Is It Possible To Make $1000 PER DAY On Fiverr?

Is it possible to make a thousand Dollars per day on Fiverr a thousand Dollars per day works out to be about Two hundred and sixty thousand dollars Per year if you're only working on the Weekdays two hundred and sixty thousand Dollars on Fiverr in the US that's more Than a lot of psychiatrists Pilots some Types of Physicians even most CEOs don't Even make two hundred and sixty thousand Dollars per year and those are all jobs That require tens of thousands of Dollars of education and years of Experience to get to that level so it Would be pretty amazing if you could Make that much money on a site like Fiverr so in this video I'm going to Explore whether it's possible to make a Thousand dollars per day on Fiverr I'm Also going to try to explore how Realistic that is and try to explore a Couple of different types of gigs that Either do or don't have a pretty Realistic shot at getting a freelancer To that thousand dollar per day Mark so The first question question I'm going to Tackle is whether or not it's even Possible to make a thousand dollars per Day on Fiverr and the short answer Without going any further in this video Is yes of course it's possible but that Answer isn't really the real value in This video the real value isn't me Telling you whether or not it's possible

It's me telling you how it's possible so Let's not waste any more time and start Uncovering that first I'm going to make A couple of assumptions and make those Known right now at the beginning of the Video so that this is as clear as Possible and as easy to follow as Possible for anyone watching this video The first assumption I'm making is that Regardless which type of service I talk About in this video I'm assuming that The freelancer in question is working Eight hours per day Monday to Friday I'm Also going to assume that for any Service that I mentioned in this video If you're thinking about doing this the Scenario I'm talking about assumes that A freelancer has already mastered that Particular skill set set and the third Assumption is that this is going to be Tackled with a full-time mindset like I'm not going to try to figure out Whether or not you can make a thousand Dollars per day on Fiverr as a part-time Passive income thing this is a job this Is something that I'm exploring whether It's possible to do if someone sets Their mind to it and really grinds so to Summarize thousand dollars per day eight Hours work per day the person is already A master at the skill set and you're Tackling this like a full-timer would Alright so let's get going so in my head I broke down Fiverr gigs into two main

Categories when I was assessing them and Trying to figure out which were most Feasible for having a chance at making a Thousand dollars per day the first Bucket that I put gigs into were what I Called transactional gigs transactional Gigs are the types of services where you Know maybe takes 30 minutes to an hour To complete and it's pretty realistic to Do you know five to ten different Projects in a single day and honestly The trend transactional category is Probably where most of the people Watching this video will slot into the Other category was higher value Services More complex gigs these are the types of Gigs that take a lot more time to Complete and as a freelancer you might Only be able to complete one gig a day Or it might take you multiple days to Complete one project for a particular Client think of these as more complex Types of projects that fit into larger Business initiatives I would imagine That these types of complex gigs will be Offered by the type of freelancer who's Coming from the corporate world and Selling some sort of experience they've Learned from corporate in the freelance Domain and whatever bucket you think you Fall into whether it's transactional or More complex don't worry about it in Explore Fiverr services that are both Transactional and more complex and try

To break down the path one would take With each to get to a thousand dollars Per day so starting with the more Transactional types of gigs here's my Short list of the gigs that I thought Would be best suited and the best Chances of getting a particular Freelancer to that thousand dollars of Earnings per day selling multiple types Of projects multiple services to Multiple clients every day gigs like Email copywriting blog post writing Hourly Consulting coaching Services also By the hour and then voice over and Voice acting type Services after Thinking about it for some time I Thought that these five types of Services Really suited they were really well Suited to the whole one and done type of Approach you get hired you don't have to Waste too much time chatting back and Forth with a buyer before they order you Can get them to fill out requirements And you bang these types of projects out In an hour or two that was my thought And they're also the types of services That often yield future or repeat orders Which is good now I'm going to look at Each type of service and bring break Down how I would imagine you'd get to a Thousand dollars per day with each Distinct type of transactional gig that I just listed so I bucketed together

