I Tried Using ChatGPT To Earn $485 In Just 1 Week

Okay guys today I'm gonna try to use Chat GPT Ai and try to make 485 dollars In just one week I've been seeing so Many videos lately where people are Claiming to be making thousands upon Thousands of dollars pretty easily Leveraging chat GPT and I'll be honest I'm pretty skeptical about most of them The whole community of make money online YouTube is full of bold claims Unrealistic earning numbers and Sometimes just plain nonsense and also Not to brag or anything but I'm a Copywriter myself and using these two Human hands I've made over a hundred Thousand dollars writing copy and every Time I read something a hundred percent Generated by AI it just kind of sucks I Mean yes AI can definitely write stuff But just not very well doesn't really do A good job at writing like a human go Figure right but that's important Because what I've learned about making Money online as a copywriter is you Really need to lean into the whole Writing as a human thing to make money Because after all you're writing for Humans so it only really makes sense That our human Spidey senses would start Tingling every time we read a whole Bunch of hundred percent AI generated Copy but that brought me to my brilliant Idea for this video after browsing what Seems to be hundreds of different make

Money with chat GPT videos on YouTube I Came up with a little strategy that I Think might work that I don't think many People are really focused on because From what I've seen every video about Making money with chat GPT was focused On making money easily on autopilot 100 AI generated copy that you'd post Somewhere and it would miraculously make You money how to make money with chat Gbt passively lazily all those types of Videos you see what I'm saying Everyone's focused on letting AI do all The work but like like I said I'm a pro Copywriter so I had this idea of you Know what if I combine something like Chat GPT you know AI copywriting with my Copywriting skills to create a sort of Semi-passive income stream while still Leveraging AI my strategy was simple I'd Think of 10 different blog post ideas That I thought would go viral or at Least had the potential to go viral Because the reality is going viral is Such a you know unpredictable thing These days so I think of 10 blog post Ideas honestly I'm going to focus a lot Around AI chat GPT copywriting things Like that similar to the the topic of This video I think of 10 different ideas For blog blog posts and in those blog Posts my plan is to include some Numbered lists because everybody loves a Bulleted list right so this is where the

Chat GPT part comes in I would use chat GPT to create the content that I would Include in these articles to compile These lists in each blog post basically Chat GPT would be providing the value of Each blog post the list then I use my Human-powered copywriting brain to write Up the rest of the blog post and in the Spirit of doing things easily by Leveraging chat GPT I was just going to Keep it simple I'd write an intro to Each blog post I'd revise and just do a Quick review of the actual bullet points To make sure they make sense there's no Errors and they sound a little bit human And then I'd write a quick outro to the Blog post then the plan is really simple I'd upload all 10 posts to medium where I'm a member of the medium partner Program which means that if people who Are paid members to medium read these Posts I get a kickback and my plan is That if I've done this correctly in chat GPT provided some good value and I've Used the right keywords maybe these AI Assisted blog posts that I've created Could generate me 485 dollars through The medium partner program in seven days Ambitious I know but we're gonna try it Out and why 485 dollars might ask well Since hitting a hundred thousand Subscribers I decided to do a giveaway And I ran a poll for it everyone voted That they wanted me to do a Chromebook

And the Chromebook I'm looking at costs About 485 dollars I was like Hey that Would be just like a good milestone for Me to try to use for a video like this It would be cool if I could hit 485 Dollars it would pay for the Chromebook Everything would be good although I am a Little skeptical that we'll get there But we're gonna see what happens all Right so Off to the Races the first step Is to find some blog post ideas that had The potential to go viral so for this I Decided to use a combination of Google Trends and vid IQ vid IQ is a paid Service that I use for researching YouTube video ideas but I figure what's Popular on YouTube as it relates to chat GPT and AI it's probably also going to Be popular or at least similarly popular On a site like medium so Google Trends And vid IQ were the two research tools I Used To Source ideas for these articles And I'm pretty confident in the tools I've used vid IQ for years and a couple Of the ideas I've researched through vid IQ have gone viral over the years so I Have a lot of confidence in the tool so After about 20 minutes of typing Searching thinking shortlisting my Favorite options I've come up with a List of 10 blog post ideas I quickly Listed these ideas in a Google doc and I'm going to kind of put it all together In medium and show you the final result

So the first one is top 5 best AI Copywriting tools the second blog post Is three AI tools that are changing the World in 2023 then three ways to use Chat GPT for copywriting then three Reasons to try Jasper AI then three Reasons AI can't beat human copywriters Three reasons why mid Journey will not Replace photographers three predictions For AI Tools in 2023 Our AI tools ethical three reasons why They are not Chat gpt4 or excuse me GPT 4 differences From gpt3 so gpt4 is the new update that Was released in March and then how to Make money with chat GPT so this one was Actually a little bit difficult at the Time that I was searching for it chat Gpg kind of bugged out crashed I'm not Sure it likes being asked things about This but I'm going to try to use it to Build my list for this article because I Think that's a really common one people Are searching for so now that I have These 10 blog post ideas the rest of This plan should be simple my plan was To use chat GPT to create the bulleted Lists like the key points that I'm going To include in each blog post and I would Use that to build a quick blog post Around based on these kind of viral Search Trends I'm aiming for like three Five or seven points per article why Three five or seven why these odd

