Is Kajabi a good online course platform? Kajabi Review 2023

So the question is is kajabi really an Awesome software for someone who is Starting an online course or basically Just someone who wants to make sure that The online course is going to be the Career in the next five ten years well The answer to me is yes this is going to Be my kajabi review 2023. Hey there my name is Demi I make videos About videos freelancing and digital Marketing and today let us talk kajabi This is my review for the past few years That I have been using it I've been Using it since 2020 the very first Online course platform that I've used Was click funnels because apparently if You're going to look at the price of Kajabi it's 147 per month for the basic Plan and if you're going to compare it To click funnels it's only 97 per month It's a lot more enticing to somehow Commit to 97 per month than it is to Commit at 147 for a month right that was My very first option until I started Having more and more content inside Creighton Ross Academy which is my first Course and the link you can find in the Description if you want to check it out I realized that the more content I'm Going to have it's just not going to be Feasible with click funnels because the Way they organize lessons are just not For me and then when it comes to the Buttons you have to insert it from

Scratch it's just not simply a place Where you can house your online course You have to create that portal yourself With some drag and drop editor which is Okay but it's just not the most awesome Experience for me as an online course Creator and then also knowing the fact That you have to maintain it every Single month is just not the way to go So in November 2020 or I think it was October 2020 that we decided that we're Going to go from click funnels to kajabi The students were amazed that we are Onto a new platform but it was a very Heavy time for me because I have plenty Of videos that I need to download and Transfer and upload to kajabi one by one Crazy times so I'd like to allow you to Have a really good decision right from The get go where you're going to house Your videos or your online course Because it's not an easy job to have Your lessons and at the same time your Students migrate from one course Platform to another so if you're looking Into kajabi this is my review I've been Using them since 2020 like I said so I'm Going to let you see my kajabi dashboard So if you're going to look here this is Actually empty this is one of my empty Accounts I have two accounts in kajabi And I'd like to show you what it's like Here so to me as an online course Creator this one is a bomb the moment

That you enter kajabi dashboard you're Already going to see opt-in sales Customers and comments right from the Get-go just so you would be able to Measure your performance over the last 30 days and that is awesome for emails Especially because I am running ads I Want to make sure that my sales every Single month is intact so I already know What my expenses are for that month and So to know that I have covered the Expenses for that month just by going Into my kajabi dashboard it's awesome For me so I I don't put a lot of Emphasis on opt-ins so that is cool that It's there but you know it's the sales For me on a dashboard now let's go to Products I don't have any sort of Products here but this is where you can Create a course podcast Community or any Other product you want to be selling so You have here courses where and of Course the course you're going to want To create so it's going to be there and Then with the coaching tab this is where You can create a coaching program you Can go live here you can book clients Track their progress Etc like what it Says in screen so this is awesome I Haven't tried this personally just Because I have done my coaching programs On zoom and it has been that way and so This is not or this is new to me I still Have to explore this next one we have

Community so for people who wishes to Put their Community outside of Facebook It's actually possible here on kajabi so You can't create your community here but As I'm recording this video January 2023 It's still on beta so there are still Plenty of things that they're trying to Untangle some tech glitches so on and so Forth that they're still trying to Resolve okay with podcasts it's also Possible you can create publish episodes And monetize your podcast here on kajabi In itself I haven't done that as well But I'm planning to do so just because I Want all of my online coaching stuff to Just be here in kajabi so what I'm going To be trying just ring my podcast here I'll let you know I'll also be showing You plenty of tutorials in Punjabi so That is something that you might want to Look forward to next let's go to sales See here you have chest and the school For online coaches as a test offer but It has zero zero because this is Actually not the site that I have been Using we have here purchases for the Last 30 days net revenue for the last 30 Days and net revenue for all time the All-time part is awesome like I like how I'm like oh my God I actually earned This much already since the past few Years that I've been doing coaching so It's something that you might want to Also have as a track record I like being

Able to measure data as usual because Aside from I'm running ads it's sort of Like a numerical goal and motivation That I want to keep in a daily you can't Create your offers there so if you have An online course for example that's Called great and Rise Academy you can Create an offer title this great neuros Academy for a specific amount so on and So forth so this one you have to connect This to your sales page and then this is The page that you have to design the Offer page or the offer checkout is the Page that you have to design which Basically becomes the payment Gateway That your students are going to see Right before they enter their credit Card information now there is coupons I Haven't tried them personally but I am Planning to so if you distribute coupons To your students they would be able to Go to the offer checkout and enter that Coupon and get a discount so if that's Something that you want to consider Payments this is where you can track who Paid who when they paid you know so on And so forth so you're going to see There if it's a stripe or Paypal payment And who paid that what time so and so Forth so all the information on payments Will be here another one that I'm very Excited to be doing is the Affiliates so If you want someone to be selling your Online course in exchange for a

