Is hiring this service really worth the investment? 🤔

Any recommendations for other people who Are considering hiring the Ghost Rider You're like one of the only people I Know who I think had a positive Experience I did have a great experience I would definitely do it again but again I think like what we touched on there of The existing relationship made a big Difference this completely unique Situation and it's impossible to find Like for anybody watching listening You've got people that are probably Really really good writers in your Sphere of influence and in your world Who may be a good fit for something like This you know Jeff had written multiple Books he had good experience with it the Other thing that he brought that's kind Of an intangible was he understood like Marketing books as well so if you create A great book and it sits in Abyss like It falls in the forest nobody hears it Like it's not going to sell any copies And so it was also just like okay now What do we do and so like when the Publisher was asking different questions Jeff is really good about where do we Push back and where can we very much Like hey man just take my hand and tell Me what we need to do what what we need To ask and say so yeah it was a great Process but again I think what a big Part that made it work that is Applicable and relevant for anybody is

He was the expert I did not micromanage Him I did not babysit him like you're The pro be the pro and I'll let you do Your

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