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Artificial intelligence AI this topic is Trending from the past few months and The popularity is absolutely blowing up So taking advantage of this trend from The past one month I have been promoting A lot of AI related products and I have Made around ten thousand dollars for Absolutely free as you can see on Warrior plus there are a lot of AI Related products so from over here I've Made around seven to eight thousand Dollars in the past one month along with This I've also promoted other AI tools And made money from Plenty of different Places just in the past one month I am Going to explain the process step by Step it is super simple for any beginner To follow all you need to do is just Watch the full video at the end I'm Going to show you an additional way that Made me a lot of Revenue as well and we Are starting right now Foreign Do like and subscribe to the channel for Unique new money making ideas now like I Said talks about AI has just blown up in The past few months you can see on Google Trends the popularity has Suddenly increased chat GPT the Popularity and the talks about chat GPT Has absolutely exploded I'm sure you Must have seen videos about chat GPT Everybody is talking about it if you Need more proof I've just come on

YouTube I've searched for chat EPT shots You can see Almost 800 000 views uh 30 000 views 250 000 views eight hundred thousand Views one million views then I've just Searched for AI tool shots you can see 1.4 million views almost 100 000 views Again 200 000 views along with this you See many more creators making content Regarding AI regarding chat GPT I made a Video regarding chat GPT and it is Performing very very well what does this Mean that people want to know about this People want to learn more about what is AI what is chat GPT how it can help them And the algorithm is pushing that as Well because people are searching for That and actively learning actively Watching the content so this is a golden Opportunity for us marketers to capture This trend in order to promote AI Products and make affiliate commissions Make money so don't worry I'm going to Show you a very simple way of making AI Content without even showing your face And you can also get thousands and Millions of views just like other people Are doing it and you can promote a lot Of products and make money from it just Like I have done in the past one month So here we are going to use the power of Short form content that is what I did I Am sure you know what short form content Is it is vertical vertical less than 60

Second videos I'm sure YouTube shots you Must have seen Instagram reels the first Step will be finding out video ideas Topic ideas on which you need to make Videos so for that you can just go to YouTube search for AI shots If I just search for AI click space AI For designers AI for writers AI tools For business AI tools for video editing Search for chat GPT shots you will get a Lot of content ideas so I have just Prepared a few example topic ideas list Kind of videos works very very well Because people stay till the end like Five ways to make money with chat GPT Three AI tools to write unique content Three AI tools to do proper SEO four AI Tools that will blow your mind three AI Tools that will help you in your daily Life so all of these ideas I have got From these videos itself that other People have made you can also take ideas From there you can also take content From there that is all you need to do Many people have made videos in which They have talked about three I tools That will help you four AI tools that Will help you so similarly you can also Take those AI tools and use those AI Tools in your content so here are a few Examples like I said how to make the Content that is also very simple I'm Going to give you a live demo let's Suppose we need to make a video on the

Best three AI tools that will help you In writing so if you just search over Here best AI tools for writing you will Get a lot of options like Jasper is one Of them you can just open this open Other AI Tools in other tabs and all you Need to do is you can just use your Mobile phone and record your screen for Example here are the best three AI tools That will help you in writing and will Save you hours of work the first one as You can see over here is it is A great tool for all businesses for all Writers it will save you hours of work You can simply come over here write your Topic and start making the content the Second one this way you can just use Your mobile phone record your screen and Just talk about those three AI tools for AI tools it will be a very simple 30 40 Second video it will take you literally 10 minutes to do that's it after that Let me talk about some tools that will Help you to polish out that content very Simple work you can use let's say DaVinci Resolve it is a free video Editor that you can use to trim out all The uh uh and all the cuts that you need To make you can also use open shot it is Also free very simple to use I have just Opened open shot over here you can click Over here on the play press icon to Import the video that you have prepared That you need to trim out I have a video

