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What Can’t Printing Services Do for You?

Printing services have a lot of great options for creating text and image-based products. From mailers to t-shirts and everything in between, you are bound to find their business useful to you.

Oh No! Not the Phone?

The Cure for Common Call Reluctance… Making phone calls is not part of every entrepreneur’s lead generation efforts, but selling is necessary for any business actively working to attract new clients; and sometimes it includes picking up the phone and making a call.

The Benefits of Online Printing Services

In a time when convenience is critical, using online printing services should be an easy choice. Read about why you should be doing all of your printing this way.

Tips for Saving Money When Using Printers

Whether you’re copying a few documents for a meeting or you need 5,000 pamphlets to hand out, the cost can add up. Here are a few ways to save money when you’re using printers.

Five Project Options for Custom Printing

You might wonder what types of projects are possible with custom printing. Explore this virtually infinite world to see where your imagination takes you.

Four Creative Marketing Materials Commercial Printers Can Make For You

Think commercial printers only make business cards and brochures? Think again. Read on to learn about some of the new, more creative methods of advertising these businesses offer.

Political Signs: Dos or Don’ts?

Political signage comes in many shapes, sizes and materials, from magnetics to your standard lawn signs. But do they actually work? By “working,” this means convincing people to vote for the candidate being represented. The answer is yes and no. Political signs work by optimizing name recognition, which is the bread and butter of campaigning. David Mayhew, a political scientist, says, “To be perceived at all is to be perceived favorably.” One of the most popular types of political signage is lawn signs, and a Vanderbilt University study indicates these signs work. One Vanderbilt study was simple: Put up four big signs for fictional Benn Griffin, school board candidate, near a middle school. Just three days afterward, a poll showed parents who drove by these signs were 10 percent likelier to vote for Griffin.

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