INCREDIBLE +$1,200/WEEK Method To Earn Money Online WITHOUT Working | Affiliate Marketing 2023

Check this out guys on this website Yesterday I was able to make 220 dollars In a single day you can see yesterday 220 dollars right here and in today's Video guys I want to show you something That's literally going to blow your mind I'm going to show you how you can make Twelve hundred dollars per week just by Pressing one single button using this Push button method that's completely Free when I discovered it I was like how Can this actually be completely free Like this is so powerful but that Realize not a lot of people actually Know about this method and that's the Only reason why it's still completely For free now we can do this right after Watching this video you don't have to Sign up for any paid services at all you Can just create your free account but The most important part is guys please Stay until the end of the video because I'm also going to supply you with it Completely done for you extremely high Converting copy and paste script that's Going to make this at least 100 times Easier but for that if you like videos About making money online without Showing your face and being completely Incognito don't forget to smash the like On this video it really helps to make Time and let's just try to get to 1000 Likes on this video and also subscribe For more videos and comment down below

And tell me if this video is actually Going to blow your mind I'm really just Asking because I think this method is Actually super super genius so just Please comment down below and tell me if This video is going to blow your mind And with that being said let's get Started step number one okay guys now The step number one what you need to do Is you need to create your PayPal Account if you don't have a PayPal Account already then you need to create A 100 free PayPal account now I have This in my language which is Slovakian Language sorry I'm just going to change It to a United States to the English but You can pretty much just go to click on sign up right here And just create a personal account right Here because this is how you are Actually going to be getting paid from The website that's going to be paying us Out also very cool thing about this Method is you don't have to work at all On this method and this is something That I really love about this one Because a lot of people that are Watching Incognito money can actually Use this method and make some very very Easy money doing this because you even Have to work and you literally just Gotta copy and paste my script that I Already created for you and I'm going to Supply it completely for free with your

Own affiliate link that you will Generate in the next step and you are Going to get paid so Step One is Paypal Account now step number two what you Want to do is just go to very Quickly then scroll all the way down all The way down and go right here where It's going to say Affiliates this is Something that a lot of people don't Actually know about on Fiverr what you Can do is you can be selling your own Services you can be buying your own Services but you can be also an Affiliate for other people's Services Meaning you can get paid whenever Someone else is going to be selling Their service without you doing any of The work yourself and this is how it Actually works when you go to the Commission plan you are getting paid Anywhere from like I don't know like Fifteen dollars guaranteed guaranteed up To 150 dollars for all the fiber Pro Services so it's just a push of a button Which I will show you how to do in just A second you can actually get paid 150 Now this is a rare case that this is Going to happen I'm going to be Completely honest you are most likely Not going to make 150 dollars from these Services but the way I'm going to show You how to do this you are going to be Generating multiple 50 and multiple 40 And multiple uh hold on let's just get

Rid of these cookies and multiple 40 and Multiple 30 dollar payments literally Just for pressing one single button Using this completely free tool that I'm Going to reveal in just a few minutes But before that what you want to do is Just go to Fiverr affiliate and you just Want to sign up Where it's going to say uh just scroll All the way down and just click right Here right it's going to say interest in Become a fire affiliate yes we are start Earning now and you can either sign up With Google Facebook apple or your email Or just fill in this really short Fiverr Application which is right here and then Click on next and just finish it and Also add your PayPal account because That's where you're going to be getting These payments okay and now I want to Show you a super cool trick on how to Actually make a lot of money using the Fiverr affiliate so what you want to do Is just log into your dashboard now this Is my testing account that I just showed My for my videos because it's going to Show you like right here the top Performing creatives right here and I Don't want to be revealing the ones that I'm using because yeah I don't want to Give away the farm in every single video But using this video you can cap you can Easily make over twelve hundred dollars This week so what you want to do is you