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Commission that's something that you can Also do in kajabi not anyone or not any Of their online course platform has that Provided so sometimes you have to buy a Separate software that you need to Integrate to your course platform but in Kanjabi they have it all in one so this Is awesome another thing that I really Like is that you can house your very own Website here it's not going to be a Problem back in the day I used to use WordPress because there's so much Freedom in WordPress you can design Plenty of things but then I realized That I should be a good designer so I Should be able to put everything that I Need on the website page or the landing Page creator that kajabi has designed it Shouldn't be a problem and so it Shouldn't limit me if I am a creative Right so then I'm planning to also house My website here on kajabi just for that Matter they have the pages navigation of Course the navigation would be the menu And then the blog so if you are also Writing your blog so you can house them On kajabi as well like that is crazy how Big this platform is for an online Course creator next one we have Marketing so this is also awesome I have Like some Purge emails we have email Campaigns funnels automations events and Forms for email campaigns this is the Reason why I despise them in the first

Place because when I transferred to Kajabi that was the time that their Email campaigns had a plenty of problem Delivery rates were shot down to the Floor and it has affected so much of my Emails and so I transferred to Convertkit for a while but then I came Back because you know the amount that You are going to pay for convertkit is Also High it depends on how many Contacts you have and so I wanted to be Able to just pay one amount for Everything that I have in my online Coaching business so this is it we have Email campaigns they also have funnels When your funnel is set up here you Would be able to see something like this So you have here an example image where There's a page and then there's an Action and then there's a page so you Would be able to map out your customer Transformation Journey or your customer Journey basically through a series of Funnels actions emails and that sort you Can actually get that prepared here on The funnel section automations of course Are for people who wants to make sure That their business is running and they Don't need to email people at a certain Time at a certain day so this is where The automations come in it's not as Advanced as what email service providers Or esps like convert get clavio can make But for an online course creator that is

Just doing like basic emails here and There this is a perfect one like it has As everything that you need I would say That clavio is best for e-commerce right So there are plenty of automations that You need to do but for an online course Creator we do actually it's just the Basic ones so what they have as Automation actions are actually already Good events this is where for example You have a webinar and whatsoever and You want to have a timer put in your Landing page you have to create it first Here in the event and then you have to Integrate this event to your landing Page in the same way that you integrate Your offers to your landing pages so I Don't really like using it because I Have a separate one I call deadline Funnel which I'm also going to be Talking about in the next few videos I Just haven't really used it even though My I have clients before that have used This I actually motivated them to move The deadline funnel just in case it's Very easy and there's already a tracking There and everything else in that life So that's why I had them move out Forms so like any other ESP you have to Create a form just so when they enter You'll be able to track them collect Your data and whatsoever this is that And then contacts of course this is Where your contact book is going to be

And analytics so with analytics it's now Very detailed back in the day it was Just sales that they were tracking but Now they track net revenue subscription Metrics page views offer sold product Progress Affiliates and opt-ins so so It's actually a very very detailed Report and I like it very much because Of course I always track data okay and Then apart from that you also have the Ability to become a kajabi Ambassador Like me so speaking of that if you Promote kajabi you actually get a Certain percentage of commission and That's exactly what I'm inviting you to Do if you are interested in exploring Kajabi and seeing if it is the right Software for you I have a proposal just Like what I mentioned I am going to give You an access to my affiliate link that Will allow you to access kajabi in 30 Days if you're just going to go to you will be offered a 14-day Trial 14 days only and I don't think That is enough for you to be able to Explore if this is the online course Software that you want in the next five To ten years most especially if you're Planning to become an online course Creator for that spent amount of time Right so like I said make sure that you Get the right decision right from the Get-go before you experience the one That I experienced where I have to

Transfer all of my students in a Gazillion videos that I have recorded in The past few years to another platform So just make sure that you are making The right decision here you can't Explore kajabi for 30 days with my Affiliate link and of course complete Disclaimer I will be getting a certain Commission if you're going to do so so That's also your way of saying thank you Already but if that's not what you have Right now as at the moment I also have a Say thank you page wherein you can send Or sort of like have a gratuity jar to Say thank you if this tutorial has Helped you in any way you can gift me a Simple token over there so if that's Something that you want to do that's Okay too and then again if you are a Freelancer online course creator or Someone who just wants to see how Digital marketing can change your life Please like And subscribe and I'll see You in the next one bye Foreign

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