Email copywriting and blog post writing Because I think they're priced very Similarly and for the purposes of this Video I think you can break them down Almost the same both based on my Experience as a copywriter are services That you can get going with with minimal Back and forth with your clients a lot Of the times most of the times my Requirements Gathering questionnaire is All the information I need to either Write a solid sales email for someone or Write a short blog post for that same Person when it comes to pricing both Email copywriting and blog post writing I think it's very reasonable for skilled Copywriters to price their gigs anywhere From like a hundred dollars to a hundred And fifty dollars for a block of text 200 to 400 words in length 200 to 400 Words works out to you know one sales or Marketing email or one relatively short Blog post both things that skilled Copywriters can bang out in about an Hour so to make a thousand dollars per Day doing copywriting in the form of Email copywriting or blog posts you'd Have to do about six to ten projects or Six to ten hours of work per day that's Pretty awesome the next gigs were hourly Consulting and coaching and I bucketed These together as well because they're The types of services that are delivered In very similar ways with these types of

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Gigs you can minimize and save time Going back and forth with prospective Clients by leveraging a solid gig video A solid gig to strip description very Clear packages and thorough requirements Gathering questionnaire and depending on The scarcity or the value of the Knowledge you're able to provide in These sessions it's very reasonable to Charge 100 to 200 for each one hour Session I'm thinking Consultants focused In areas like Tech sales Finance Tax Legal or copywriting and trademark are The types of skill sets that I think Would be best suited to charge 100 to 200 per hour so similar to copywriting With this coaching and Consulting bucket Of services assuming you have something Of value to teach or consult people on Take you about five to ten hours per day At 100 to 200 per hour to get to that Thousand dollars per day in earnings now Before I go on to the next one you're Probably wondering yeah that's great you Get five to ten orders per day yeah of Course you're gonna make a thousand Dollars but how do you get those five to Ten orders per day don't worry I'm gonna Talk about that too later in the video So stay tuned for that alright so the Last type of service that falls into the Transactional bucket was voiceover or Voice acting a talented and experienced Voice actor is able to charge two

Hundred dollars or more for a short 200 To 250 word script read and the thing With voice acting is when you're hiring A voice actor to record a commercial Odds are you need more than 250 words so This is a type of transactional gig Where the cost for just a single project Can really start to climb really quickly So for voice actors who are really just Tackling short 250 word reads at like 200 per read you could bang out a full Day's work in like four or five hours And you're making a thousand dollars but If you score a project as a voice actor That needs a thousand or two thousand Words to be read and a couple of Revisions you could bang out a thousand Dollars in one read that might only take You a couple hours because for one Project there's less setup less you know Rehearsing less of that it's easier to Manage less project so you don't have to Set up all your gear every time so you Could make a thousand dollars with just One script read all right so those are The transactional types of gigs that Could get you to a thousand dollars per Day in my mind now we're going to talk a Little bit about the more complex types Of services that might get you to a Thousand dollars per day these more Complex types of services or services That could take you days or even weeks To complete a single project and they

Introduce a new element a totally new Element to running this type of Freelance business time management but Also bandwidth management when you have Projects that are running many days or Weeks you need to be careful that you're Not taking on too much work so that you Get bogged down and then the quality you Start dropping the ball on all the Projects you have and then it's just a Disaster so running these types of Complex projects requires a level of Time management and organization that's Not as important when you're thinking of Transactional type gigs so here's my Short list of the types of gigs that I Thought were best suited for making a Thousand dollars per day but that are More complex the first one was sales the Second one is software admin services For CRM software Erp software fpna Software email automation tools things Like that next was product photography And the last one was video spokesperson Services so starting with sales being a Salesperson For Hire can be incredibly Lucrative I've met a ton of contract Sales reps who work for three or four Brands at a time but the thing with Sales is it's really hard for me to nail Down an exact rate because a lot of the Times I'd imagine that the arrangement Is either you know a base hourly rate Plus commission or a hundred percent

Commission or a hundred percent at a Base rate it really depends on the Arrangement that's negotiated but I'd Imagine per hour you're probably looking At twenty to forty dollars per hour Which is probably what most full-time Bdrs or entry level sales reps are Making plus the commission element in This type of arrangement strong sales People who are able to cold call a Couple hundred people per day can make a Ton of money doing this and this is Definitely not the easiest way to make a Thousand dollars per day but actually Probably the hardest way to make a Thousand dollars per day on this list But if you can Master sales you'll Always be able to eat you'll always be Able to make money that's why it's on This list so the next group of services That I talked about had to do with Software admin Services you see a lot of Big and small companies often Implement Very complicated robust software Solutions solutions that take months or Years to initially set up and cost Hundreds of thousands of dollars or Millions of dollars but the thing is in The future after the initial Implementation every time something Needs to be changed or if they have a You know they absorb a company or They're redoing their kind of internal Process it's really hard to make those