Want to go to the marketing tools right Here I'm going to zoom it for you guys And you want to go right here where it's Going to say default and the planes and You're going to see this CPA link okay This cast per action but this is Something that you don't want to be Using just like it is right here because If you're going to click on this link You're going to see that this is going To take you directly to Fiverr and when People are going to make a purchase you Are going to get paid but it's like Sending them to a store and getting paid For every single any kind of item they Want to purchase like nobody is going to Like just purchase something like this So what we want to do is you want to Search on Fiverr for something like for Example Google Maps right here Like Google Maps and then you want to Pick up any of these like Google Map Citations for local business SEO now the Cool part about these gigs is they are Very cheap they are starting in like Seven euros seven dollars it's pretty Much one to one actually dollar is a Little bit stronger as of the time of The recording of this video so you can See that this is starting at like six Dollars and they are going to do 350 Google Map citations for local business SEO they have 5.0 ratings so pretty much The best out of the best and over 1 000

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Positive reviews but if somebody is Going to actually pick up this gig the Minimum you are going to get paid is 15 As a CPA commission and this is powerful Because the person has to pay like seven Dollars but you are going to get paid Like 15 and in some cases depending on The category of the gig right here you Can get paid like 30 40 or even 50 Dollars for a much much cheaper gig so That's how it works with the CPA Marketing okay you are getting paid for Action and not percentage or a Commission per sale so that's why we are Using the Casper action model on fire Now all you have to do is just pick a Gig that has a good amount of ratings And good amount of pretty much upsells Right here like 186 euros and just copy And paste the first part of the URL okay Just copy and paste it go back to your Fiverr account the Fiverr affiliate Account and then go right here Where it's going to say the dynamic Parameters and LP URL click on the lp URL and just paste it right here and hit Enter okay and now it's going to create A specific affiliate link for the Specific gig that of your choice but Make sure you're going to yeah make sure You're going to save it because Otherwise it's going to disappear so now This is the gig that we want to be Promoting now when someone actually

Clicks on this affiliate link they are Taken to the same exact gig but we are Going to receive a commission so they Don't have to browse through Fiverr and We are going to get paid at very least 15 for a five dollar gig I think does it Make sense I hope it does and would you Be able to do that I hope you would Actually take 15 for a five dollar gig Now that's just the basics of this Method this is how you're going to get Paid but now I want to show you the Golden nuggets of this video that you Are most likely watching this video for So just before you move on if you are Enjoying this video and if you are Excited to learn these golden nuggets Don't forget to drop a like it would Really help in big time to get to the 1000 likes all the videos will be the Name booming I get more rich I can help More people make more money online and The world is going to be just a better Place but I leave that up to you I will Literally blow your mind right now so What you want to do is you want to go to Google and first I'm going to Demonstrate the method manually and then I'm going to show you a free robot That's going to do this for you Completely for free and this is the free Robot you can see free zero dollars per Month and you can get started so first What you want to do is you want to go to

The dentist on Orlando or you want to go To Google and search for a local Business in a big city or a big town for Example dentist in Orlando because Dentists they make a lot of money and Also every single customer or client for Dentist is actually worth a lot of money So dentists are more likely to buy this Service to help them actually reach Better rankings in Google search engine Now if you're going to search for Dentists in Orlando you're going to see On the first page position of Google There's like 10 different organic search Results and everything else are Advertisements but there are only three Search results or four search results Three organic but one one more Advertisement from Google Maps and you Can see if you click on the more places There's a lot more dentists actually on The Google Maps so you can see one two Three these are the ones that are Showing up on Google and you can see Then there are these ones right here for Example this this this and this and this That are not showing up on the first Page of Google but still are very good Dentists so what you can do is for Example click on this dentist right here Click on a website and this is their Email and now pretty much you can just Copy and paste this email then go to Your email address go to your Gmail

