already knows how to put your Content in front of people who want to Consume it you just need to get those People's attention and keep them Watching so rather than leveraging YouTube search we're going to leverage YouTube browse features and YouTube Suggested and to do this we have to Follow a simple three-step plan but First some background whenever you Upload a video onto YouTube YouTube will Test that video on channel pages and Suggested but if no one's clicking and Spending any time watching then the Video is going to get quickly dropped And so to get them to click and get them To keep watching here is all you need to Do one attract attention to your video With a thumbnail image two get people Interested enough in your video with the Title so that they click through three Get these people to watch for at least 30 seconds and if you can do these three

Simple steps YouTube will reward you With a lot of relevant traffic enough to Pursue over 1 000 subs and four thousand Hours of watch time in just a few weeks Enough traffic to get your Channel Growing and keep it ever growing today I'm launching my YouTube Creator course In this course you'll learn everything You need to start your YouTube channel And grow it fast using a channel I've Done this with as a basic case study a Channel that grows fast so you get Monetized in weeks not years and Speaking of monetization here is the First partial month of AdSense revenue From my new channel so if you'd like a Course that takes you by the hand and Leads you step by step through the whole Process of setting up a successful YouTube channel then this is it and to Sweeten the deal for the launch of this Course you can get over 50 percent off But this is for a limited time so you Need to act now click the link in the Description to get started now and You'll never look back

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