Types of changes because a lot of Companies don't hire and keep on staff Experts in those particular software Tools so it's very common for people to Outsource in the form of consulting or Admin Services work that needs to be Done with a particular piece of software Or software stack I'm thinking software Like Salesforce HubSpot you know Erp Solutions AWS snowflake big massive Complex tools that integrate with Thousands of different things they're Hard to maintain and manage but the Beauty with them is a lot of them like Salesforce for example puts learning Resources for free online so you can get Certified in these tools and become an Expert in them without having to spend a Lot of money or any money in some cases Because of how complex these tools are And that how specialized the knowledge Is required to maintain manage and Change things in them administrators or Consultants who do admin work can charge Hundreds to 250 dollars per hour and Often how this works is a company will Buy like a bucket of 20 30 40 50 hours At a time and then just hit you up via Email every time they need work and they Would just consume the hours that they Purchased from you so this is a great Way to get a ton of retainers like tens Of thousands of dollars up front that You'll be you know doing the work for

Whenever your clients have a need to Hire you and have you come in and help Them with something so if you could Leverage Fiverr to do this type of System admin service for large-scale Software companies uh freelance and you Can score an extra one or two customers Every month and you start building up Your customer base you could very easily Get to the point where you're making a Thousand dollars day you could even Branch out and create your own Consultancy and hire other people to Work with you on this it is a very Lucrative industry and very possible to Make a thousand dollars per day if you Have the skill set and you can score the Clients the next more complex type of Skill is actually product photography And I think product photography has a Huge Market basically any company you Know online companies or even brick and Mortar companies if they're selling a Product they're taking pictures of their Products and they're putting them online On their website on Amazon Etsy wherever There is a picture of their product Somewhere and when it comes to product Photography there's a very clear line Between a really lazy photo taken with An iPhone and professional product Photography you notice the difference Right away with professional product Photographers there's set design there's

Planning they align the feeling of the Photos with the company's brand or use These photos to help create a new brand Vision and because of that product Photographers can charge quite a bit of Money very common to see them charging Three to five hundred dollars and only Delivering a handful of photos to their Clients so good product photographer who Has business coming in can you know make A thousand dollars per day doing two or Three shoots every day on top of getting Paid I've heard that some product Photographers who get products sent to Them after they've done a job well done The customer will tell them just keep The product so it's almost like a tip That sometimes could be worth a couple Hundred extra bucks it's really cool all Right so we're gonna pause for a second So so far in this video I've mentioned Transactional types of services and Complex services that I think have the Potential to make a thousand dollars per Day for a freelancer on Fiverr but Here's the kicker that I'm sure a lot of Other videos on YouTube probably don't Tell you making a thousand dollars per Day with a service based business on Fiverr is probably possible but don't Fool yourself it's gonna be really hard Work people don't just roll out of bed Create their first Fiverr profile and Like lazily make a thousand dollars per

Day in passive income that's not how This works just like any business if You're a freelancer and you have the Skills to sell to people that's great But you can't neglect the sales aspect Of it you still have to get those sales Get those services in front of people to Make those sales even if you're the Biggest expert and you create a Fiverr Profile you're probably not going to Have a landslide of clients banging on Your door begging you to sell to them so If you want to make a thousand dollars Per day on Fiverr and you've made it This far in the video first I gotta Commend you congratulations for sticking With it that's awesome but now's when The hard part starts getting off your Butt and making it happen can you do it Can you make a thousand dollars per day On Fiverr honestly I don't know that's Totally up to you the the ball is in Your core this video was just me Outlining some services that I actually Think you could get to the point of Making a thousand dollars per day with But you gotta work hard at it you got to Treat it like a business and grow that Business you're not gonna just snap your Fingers do one of these things and poof Be making 260 000 a year but that aside I definitely believe in you and wish you A ton of luck I want you to get there And if you have any questions or you

Start doing this or you need some Motivation just hit me up in the Comments I wanted this video to be Motivating but also a reality check to Set you up with the right expectations So you actually have a fighting shot of You know maybe one day getting to that Point where you're making a thousand Dollars per day with the freelance Business on Fiverr how amazing would That be anyways that's it for this video Thank you so much for watching until Next time cheers

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