Paste it right here and then copy and Paste this extremely high converting Script that I created for you which Pretty much says can you handle more Customers I can help now if a local Business is going to say this like can You handle more customers it's like of Course I can handle more customers like That's the best problem to have in a Local business so whenever they are Going to see a headline like this they Are going to open it up like 100 and Then the body is pretty much hey this is You enter your name I just wanted to ask If you could handle more customers than You are currently getting and they're Like are you stupid of course I can see The reason I ask is because I found your Listing on Google Maps but it's not on The first page of Google and they're Like oh okay and now I know where you're Getting it from getting it there would Be surely increasing the amount of Customers clients you are currently Getting and I can help you out with this Our team has helped over 2 000 local Businesses increase their rank rankings From Google Maps into Google search Engine and I'm sure we can help you out As well in fact pretty much just copy And paste the entire body guys now if You're going to read through this you're Going to be blown away first time of Watching this video okay so this is you

Just want to put your name so for Example this is Eric and make sure you Put the name that you are sending the Email from because if it's going to be Like from Eric taggy and you're going to Be hey this is John it's like no you're Not you're Eric so make sure you're Going to put in the name that the email Is being sent from then you want to copy And paste your affiliate link that we Have just created and you want to Highlight this part okay you can see all Our reviews and what we do right here Plus all the success stories you want to Highlight this part make it bold and add Your affiliating right here and add okay If you need any answers don't hesitate To contact us we are looking forward to Working with you best regards and then Edit taggy okay now if you go through This email template it's going to be in The link in the video description you Will see that this is extremely high Converting but here's the thing if You're going to be doing this method you Can easily make a couple hundred dollars Per day by doing this manually but you Can see there's so many dentists in Google maps that there's so much money You can actually make and making doing This manually would actually even be Worth it but this wouldn't be an Incognito Money video if I didn't shoot Some golden nuggets so prepare your like

If you didn't like this video already if You did then don't click again because It's going to unlock the video I want to Show you something amazing you can Actually get all of these email Addresses completely for free without Actually working at all and now this is The software I've been talking about It's 100 free zero dollars per month They also have a paid versions which are Extremely cheap because 29 per month you Can easily be making a couple thousand Dollars per week using the software Making it started completely for free Now this is the software it's called Gmaps extra tractor okay now the name of The website is gmaps now okay if you're going To rearrange the letters and you're Going to call it gmap then you can know What is coming next okay there's a Letter and tractor okay it's very funny Name like gmap you know what and then Tractor it's actually a very funny name But this is a software you can actually Use to extract email addresses and it's Actually a Google Chrome plugin Google Chrome plugin you can just download add It into your Google Chrome browser and It's going to get all these details for You and all you really need to do is Literally just put in a keyword like Dentist in Orlando add it into this Website and it's going to extract all

The emails all the phone numbers just Like this this is how it looks like this Is how it works pretty much you add a Kind of like a keyword into Google Maps And then you can see I will just scroll This over and it's going I did give you All the names email addresses phone Numbers of all the local businesses now I don't I cannot believe that this is Still 100 free because this is very very Powerful I'm not adding any affiliate Links I might do it in the future I Don't know but you can find the software It's called the gmaps go To the pricing and you can see it's 100 Free and it's going to give you 1 000 Leads now even if just one person out of The 1000 is going to buy you can make Anywhere from 15 to 50 dollars then just Pay for the service and get like 100 000 Emails every single month from any of The keywords that you're going to put Into this but because these keywords are Going to be super super targeted the Money you are going to be making using This software is going to be pretty much Unmatched compared to how low you are Going to be actually paying for it on a Monthly basis and that's it for this Video please let me know what you think About it in the comment section below if I should create another deep tutorial For the gmaps and also let

Me know if this actually blew your mind Over this or this was just a basic Method I really want to know about this Because I think this is actually a Genius method it's gonna make you Thousands of dollars anyways thank you For watching and for more videos check Out any of them directly in the shop on The screen I'm going to see you instead Of them bye for now

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