Over here you can just drag it out onto The timeline just click over here on This cut tool and wherever you need to Make Cuts let's you cut over here you Cut over here wherever you have paused Or you have changed the screen or Anything that you need to cut out that You need to trim out just trim it like This Make Cuts like this then just click over Here on the drop down menu and just Remove this clip click over here remove This clip and just join it like this Make sure of one thing that when you Come over here go on file click over Here on choose profile and make sure you Select a vertical profile as you can see Over here HD vertical 720p 30 FPS you Can also select 180p 30fps that is fine You can close this along with that you Can also click over here on title click On title and this is why you can use Different different headings like I do In my short form content just like you See over here so you can just click over Here you can change the name of the Title that will be regarding your topic 3i tools that will change your life four AI tools that will help you help you in Writing whatever is the topic of your Uh video you can use that you can change The color of the background color of the Text anything that you want to do click On Save then just drag this over here on

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The timeline and you will have your Title as you can see over here once you Have done that click over here on the Red button that will export your video Give it any name you want and you can Just click over here on export video you Your video will be prepared once you Have done that you can come on a tool Called veed dot IO this is a product That we also promoted because it will Help people in doing a lot of work like We are also going to use it for free to Create subtitles for our short form Content so you can just upload the video Over here and create subtitles for your Audio this is how you can just beautify The content a bit and prepare your Videos it will be very simple task it Will just take one or two videos for you To get comfortable in the process so Don't worry just follow what I have Shown and you will be able to create Content very easily now that we have Created the content I am going to show That how we need to use that and also at The end I'm also going to show you Another additional way where I used this Content in order to make additional Money and that was very very lucrative Very very profitable but before that let Me just show you that how we are going To make money from it so once we start Getting views we can promote our Affiliate links for that you can just

Come on a affiliate platform called Warrior plus I found a lot of AI related Tools over here that we can promote so You can click over here create your Account it will be very simple very easy Once you have done that come over here On the offers under affiliate and you Will see high ticket ai ai buddy chat GPT powered app AI clone Uh then you will see AI graphics Chat GPT Empire so you can see there are Plenty plenty of AI tools chat upd tools That you can start promoting you can Just click over here on request and all You need to do is you can just write big Big things about yourself that you have Uh made x amount of money you have X Amount of experience you have X amount Of email list so they will give you the Approval along with that whatever tools You show in your videos let's say you Show Jasper let's say you show read Whatever tools you show you can also Become an affiliate for them all you Need to do is just search over here for Uh Jasper AI affiliate program you can Just register over here and become an Affiliate they will provide you the Affiliate link that you can start Promoting and as you can see you will be Making 30 recurring commissions for life Now that we have so many different Products to promote we can't uh mention 10 different links on each and every

Content so what we can do is we can Create a very simple landing page that Will have all our different links for That you can come on a free tool called you can start for absolutely Free click over here on start for free Create your account along with this if You like my money making methods and Want to personally learn my special Methods from me I provide personal Training as well so you can check out my Website from the first link in the Description box below my students are Absolutely crushing it you will find Plenty of student results I will be There to help you build your digital Empire so if you want to get personally Trained by me do check out my website From the first link in the description Box now back to the video this will be The page that you will land on over here First you can place your affiliate link Over here that you have got from either Jasper or Warrior Plus or whichever Platform then click over here on ADD Link After that you can just click over here On this pencil icon in order to edit the Title now in the title you need to write Catchy thing about whatever you are Selling the best AI tool that will help You in writing AI writer that can save You hundreds of hours Industry leading AI writer

These are some of the titles that you Can write for promoting let's say Jasper That is a AI writer As you can see if you just click over Here you will see that the title is Coming up over here in our landing page And this is a button whenever somebody Clicks on this they will be taken on to This particular link that is our Affiliate link similarly you can paste Your other affiliate links click on ADD Link over here and here again click on The pencil icon and you can just rename The title whatever is your product about For example if you are promoting Something from Warrior plus click over Here on the product You can just click over here on view Sales page and you will see that what They are selling what they are promising What they are helping people with you Can see that you can create high quality Sales scripts stunning AI Graphics Images human like responses so it is an All-in-one AI tool so you can mention That over here The most powerful all-in-one AI tool for Your sales scripts design editing this Is what you can write in the title so This is how you can paste four five six Different products regarding different Different things so that whenever Somebody comes on our landing page Single landing page because this will be