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Numbers honestly I don't really know but I remember a couple years ago I was Watching like a marketing podcast and They had said that people are attracted To these odd numbers in marketing Everyone does it I don't know how true It is but you know there might be some Truth in it because random little shower Thought here when I was younger and I Got my first car and you had a little Analog volume dial I always felt a Little uneasy if the volume wasn't Exactly at an odd number I don't know if That's just me but it's a thing so we're Going with either three five or seven Points for each article so that was Pretty much it chatgpt went at it and Made me all my lists now all that was Left for me to do was for me to quickly Skim each list see if they needed any Minor changes and then write the rest of These posts in media so in the spirit You know of making money super simple Like I just said it's gonna be quick Quick intro paragraphs quick outros Really just trying to lean on chat gbt As much as possible here Um and then have me put together Just the the rest of what would form a Respectable post to see how they perform On medium over the next seven days so Yeah I'm gonna get these posts done I'm Gonna get them posted on medium and We're gonna let them sit for seven days

To see how they do Foreign So it's been seven days it's actually Been a little bit longer than seven days I'll be honest I was sick a couple days But I figured it'd be okay I give these Articles just a little bit more than Seven days to try to make as much money And accumulate as many views as possible So just to show you guys what these Looked like before we get into the stats So these are the posts that I put up all On March 21st so three AI copywriting Tools for you to try this was one of Them you know really kind of leaned into Things like copy.ai write Sonic popular Search terms three ways AI tools are Changing the world in 2023 you know You'd think this is a pretty popular Topic as well three ways to use chat GPT For copywriting this is probably the Most searched AI related search term for My YouTube Channel right now so this was One of them basically these were all the Articles I put it ended up being less Than 10 because some of them just didn't Work out Um but I'll be totally honest with you The results were not at all what I Expected and I think there's you know This video is going to reveal something Pretty helpful for everyone out there Who's currently watching these videos Thinking hey we're going to make a

Killing using AI so I wanted to go back First and show you some of my story Stats so I'm going to share my screen Here so this is the back end of my Medium partner program account so over The last few years I've very Infrequently posted some articles so you Know this one did exceptionally well how To choose the right gig tags for your Fiverr gigs it's gotten thirty thousand Views I think that one has been making Me like two to five dollars a month for The last few years great right you move Up things you should know before Starting on Fiverr that got almost 2 000 Views then you got some you know Different topics that didn't do so well Um we get to January 2022 did some more On copywriting they were getting views So my thoughts based on how my older Articles had done on medium was these Topics around chat GPT ai ai copywriting Ai assisted content generation would do Incredibly well the whole Internet's Been blowing up about them Um so I thought these articles would Definitely pop off but they didn't and Here's what I'm talking about so the Articles I put out over the last couple Weeks about chat gbt have gotten what is A 7 10 20 30 maybe 40 views total not Great And when we talk about how much money These articles made here's how much they

Made That's literally how much they made About nine cents not great so I think The net net of this experiment is Something that I was kind of expecting The whole idea of leveraging AI Specifically tools like chat GPT to Automate this content creation machine That can make people money by posting Content on sites like medium YouTube or Wherever where there's a partner program And you can earn ad Revenue just isn't a Really good sustainable business model And and I think the reason is pretty Interesting so for this experiment I Really wanted to try using chat GPT in The way that most people who are trying To do these get rich quick things online Are using chat GPD you use it to do all The heavy lifting very light brush over The content yourself to make sure that It reads okay makes sense whatever post It so I did that with about eight or Nine articles on medium and the results Were terrible worse than articles I've Written in the past myself for topics That I think were far less popular Killer and why do you think that is well It could be that search engines are Penalizing AI generated content but my Theory is that AI content just isn't That good it's not that interesting and You know given that it took me maybe an Hour or so to put all these together

Myself it probably would have just been More worthwhile for me to write these Articles myself I don't know this isn't The goal of this video wasn't to just Totally you know dunk on chat gbt or AI That's not it I believe in AI I think It's very cool technology and I think There's a place for it in our future the Point of this video was to prove a point That if you're looking for ways to get Rich quick and you're unable to offer Value to the whole get rich quick idea You have other than just leveraging a Widely available free online AI assisted Tool you're probably not going to make Much money take this as an example I Spent a couple hours putting together Blog posts powered by chat EBT and the Results sucked I don't know maybe the Parameters I set up for this experiment Weren't totally fair towards chat GPD Maybe I didn't put in enough time or Effort to make the blog post better but That was kind of the point I didn't want To put in more time I wanted to spend About the amount of time most people Looking for ways to get rich quick Easily with chat GPT might put into These things for themselves so I hope This was helpful I hope this was a bit Of a cautionary tale AI is cool but Don't quit your job anytime soon Thinking you're going to automate this Passive income influx of cash for

Yourself just by leveraging one of these Tools anyways I'm sure this is going to Spur a lot of controversial comments I'd Be happy to chat with you down below Let's have an open debate about this Thank you so much for watching until Next time cheers

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