It’s time to say goodbye! I’m closing the doors of Self Publishing School

Hey Chandler bolt here CEO and founder Of self-publishing school and if you're Seeing this video right now it's Probably because you're curious about The end of SPS we're closing the doors To self-publishing school and we're Going to be launching something new That's really really exciting that will Help authors succeed with their books All right we are still on that mission That mission is just going to look a Little bit different okay before we Close the doors we want to offer kind of Just a crazy bonus and deal for anyone Who signs up before we close the doors All right we will never sell these Products again we've packaged together a Bundle of like all sorts of freebies if You sign up before we close the doors Now if you're interested in that and You've been on the fence you've been Thinking about it you've been waiting Now is the time so both a call ASAP We've got limited slots go ahead and Sign up today you'll get access to a Bunch of freebie courses that we would Normally charge for it's over a thousand Dollars and bonus courses and resources That you'll get access to if you sign up Today so scroll below this video or Click the Button book a call with the Team when we can't wait to help you with Your book

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