The link that we need to promote if I Just Copy this link from over here paste it In a new tab as you can see that here Are our two products that we are Promoting similarly we can have six Seven different products regarding Different different aspects of AI and This is the page the single page the Single landing page that we need to Promote to our audience through our Content that we have made so that people Can purchase multiple products and Whatever they like so this is how you Can set up the process of making money Now that you have set up all of that now We need to get traffic and we will be Using our content that we have prepared Short form content on multiple platforms What I mean by that for YouTube you can Just come on YouTube create your account Click over here on this plus icon click Over here on upload video then in the Title you will obviously write the topic Of your video three AI tools that will Help you in writing four AI tools that Will blow your mind Don't uh make a super long title keep it A medium sized title once you have Written the title you can write two to Three hashtags like hashtag AI Make money or writing or whatever is the Niche of your topic hashtag chat GPT So these are few things that you can

Write in the title in the description You can just copy paste the title the First thing second you can just provide Your link find out the best AI tools and Then you can place your landing page Link that is your healing dot me link That you have prepared thumbnail is not Important in uh shorts playlist doesn't Matter no it is not made for kids then You can just unselect these things for The YouTube tags you can just come on a Free tool called rapid tags click over Here on YouTube tag generator Search over here for AI or chat GPT and You will find plenty of ideas you can Also search AI Tools you will find a lot of tags as Well so you can just take the tags that Suit your video then just let it all be At default don't touch anything in the Category you can select education and You can select none and let it be all at Default so this is how you can Consistently make content I uploaded to Short form content per day from the past One month consistently obviously not all Your videos will get views a few of the Videos will go viral and that will make You the most amount of money another Special trick that I used was we already Have the content prepared so why not use It in multiple places like I use the Same content on Instagram as well I Uploaded the same content on Instagram

As well and the thing about YouTube and Instagram is that a good chunk of the Audience is from Top tier countries Along with that I used the power of tick Tock because over here the quality of Traffic is very very good people from Top tier countries are over here so I Use the same content on Tick Tock as Well I know Tick Tock is banned in India But we can upload content without any Issues all you need to do is follow me I Do all my Tick Tock related things on my Mobile phone because it is easier so Just come on your mobile phone go to Your Play Store and download any VPN There are plenty of free VPN providers It doesn't matter download any VPN and Connect it to USA or UK then come on Chrome Google search for Tech talk from The three dots click over here on Desktop mode Click over here on Tech talk and this is Where on mobile on desktop mode through A VPN you can access the full Tick Tock As you can see I've just logged into Tech talk it is working perfectly fine I Can go over here on the upload button You can just create your account first Very simple click on upload and here I Can just select the file in the caption I can write the same thing that I wrote In the YouTube title a medium size title And three to four uh tags regarding the Topic

Cover doesn't matter you can make this View to the public because obviously we Want the public to see and we can post It so Tech talk has been a great great Uh platform from where I've got a lot of My sales YouTube and Instagram as well So this way you can create content very Simple content like I showed on various Different AI related topics two per day I uploaded on all of these different Platforms you can do the same because Like I said AI is trending right now and In the past one month I captured that Trend and I was able to make a lot of Money from this for absolutely free you Can do the same just follow what I did And just be consistent along with this If you like my money making methods and Want me to personally help you set up Your digital Empire like I have done for Myself I built a seven figure digital Empire for myself so if you want to get Personally trained by me do check out my Website from the first link in the Description box below you will find Plenty of student results my students Are absolutely crushing it high quality Training videos WhatsApp support live Sessions group sessions each and Everything will be done to personally Help you by me so if you want to get Trained by me do check out my website From the first link in the description Box below and if you want to learn

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