Is it true that there are already too many freelancers out there?

What is the reason why some aspiring Freelancers don't actually get into the Freelancing industry and there is this Sort of wall that somehow does not allow Them to get into it well there is this Very common excuse that I hear most Often and that is there are already too Many Freelancers out there and I'm gonna Have a hard time getting clients because Of it well if that is also your excuse I'd like to share to you the common Point that I learned from Bob Proctor's Law of compensation I'm not sure exactly If he's the one who coined the whole law But one of the things that you have to Consider so that you can earn a lot of Money is the what we call replaceability When you are indispensable when you're Great at what you do it's actually very Hard for other people to replace you if You continue becoming better at what you Are doing in the freelancing industry Most especially your client is going to Have a hard time looking for someone Else who can do things in the way that You do so you don't really need to worry About having plenty of Freelancers out There because those things are out of Your control plenty are going to love This very opportunity including you but In order to stay in this industry you Have to become indispensable and you're Going to learn that at every single day You're going to have to strive for

Excellence that is actually my company Name and so if you want to become an Indispensable freelancer you have to Equip yourself with the right tools and Equipment I'm not talking about the Laptop that story for another time Plenty of people also think that I have A laptop I can't go freelancing but I Actually made a separate video about it So while you're here you have to think About what are the tools that you need In order to become indispensable and That is more often than not the right Knowledge equipping yourself with the Right knowledge in order to propel Yourself forward is something that is Very important and so when you want to Become a sought after freelancer what Are the things that you need to know Well plenty about your skill 90 of the Time it really is marketing yourself out There you can become super good at your Skill you can become indispensable but If you do not know how to Market Yourself and tell people that you are Good at what you do well guess what They're not going to find you and so That is what we are here for that is What I have been doing since 2018 my Name is Demi Bernice I have taught 5 300 People all over the world how to become Freelancers and become really really Good at it by focusing on digital Marketing and so I would like to invite

You in this very short mini course only A four-part mini course I recorded that Can help you get into the freelancing Industry in just four days so with the Four videos distributed in four days if You apply what you have learned take Note apply what you have learned in the Many course you're going to become a Freelancer in this week and so if that Is something that interests you you want To equip yourself with the right Knowledge well please check our info Page click learn more button below and See if the program fits you well and if It is well I'll see you on the inside

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