MAJOR Fiverr Update With Fiverr Promoted Gigs

Okay this could literally be the most Lucrative way to Market your Fiverr gigs So far okay so over the years Fiverr has Released a number of updates and changes Geared to helping sellers make more Money and make more sales on the Fiverr Platform because in case you didn't Realize when we make more money on Fiverr Fiverr makes more money on Fiverr It's a win-win so Fiverr is constantly Tweaking things to try to help us make More money so they can also make more Money they've done things like Introduced Fiverr Choice badges to Direct buyers to really hot Freelancers Doing a great job they've also Introduced Rising Talent badges help Newer sellers get a footing and get Their first couple orders they've Launched Fiverr business to attract Bigger higher budget business clients to The platform and recently they've Released promoted gigs which allows Freelancers to choose to directly Influence the amount of orders they're Getting by marketing their gigs in a Pay-per-click way a on the Fiverr Platform but like anything some of these Updates probably affected you more Positively than others did that's just The way things go but today I got an Email from Fiverr that announced an Update that I think is going to be more Powerful than all the ones that came

Before it at least in my time on the Platform specifically because I think It's a really powerful way to help us Make more money without having to do Really anything it has to do with Fiverr Promoted gigs which up until now would Showcase any gig that's been promoted Somewhere at the top of the search Results page and it would identify them As being promoted so that buyers Understand those are like kind of Sponsored ads and every time a buyer Would click on a promoted gig the seller Who's promoting that gig would pay a fee For that click to Fiverr so basically You want to make sure you're promoting Your best gigs because you're paying for The clicks people get to them and once People click them it's kind of up to how Good your gig is as to whether or not it Actually converts that person into a Sale promoted gigs are a super handy Feature for boosting exposure I use them They're great but now Fiverr is also Going to Showcase your promoted gigs at The top of buyer's inbox similar to how Like you know if you use Gmail you get Promotions and sponsored ads right at The top of your inbox Fiverr is going to Do the same thing which I think is huge Because I often find myself really Interested in some of the tailored ads I See at the top of my inbox so Fiverr can Develop this in a similar way I think

It's going to get a lot of attention to Gigs that are relevant to what that Buyer might be interested in so what do You have to do to make sure your gigs Are shown at the top of someone's inbox Well if you're already promoting your Gigs nothing but if you're not you have To be promoting your gigs and Fiverr Will showcase them at the top of the Inbox I think this huge what do you Think let me know in the comments thanks For watching

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