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The Market Is Always Right and Listen for Profitable Small Business Marketing Clues!

Marketing especially when it comes to our own Small Businesses can often be more of an art that it is a science. As a Professional Marketer, very early on I was trained to understand the concept that ‘You are always wrong and the market is always right’. This thinking is very important when it comes to success in this area. That is, being sensitive to what the market thinks and adapting your approach on an ongoing basis.

The 80/20 Rule in Network Marketing

So if you have been around for a while you will know of this theory. But I will go into today in some detail for the new people on the block. The 80/20 rule is a way of measuring your success within network marketing and also a way in which to guide yourself and stay sane to a degree.

The “Penny Gap” And The Power Of FREE!

If you haven’t already encountered “Free!” in your industry, you soon will. “Free!” is one of the most powerful marketing tools employed by manufacturers and distributors, and it is here to stay. Why not, it works. The question you have to answer is when to use “Free!” for your products and services and when and how to combat it when your competition uses it.

Marketing Strategy: How to Develop Your Audience and Grow Your Business

When it comes to successful marketing, knowing your audience is everything. The increasing reliance on the internet has led to audiences becoming more fragmented and dispersed and as a result of that, marketing has had to become more narrowly targeted than ever. Understanding and developing your audience has become even more essential than it was five or ten years ago. The more information you have about what your target audience wants and needs the more easily you can target your marketing to meet their needs and engage them over the long term.

Market Allocentrics

Market Allocentricity is a new concept which talks about understanding the marketspace, that is the mindspace by being supremely empathetic with it. A complete knowledge of the customer takes you no where, if you want to make the real impact know him as deeply as possible and empathize with him. Then you will rule the world of minds, the market of markets.

Considering Trade Shows To Grow Your Sales? Consider Another Way

Companies spend a lot of money exhibiting at trade shows to presumably show their products and services to interested customers. The return on investment by exhibiting at these events is not what it once was. There are too many other ways available for companies to introduce new things to the market, and marketing spend should be dedicated to what works today, not yesterday.

Common Mistakes in Lead Generation

Lead generation helps a business grow and become sustainable, but there are still some who make the common mistakes in generating contacts. Highlighting the most common pitfalls will help them consciously observe their strategy implementation and lessen the probability of making these easily overlooked practices.

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