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An Ad A Day Keeps Your Business In Play

The deadline for this column was approaching and I had writer’s block. I guess I shouldn’t be trying to write something meaningful on a Friday afternoon. After receiving a phone call, which created a diversion, however, the column began to unfold.

Plan Ahead

It’s time for the new financial year. With the first half of 2010 over, have you achieved everything you set out to do? Is your business paying you a decent wage? With all of these thoughts coming together around the ‘tax time of the year’, you may be preparing to meet your accountant to review your profit and loss statement. Hopefully it is not the only time that you review your financial results, but nonetheless it is a time to reflect on what they tell you about your business.

Hire an SEO Company to Build Your Website

If you are a business owner, you know how important it is to have a strong Website. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a website that people can find, you aren’t doing any good for your business. This is why it is so important to hire an SEO company to build your business Website.

5 Strategies for Effective Brand Building

Planning to start a business? Wait! Are you ready for everything that it asks for? By everything, I literally mean “everything”, be it the money factor, a team of workers, business advertising, business branding, and what not. It’s not only about a business; you need to pre-plan things every time you plan to do something new. Now that it’s about your business, varied factors can influence it apart from the capital, space and a team of personnel. You need expertise in the field you are entering.

Stay in Touch With Your “Low Hanging Fruit” Prospects

As a business owner, you are looking to attract clients all the time to keep your pipeline full. Everyone has prospects who don’t sign on right away. These are leads who expressed interest at some point. Maybe they spoke to you at length about your services, or you had a “get acquainted” call with them. For whatever reason, they didn’t sign up at that time.

Market Research And Analysis

If you have a great idea for a product or service, or perhaps you have stumbled on an opportunity that is not being offered by anyone else in the market, one that is needed, then don’t hesitate… why not jump right into it and give it a go. But wait! Before you shift into gear, you must first determine whether there really is a market for your product or service. Even more importantly, you need to determine what, if any, product / service fine-tuning is needed.

Adapting the Right Strategy for Mobile Marketing

As a business owner, if you have a brand, not marketing it is criminal because it can lead to major losses in your overall sales. Given this situation, marketers are constantly racking their brains to look for cost effective solutions that are guaranteed to get better returns without eating a big share of the overall advertising budget. This need for cost effective solutions has led to a consistent rise in the popularity of mobile marketing.

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