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Why Multimedia Is Important in Online ">Marketing

If we had to pick one word to describe today’s online experience, “dynamic” might be a good choice. Whereas the early days of the web featured mostly static pages with lots of text and not much else, the sites you see now are bursting with information of all kinds, with a lot of two-way interaction and audience engagement and activities. The advent of multimedia, of ">course, has played a huge and important role in this evolution.

iPad: The Retail Mobile Commerce Champion

As more studies are conducted, it is becoming increasing clear that the iPad is becoming the champion of mobile commerce. According to the 2013 Adobe Digital Index, it has been found that retailers generate greater sales through tablets than they do through smartphones (see our most recent blog, “Why Retailers Should Focus Their Mobile Commerce Strategy on Tablets”). Although Android-based tablets have gained a larger global market share over Apple’s iPad, with the statistics and studies available, the iPad

Making the Most of Your LinkedIn Page

For many years, it seemed like LinkedIn cruised along without making many changes. As a result, many people, both on a personal and business level, set their accounts up and then left them to stagnate. Over the past year, however, LinkedIn has made a lot of improvements to the site, so if you haven’t updated your profile in a while, now is a great time.

Merits of Using Customer Surveys in Your ">Marketing Strategy

Customer surveys help you to get insight into the perception about your staff, services, and your reputation in the market. Customer surveys are often ignored by B2B firms due to their lack of knowledge about its effectiveness.

List Building: Don’t Touch Your Business Until You Have a Customer List!

Businesses spend millions of dollars on advertising. What’s a small company to do when you don’t have millions of dollars? List Build! You can have access to as many people as McDonald’s with this simple trick of the business world!

Where to Purchase Quality Blood Collection Sets

Purchase quality blood collection sets for safe blood collection from a reliable lab equipment supplier.Examine various models of blood collection sets and choose a premium quality product that meets your needs.

Don’t Lose Out On Money By Writing Bad Sales Letters

Are you frustrated with writing sales letters that don’t bring in money? Are you wasting time writing sales letters that don’t grab your reader’s attention? Are you willing to put in the time and effort needed to create a winning sales letter? People just like you are paying top dollar to experts to write copy for them but you don’t have to because we’re going to go over exactly what you need to do to craft the best sales letter possible to increase your profits.

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